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It’s not knowledge that makes a good teacher.

Set: Mindcrack Season 6; somewhere around what the server is like as of this day.
Word Count: 1030


~ - ~ - ~ - ~

Pakratt! No! What are you doing?”

Arkas stared in horror at the defaced wall and the man in front of it. Pakratt was laughing and loosely gestured at the newly placed blocks.

See? Now it has a nose too.”

Arkas didn’t take the time to look, grabbing his pickaxe and shoving the older man out of the way.

I told you it’s not a face, Pak!” The clay blocks were no match for his pick, even as Pakratt continued to chuckle behind him. “Stop messing around with my wall.”

But it’s funny.” Arkas rolled his eyes. Whoever said that he was childish had never tried to work with Pakratt apparently. Then again, Arkas had worked with him before and still hadn’t expected the other to be this difficult of a student.

When Pakratt had asked for his help, to become a better builder, Arkas had been surprised at first. Then proudly accepted to become Paks teacher for a while and pass on some of his knowledge. In his head, he saw the two of them creating pleasing buildings and astounding landscapes. In reality, their first lesson had so far been… interesting.

They had met up in a field away from everyone else; each carrying building supplies they would need to practice. Arkas had decided to start with a simple wall design first. Nothing to complicated.

The wall had barely started to take shape, when Pak had made an offhand comment about how some of the block placements made it look like a face.

Ever since that was all he had been commenting on, barely paying attention to what Arkas was trying to tell him. That had been enough to annoy Arkas, but this physical act of distraction was a clear sign that things weren’t going to be as he expected them to.

The young builder returned the offending clay blocks to the supply chest with a suppressed sigh and turned to face Pakratt.

How about we leave the wall design lessons for later and talk about colour palettes first?”, he offered.

The other raised an eyebrow and then proceeded to smirk. The expression was oddly familiar but it wasn’t Pakratt who had looked at him like this in the past. Arkas wasn’t given a chance to think about this for long however, when his companion proceeded to speak.

Sure, we can talk about colours. As long as you don’t ask me what my favourite one is.”

Arkas snorted. That was a conversation he didn’t intend to have again any time soon.

He beckoned the older man closer, so that they could both get a good look at the various blocks in their supply chest.

The gleam of mischief in the eyes looking at him was worrying but at least Pakratt seemed to be paying more attention now. Arkas decided to take what progress he could get and squared his shoulders.

You said you have a build in mind that you wanna make Pak, yes? Have you thought about what kind of blocks you want to use?”

Pakratt nodded and picked up an acacia plank.

I was thinking about making the inside walls of bone blocks. The floor will be dark oak logs and the ceiling probably this stuff. What I haven’t quite decided is what I want to make the outer walls out of. I was thinking about mushroom blocks, maybe.”

Arkas eyes grew wide. This had to be a joke. He cleared his throat.

Didn’t you say you wanted to build a large, fancy house?”

Yes.” Pakratt nodded again, smiling happily. “It’s going to be huge and a pain in the butt to make it, too. But it will be worth it.”

Scratching his head Arkas picked up a stone brick.

Well, it’s not the size that matters. He, that’s what she- never mind. Uhm. Okay, so, the basic rule for a colour pallet is that you have to pick colours that go well together. Like, different hues and shades of the same base colour. And possibly the one at the opposite side of the colour wheel for accents, so like orange and blue. But I like to use stone personally, because it’s a nice basic colour that isn’t to prominent and can go with pretty much everything else. So if you look at-”


-this block here, you… huh?”

I am not trying to build the same way that everyone else does. I will be using these colours, that’s already decided.”

Arkas glanced back down at the chest, looking at the colours Pakratt had picked and shook his head.

No, you’re not. Those colours are all over the place. It’s gonna look weird.”

Exactly!” How Pakratt could sound so happy about that, Arkas had no idea.

If you want to make a pretty looking house, you need to use sensible blocks. I mean, all the ones you picked are okay if we ignore the mushroom, but not with each other.”

Consider it a challenge then.” was Pakratt’s casual reply as he began stacking the blocks of his choice on the ground, presumably to get a better look at them. “A challenge to make the best out of what you have.”

Pakratt, no.” Arkas eyes darted from the man to the blocks and back to the man. No one could have that much of a chaotic sense of colours, could they? “There is no way you can make this work. No way at all.”

Are you ever the supportive teacher.” Pakratt chuckled.

Hey man, I’m doing the best I can with this teaching job. There’s only so many ways I can say that your idea sucks and you’ll fail the class!”

Again, Pakratt simply laughed as if Arkas had told a good joke. The young builder wondered if this was payback for his own laid back attitude whenever Pak had tried to show him something and glanced up at the sky. The sun had almost reached it’s highest point. This was going to be a long day of teaching.

Here, look at this Arkas.”

Hm? Oh no! No, no, no! You’re not gonna build like that! As your teacher I forbid you to use this combination!”

A long day indeed.

~ - ~ - ~ - ~

Author's Note: As I was working on my part of the Prompt Swap last night, I realized that although I was close to done, I would likely not be able to finish it in time. So I decided to do a quick alternative instead and finish what I had been working on originally later. This is the result of said choice.


Prompt Used:  Person A teaching person B something they are good at.

Date: Sunday, January 1st, 2017 12:27 pm (UTC)
jiminee: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jiminee
Yesssss I love this! This perfectly ccaptures what their interactions are like and I love Pak's trolly side being used in this too. Very well done and thank you for the lovely fic!! <3

Date: Sunday, January 1st, 2017 07:14 pm (UTC)
jiminee: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jiminee
That's okay, I run into that problem a lot XD I can't wait for the original story!!


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