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Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 06:03 pm
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 Under the cut is a quick explanation as to why I haven't posted a Static chapter in 6+ months and won't be doing so again. Not sure how to tag this so if someone could let me know I'd appreciate it.

tl;dr is I'm publishing the series and Static inconsistent with the new versions of the books and I can't make myself write it to be inconsistent with the new books and making it inconsistent with the old stories when it uses all the old names and things is silly.

So, it's been awhile, MCL. I haven't posted anything here since Static chapter 15 back on November 26 (which was, admittedly, last page.) Since then, I shut down all work on Static (chapter 16 is currently sitting there with about 700 words and has been since I last touched it in January) to work on Monstrous instead.

"But Tanadin," I hear you say. "You wrote Monstrous back in March 2015, over two years ago. You released a chapter every day for twenty-seven consecutive days. What do you mean you needed to work on it?"

Well. Monstrous isn't remaining Baby's First Fanfiction on the internet, to sit around and be enjoyed by another half-dozen people who trickle in and ask the people that know me what they recommend. The story you know will stay where it is, and time instance 483Z will remain untouched and, unfortunately, unfinished.

Instead, what I've done is I've gone back to Monstrous and fixed it. I changed the names, the time instance (say hello to 713A!), and the story. Monstrous itself has received few changes overall other than the names (and some character genders, woops, didn't want a 99% male cast anymore when I had free reign) but Residual has gone through a lot of editing and has had a dozen or so scenes added to make it less.... I don't want to say terrible but Residual wasn't exactly a work of art either.

Fated, though. Fated is what's so amazing to me. It's so much better, with a wonderful flow and characters that breathe so much more than they did when I first started Fated back in July 2015. (Was it really that long ago? Holy shit.) Due to all these changes, in Fated especially, Static is hideously inconsistent (mostly in plot pieces that I haven't actually written yet) and I just can't deal with it anymore.

So, in case you missed all of the chaos back in March when it was released and April when I yelled about it in the MCL skype group:


Residual and Fated should be joining it this summer, and then Static will straggle on behind once I get it fixed, finished, and released, followed shortly after by Volume One of the Monstrous Tales.

I'm sorry for leaving Static here, unfinished, but it's impossible for me to continue in this state, with where I've found myself. It WILL reach a conclusion, in due time, hopefully before 2017 is out. This is making a lot of assumptions on how much work I can put into it, how much work my beta readers (most of you guys reading this, honestly) can put into it, and how quickly Tac can get the covers done. 

Thank you for sticking with me this far. If you want to keep up-to-date with what's going on with Monstrous, shoot me a PM and I can give you my skype (or discord but the group chat is on skype) so we can keep in touch and you'll know what's happening.

I love you guys. <3
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