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Peanut_ Emma:
-person A and person B have been in an exclusive relationship for three years... And then they meet person C.
-any sort of soulmate AU (my favourites are eye colour or tattoos!)

I got inspired to kinda combine these two ideas Emma, I hope you don’t mind and that you like the result.

Everyone in this world is born with part of a tattoo on their wrist that’s a shapeless blob until they reach adolescence, at which point it forms into part of a picture. When people meet their soulmates, the two tattoos merge and form a pair of matching pictures on each person’s wrist.

Vechs and Zisteau had been in high school when they met, each having one half an oak tree on their wrist. Zisteau had recently transferred to the new school when his family had moved to town for his parent’s jobs. The first few days had been hectic new classes, new schedule to memorise, lots of new faces. Then it happened. While walking through the corridors trying to find his way to class, Zisteau had walked past a group of people talking when he’d felt strange. Zisteau’s wrist tingled and he felt dizzy, he’d collapsed against the lockers on one side of the corridor; while on the other side Vechs talking with his friends by the window had also staggered, when both of their heads had cleared they looked down at their wrists to see that the picture of an oak tree had formed but with a gap in the centre near the top of the tree trunk. Vechs and Zisteau had then looked up at each other, both grinning widely and laughing. They’d been in love and been best friends ever since, but one thing bothered them; their tattoos weren’t complete…


He couldn’t be late, not today, not again. He walked quickly along the sidewalk, his nerves jangling and breathing hard, forming puffs of white in the cold autumn air in front of him. He glanced down at his watch and his eye caught his tattoo, a little wooden hut, peeking just over the sleeve of his coat.

“One day maybe I’ll find the rest of this picture…” He was so lost in thought that he nearly overshot the coffee shop, stumbling to a stop in front of it.

“Deep breath Kurt, keep calm, you’ll be fine, you’re only late by 5 minutes.” Kurt took a deep breath and opened the door to the coffee shop, barely taking two steps into before the manager was beside him.

“Second day in a row you’ve been late, Kurt, that makes 5 now. If it happens again you’re out of here,” Chester said, scowling up at Kurt. Despite his small stature the red-haired manager was very intimidating.

“I’m sorry Sir…I got here as fast as I could…” Kurt stammered.

“Tch, save the excuses and get to work.” Chester walked away and disappeared into his office.

Kurt sighed and quickly dumped his coat and bag in the break room, put on his apron and grabbed a bus tray. The morning rush had ended and many of the tables were cluttered with the remains of morning coffee meetings and rushed breakfasts.

Kurt had just cleared the corner table and was walking towards the counter where his colleague was serving a couple. Both men were tall, one with short black hair, the other with short blonde hair. Kurt suddenly felt woozy and his wrist tingled, his vision blurred slightly but he could swear that the couple at the counter buckled slightly too.

There was an almighty crash as the overflowing bus tray hit the floor, broken china scattering across the floor of the almost empty coffee shop. Kurt found himself being helped to his feet by the couple who were both smiling at him.

“THE HELL WAS THAT!” Chester shouted from his office.

Kurt looked down at the broken cups and upended bus tray, and then up at Chester storming out of his office.


“What the hell Kurt! That’s it! You’re fired! Get your things and go! I’ll be taking these damages out of your last paycheque,” Chester fumed, face turning as red as his hair.

“Sir, please calm down, there’s no reason to fire him, we’ll gladly pay for these damages,” the blonde man said.

“This is none of your concern, this is between myself and my former employee. So kindly pick up your order and back off.”

“Wow, you seem like such a great manager, doesn’t he, Zisteau?” the black-haired man retorted sarcastically. “Tell you what…” the black-haired man looked down at Chester’s name badge, “…Chester, geez really? Chester? Anyway, fuck you Chester! You’re going to give this young man his full paycheque and offer him his job back, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t take the offer seeing as he has to work for you.”

“And just why the hell would I do that?” Chester glared up at the black-haired man.

“Because if you don’t then you’ll be on the receiving end of one of the worst reviews I’ve ever written. The name Vechs Davion mean anything to you?” the black-haired man, Vechs, leaned down, smirking at Chester.

“The famous coffee shop blogger?” Chester’s face paled. Kurt had never seen his anger go from 60 to 0 so quickly.

“Yup, the one and the same. So, what’ll it be, Chester?”

“Um…Kurt…I…” Chester coughed nervously, “…I would like you offer you your job back and…I…won’t take the money for this out of your paycheque.” Chester gritted his teeth at the last bit and attempted a smile, “Whaddya say Kurt?”

Kurt was stunned, who were these guys and why had they jumped to his defence, though he was happy that they had, he looked over to Vechs and the blonde man, Zisteau, who were still smiling at him and felt a rush of warmth and confidence.

“Thanks, but no thanks Chester, I’ll look forward to my last paycheque.” I must be crazy Kurt thought as he went to fetch his things from the break room, walking away from a stunned Chester who turned to the couple and was pleading for a good review.

As Kurt was pulling on his coat, he noticed that his wrist was tingling, and had been since he’d collapsed. He looked down at his wrist, eyes widening as the little wooden hut on his wrist now sat proudly in the top of an oak tree, but who? His thoughts flashed to Vechs and Zisteau, one of them? Surely not- they were already a couple. He finished putting his coat on and grabbed his bag, wandering out of the break room still staring at his wrist, bumping into someone as he stepped back into the shop.

“Ooof…sorry…” Kurt looked up into the beaming faces of Vechs and Zisteau, “Thanks for coming to my def…” Kurt was cut off by a hug from both. “Ummm…ooook?”

“I’m so happy we’ve found you!” Vechs squeaked, “Look you were the missing piece of our picture!” Vechs rolled up his sleeve to show the same oak tree with a treehouse that now resided on Kurt’s wrist.

“Yeah, a 3-piece tattoo picture is so rare people thought it was just a myth,” Zisteau added also rolling up his sleeve to show the same tattoo.

“I have two soulmates?” Kurt said softly, confused but so happy that he’d finally found the other parts of his picture. Tears started to form and he quickly found himself in the middle of another hug.

“C’mon Kurt, let’s go grab a coffee and we all get to know each other,” Vechs said ending the hug and grabbing Kurt by the arm, making Zisteau laugh.

“Ummm…Vechs, we’re already in a coffee shop?”

“Yeah, I know but I know somewhere better, so let’s go.” Vechs looked back over his shoulder as he guided Kurt towards the door.

Kurt looked back and grabbed Zisteau’s hand as they both laughed, leaving Chester’s coffee shop in a chain as Vechs dragged them out into the autumn chill.

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