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Purple and Red

 So I tried my hand at story telling poetry!  And here's the results 

A dragon once flew,

Across a hilly green land

Protecting a secret

Hidden deep in a dungeon.

A small child,

A crown upon his head

Mystical purple eyes,

A power blessed by the Gods,

But deemed a curse by others.

He was hidden away

Lonely and sad

Only ever upon a blue moon

Did he see a friendly face.

But one day,

He fled the dreary dungeon,

Ran and ran,

Far far away.

His powers were known

Even so far away

From the land

He had once called home.

He was shunned,

Swore at

And rocks thrown

In every town he found.

Then one day,

He found a place,

A little village tucked away,

In a flowery Forest.

The people there

Weren't scared,

Accepted his powers

And mystical purple eyes.

In the village lived a boy,

Eyes of grey and red

He too was magic,

Sparks of red power.

The two boys grew close,

Purple and Red,

Complete opposites,

Yet they attract.

Many years past

And they trained,

Together through,

And through.

Though along the way,

They fell in love

A deep and dangerous emotion,

Mixed with magic.

Fiery passion,

Heated moments,

Gentle kisses,

Sparks of Purple and Red.

But one day,

Their powers flared,

Rage and despair

Spread across the land.

Fires raged,

Purple and Red

A battle of Gods

Destroying the land.

Years passed,

Villages destroyed,

Kings slain,

Armies of bodies,

Splayed across the land.

Then one day,

All the kings and queens

Met in a small castle

And decided enough was enough.

So an army formed

And they battled the Gods,

Many a lives were lost,

But ground was gained.

And one day,

The Gods,

Purple and Red,

Lost their will to fight.

They fell to the mercy,

Of the kings and queens,

Silenced and shackled,

Thrown in a dungeon.

As they rest upon their beds of death,

Hands held

Purple meeting grey and red

‘I love you’ They’d say.

The blades fell upon their necks

And the land was free of

The Gods,

No more Purple and Red.

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Ow, my heart strings.
-Observing Anon

(Anonymous) 2017-02-02 10:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Fair enough. *plays recently found music that is basically children's songs as funeral dirges*
-Observing Anon