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Bad dreams aren't always that bad

sorry about the lack of updates, I've been super busy with school, band, and work

"Good morning class!" Mrs. Bouni says with far too much energy. "I'd like to welcome you all to the first day of fourth grade!"

Kurt, along with the rest of the class just looked at the- far too- perky teacher in bewilderment.

"We are gonna start today with a fun little project." She starts placing papers on everyone's desk. "You'll need to pick a partner and go through the instructions on the paper. The poster you'll be creating will be due before lunch."

He instantly finds Vechs, flashing him a smile; instantly being met with an equally bright smile and a nod. He gathered his things and moved over beside Vechs.

"So what does this poster have to be about?" Vechs questioned, icy blue eyes briefly looking over the paper he'd been handed.

"Um." He mumbled, reading through the paper quickly. "An original invention." He ponders aloud.

"So like, what? How do we even come up with something like that?"

He laughs. "I dunno, you're the creative one here, you can surely think of something."

Vechs rolled his eyes, giggling. "What if there was a machine that created adorable creatures that are a mix between cute little puppies and bunnies!"

"Oh my gosh. That is so ridiculous."

"Ridiculously adorable!"

He couldn't help but laugh as he grabbed the poster board they'd been given and grabbed a pencil. "What would this machine of adorableness look like?" He questioned with a sly smile. "Pink and sparkly?"

Vechs shoved him playfully, bumping their shoulders together. "Yes. Now shut up."

"So should I get the thing of sparkles and as many pink colored pencils and crayons as I can get my hands on?"

"Yes. Yes you should." Vechs pouts, but can't keep the hidden smile from his eyes.

He just smirked and stood up, making his way towards the art supplies.

"Hiya Kurt!" A brunette beamed at the boy.

"Hi MK." He smiled, grabbing the plastic tin of pink sparkles.

"Those for your project?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, Vechs insisted it had to be pink and sparkly."

She giggled lightly. "I swear he acts like such a girl sometimes."

"If he weren't a football player, I'd think he were one."

She giggled again, her smile quite infectious. "Aren't you 'mister big shot' in football?" She asks, batting her long eyelashes.

"That's what everyone keeps saying." He shrugs, grabbing some varying shades of pink in every art material he could get ahold of.

"I've seen the games, you're amazing."

"Thanks." He says, slightly awkwardly as he grabs a couple paint brushes. "Talk to ya later." He says, quickly heading back to his and Vechs' table.

"She was totally flirting with you dude!" Vechs exclaims, snatching the pink paint and the sparkles.

"I know... I don't like it." He stuck his tongue out.

"Can't be that bad." Vechs shrugs, quickly sketching out a rugged square with buttons.

"Don't do it like that." He laughed quietly, snatching the pencil from the mischievous boy and making the square look far more like a machine than it had been. "I'm not like you though Vechs. I just don't like the attention, ya know?"

"You say that about girls, but out on the field, you absorb it like a sponge absorbs water."

"It's different."

"How so?"

"Out on the field, I feel at home and being in the spot light is like a warm glow. Kinda like the feeling you get in a warm embrace from your mom and dad."

Vechs simply giggles, spreading the sprinkles across the pink paint that he'd brushed onto the poster board. "Whatever you say man, whatever you say."


"Alright guys, gather round!" Coach yelled, trying to catch the attention of the scatterbrained football players.

Kurt blew an ear piercing whistle, helping the coach catch all of the boys attention.

"So today we will announce the captain of the team."

All of the team, Kurt included, cheered. Vechs shot Kurt a smile and look. He simply rolled his eyes.

"Without further ado." Coach paused for dramatic affect. "The captain is.... Kurt!"

"Told ya!" Vechs cheered, patting Kurt on the back.

"Oh hush." He whispers, stepping towards the middle of the half circle around the coach.

"Kurt will have more lean on the tactical stuff. But that doesn't mean he's excluded from practices." Coach waved his hands dismissively. "Now, we'll start practice with four laps around the track."

Everyone groaned, mainly Vechs, as Kurt lead the team over to the track. He took off in a sprint down the track, his team quickly falling behind as he kept running and running.


"I'm so tired." He groaned as he fell face first into the couch.

Melisa laughed softly. "You're also sweaty, so off of the couch."

He groans again and rolls off of the couch, falling on the floor. "Better?" He asked, his face in the carpet.

"You are so silly." Drew laughed from the kitchen.

"Why don't you go take a shower before dinner sweetie."

"Ugh... Fine." He groaned, pulling himself off of the floor and tearing off his sweaty grey practice shirt.

Drew took it with a disgusted look on his face. "How do you become so sweaty and stinky, geez."

"I sprinted a mile." He dead panned as he ran up the steps, his muscles aching, but he didn't mind too much. The burn was a pleasant one; showing he'd worked hard. He was nervous about being captain, but he was also confident.

He hoped in the shower, leaving his sweaty clothes in the hamper. He couldn't help the sigh that passed his lips as the hot steamy water hit his damp skin. It wasn't long before he'd gotten out, dried off, and thrown on a pair of shorts, leaving his torso bare. He slid down the banister and landed safely on the wood floor of the foyer. He padded his way to the kitchen, plopping down on a chair at the table.

"Why no shirt?" Melisa asked with a chuckle.

He merely shrugged. "Didn't feel like wearing one."

"Who can blame him with a six pack like that." Drew teased as he picked him up, spinning him around in a hug.

He couldn't help but giggle and hug his dad back, a huge smile plastered on his face. Eventually, he was sat back down, still giggling.

"I swear he looks more and more like you everyday." Drew comments with a smile, his gaze cast upon his beautiful wife.

"Oh hush. He looks a lot like you too."

"Did you play football when you were younger dad?" He questioned curiously after Melisa had set down the plates and they had started eating.

"No actually. Not like you did at the very least. Me and my buds used to play in the empty lot near my parents house."


"That's where I found out this beautiful lady can throw a mean spiral."

"You can?!?!" He asked in amazement.

She chuckled lightly. "Could, would be the proper word."

"Eh, I bet you still could." Drew gave her a smile.

"We'll have to try sometime soon!" He cheered excitedly through a mouthful of food.

She laughed lightly. "We might just have to."


"How was your first day of school?" Melisa asked moments later.

"It was pretty good." He flashed her a smile. "I got to work with Vechs...." He paused, his smile faltering slightly. "A girl was flirting with me today..."

"Oh?" Drew asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, and I'm not sure how to feel about it."

Melisa shrugs. "I wouldn't be worried about it, it's natural for girls to be attracted to boys, especially one as cute as you." She teases with a playful smile, pinching at his check.

"Moooom." He groaned, swatting at her hand. "Stoooop." Though he just couldn't contain his giggles.

A while later, he headed to bed, curling up in his soft blue and yellow star comforter. He quickly fell asleep, exhausted from the long day he'd had.

Thunder shook the land, lightning capturing moments like photos as its light encapsulated the land. Rain poured down on his skin; feeling like acid as each little droplet burned. Running. He was running; legs aching and lungs burning. He felt like he'd run the mile all over again.

His knees suddenly gave out; causing him to collapse to the ground, his face hitting the cement hard. He pulled himself up, only to stop dead in his tracks when he saw a drenched body and a pool of crimson. His breath caught in his throat as he saw the knife sticking from the bodies heart. A choked sob left his throat as he saw jet black hair and icy blue eyes that stared blankly into the stormy night sky; void of all emotions.

"Vechs!" He screamed, willing his legs to carry him towards the still figure.

"Vechs!!" He yelled again, collapsing to the ground beside the body; which lay as still as a long discarded book on the top shelf.

"Vechs...." His voice was broken as it passed his lips.

"Kurt, bud." Drew cooed, shaking his shoulder lightly. "It's okay Kurt, it's okay."

His wide blue eyes, full of fear, landed on his dad and he threw himself at Drew.

"He-he was dead dad! Vechs..." He sobbed, his face buried in the crook of Drew's neck.

"He's not dead bud. It was just a dream." Drew ran his fingers through his hair, wrapping an arm tighter around his son. "Just a bad dream."

"But what if it wasn't?"

"It was bud, everything's okay, I promise."

He squeezed his eyes shut; his arms wrapping even tighter around his father.

"It'll be okay bud. Vechs is fine and I'm fine and mom is fine."

"C-can I sleep with you guys tonight...?"

"Of course bud." Drew says, carrying the young boy into his own room and sitting him down on the bed.

"Bad dream angel?" Melisa asked quietly.

He nodded quickly. "I-I saw Vechs... Dead..."

"He's not dead angel, it was just a dream."

"I-I know..."

"Come here angel."

He quickly curls up in his mom's arms, finding comfort from the embrace. He felt even safer when Drew wrapped his arms around him too.

"It'll all be okay angel, I promise, just go to sleep."
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