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After the walking group say their goodbyes, Coe and the others try to find ways to make the best of their situation.

MC is on a large boat- no, the boat is actually rather small; it’s a sailboat. MC looks to the front and sees a familiar face: it’s the face of the King of Red Lions.

“My King!” MC calls out, he notices now that he is wearing a blue tunic, this does not bother him at all. He kneels down on one knee and pulls out a sword, laying it on the ground in front of him.

“You may rise!” When the King of Red Lions speaks, he takes on the voice of Millbee. MC looks up and notices that he is no longer on the sailboat, rather a plane. The plane begins to slowly fall from the sky, and although he is still on the plane, MC feels like there is nothing in front of him. Suddenly in front of him is a mesh of black and purple shadowy looking figures. Before he can even scream, it all stops.

MC snaps his eyes open and begins looking around nervously. His hand is raised to his chest, gripping where his heart is tightly. Sweat is running down his temple, in front of him the walls of the crashed plane around him, and the events of yesterday become clear again. MC sighs, although he’s not sure if it’s because he is now aware his dream was not reality, or if because the reality of the plane crash isn’t a dream.

MC hears the voices of Avidya, Pause, and Vechs from outside the plane. Too tired to make out anything they’re saying, he tries to go back to sleep. MC rolls around in his seat for a few minutes, but he can’t seem to even get a wink of sleep. Grumpily, MC stands up and walks outside, knowing he won’t be able to rest any longer.

“Hey MC!” Pause greets him, and MC gives a small smile in return. “You sleep well last night?”

“Ugh, no. This dang plane crash messed up my sweet King of Red Lions dream” MC looked around and saw that Vechs was wearing a backpack, he wasn’t sure whose it was, but he knew it wasn’t his own bag. Upon further investigation of the beach, MC also saw a small pile of water bottles and snack foods. “You guys are already all sorted out to leave it seems”

“Yep,” Vechs puts in, “I gathered up all the food and water we had on the plane. Unfortunately we didn’t bring too much, since most of us were just bringing snacks for the flight. Luckily the plane itself had some reserves of extra food and water for emergencies like this. It isn’t much, but it should be enough to last us till we find civilization in the next few days.”

“Wait, you guys are taking all of the food and water?” MC asks with concern in his voice, the small fear of being left without anything to eat coming to his mind.

“No, I left some stuff for you guys, but I did take most of the waters. No big deal though, it's not like anyone’s going to starve… much.” Vechs’ small addition had MC frowning.

“No worries MC, it'll all be good!” Pause put in, seemingly registering MC’s discomfort. Pause wrapped an arm around MC’s shoulder playfully, pulling him slightly closer to himself. “After everyone else wakes up and we get the day planned out, how ‘bout you and I build those sand castles we were talking about yesterday?”

MC smiled, though not because of the offer of building sandcastles. MC knew he was smiling because of Pause’s wacky mannerisms that always seemed to lighten the mood.

“Sure thing Pause, as long as Guude and Coe aren't planning on having us search for coconuts or something all day.” MC said half-jokingly, though the thought that this reality could actually happen did cross his mind.

“You two have fun with your sand castles.” Vechs spoke, “I'm gonna go check with Pak to see if everything’s ready for our journey”. Vechs walked off, going around the plane and out of sight, presumably to where Pakratt was.

MC began to hear stirring from the plane, and he knew that everyone else was beginning to wake up. They’d have a meeting soon, MC thought, and then Pakratt and the others would be off, to hopefully find civilization so they could all get off this island.

Coe woke up, he was slouched against his seat on the plane. He spent about half a second wondering if the events from the day prior were just part of a dream, but he quickly realized that was not the case. Coe pushed himself up from his seat, twisting his body a bit to stretch. Sleeping on the plane was not comfortable at all, but he supposed it beat sleeping outside. Coe looked around the plane quickly, and saw that no one else was in it.

‘Damn it did nobody wake me up?’ After a moment of thought, Coe decided it was probably a good thing no one woke him. He already wasn’t feeling too great with the amount of sleep he had, he’d probably be unnecessarily angry at the world if he woke up any earlier.

Coe exited the plane, and saw that most people had already gathered to see the walking team off. The pilot- Frank- had a large backpack on that Coe recognized to be Avidya’s. Vechs was also carrying a small bag that most likely was filled with snacks and waters.

“Coe, you’re awake!” Guude pointed out, walking over to him. “Sleep well last night?” Coe almost laughed.

“Yeah, sure, sleeping on a seat of a plane that’s just slightly angled was great.” Coe responded sarcastically. Guude laughed, and then they walked over to the rest of the group.

“Alright, now that everyone’s awake, and we’ve got everything all packed up, I guess we should start walking now” Vechs declared. “So, see you when we find civilization, hopefully you don’t all starve!” Vechs’ joke had mixed reception, a few chuckles and a few groans. Vechs didn’t seem to care, and turned to Nebris, Pakratt and Frank. “We’re all ready then?”

“Yep, all set. We better get going now, the more daylight we have the more travel time we have, and the more we can travel the quicker we can get the heck off this island.” Pak replied. Nebris nodded in agreement. The two groups said their goodbyes and see you later’s, and then the walking group left.

Most of the people who stayed at the plane dispersed across the beach, checking out the jungle they were by, others just relaxing by the water. Avidya, Coe, and Guude however, all stayed by the plane and remained silent, watching the walking group depart until they were over the horizon and out of their vision.

It felt strange to Coe, although his logical side told him that nothing would go wrong, and that they’d probably all reunite in a couple days at the absolute most, he still felt worried. All those goodbyes they just gave each other felt way too much like they were saying goodbye for a long time. Coe looked over at the two he was standing with, and he immediately knew that Guude was just as worried, if not more. Avidya’s expression seemed solid, untelling of how he felt. A trait that Coe had grown used to seeing.

“Well,” Avidya broke the silence, “what’s the plan?”

“Plan?” Coe echoed.

“Sure, you two seemed to be the ones leading everything yesterday, so, got any ideas on what we should do while here? Pak suggested we start a farm, but I don’t really see how that’s possible without any seeds”

“Hmmm…” Coe began to think. Avidya brought up a good point, what were they going to do? Sure, they could just sit around and wait for the walking group to get back to them, or wait for some outside source to come find them. After all, someone had to be looking for them, right? Their plane was small, but even if a small plane drops out of the sky, it should still be searched for. At least that is what Coe thought.

“Well,” Guude spoke up now, “this was supposed to be our vacation. I think spending the day relaxing can’t do any harm.” Avidya smiled, seemingly happy with the answer.

“Sounds great dude, I’m gonna get my tan on.” Avidya made a peace out sign as he walked around the plane, towards where the more Mindcrack-populated beach was.

“Well if this is gonna be our vacation, it’s too bad our pilot wouldn’t let us bring any alcohol on the plane.” Coe joked to Guude.

“Yeah, just another reason to not like him” Guude replied with a laugh. “Come on, let’s go see if anyone else is doing anything exciting. Ooh, maybe we can find the stuff for a volleyball game!”

“Unfortunately, unless someone brought a volleyball with them, or we run into Tom Hanks, I don’t think volleyball’s gonna be an option.” The two laughed and walked towards the others. Coe was happy that Guude seemed to calm down, a nervous leader in a situation like this wouldn’t be good.

As Guude and Coe walked towards everyone, the first thing they saw was Pause, Millbee, and MC kneeling by the water, all seeming to be furiously pounding wet sand together to build them up into the shape of a castle.

“You guys are actually building sandcastles, what the fuck.” Coe began to laugh slightly at the absurdity of three mostly-grown men building sandcastles.

“Hell yeah we are!” Pause replied without looking up, he was digging up a large ring around the base of a sandcastle. “And mine’s going to be the fucking best sandcastle ever!”

“Oh, you wish you’d have the best sandcastle,” Millbee interjected, “but I will be the one with the best sandcastle, and when you see the glory that is my sandcastle, you’ll look at your own and be like, um, ‘This sandcastle is shit’.” Pause began to laugh, slowing down his digging for a second.

“‘This sandcastle is shit’?” Pause retorted, still laughing. “Is that the best you could come up with?”

“Uh, yeah” Millbee began, a smile showing on his concentrated face. “I’m focusing too hard on my amazing sandcastle to waste my time coming up with insults”.

“You two keep arguing” MC put in, as he had remained quiet for the entire time. “I’ll just be over here, building a sandcastle that is way better than both of yours”.

“How are you guys even going to decide who has the best sandcastle?” Guude asked. “I mean, you think it’d be obvious, but knowing Pause here he won’t say anyone’s is better than his, even if it is going to be a piece of shit”. Pause screamed something in return about how his castle could never be shit, but he was ignored in favor of Millbee.

“That’s a good point, we should probably get someone to judge or something. How about you Guude?” Millbee questioned, not bothering to look into Guude’s direction, as he was too busy poking tiny windows into the side with his finger.

“Huh? Oh, sure, I guess I can judge.”

“Sweet!” Pause yelled, “I can easily seduce Guude into giving me the victory”. Guude snorted, and then giggled for a bit.

“Yeah, good luck with that”

“What, are you not thoroughly enticed by my luscious body?” Pause did his best to shake his hips while kneeling on the sand, only causing Guude to laugh more.

“You’re a fucking idiot Pause” Guude said whilst laughing.

“Alright, alright, if you’re done trying to seduce the judge Pause, I think we should make a deadline” MC stated, “How about, we have until…” MC looked around.

“What are you doing MC?” Coe questioned.

“Well, I was gonna say a time, but I don’t think anyone has a watch on them. So I guess, now we can just say we have until the sun begins to lower. That should give us more than enough time.” MC spoke. Everyone agreed, and Pause, MC and Millbee continued working on their sandcastles. Later, Guude was going to judge them.

Coe walked away from the sight, realizing he didn’t need to be there.

Yep. Not even noon and I’m already bored. Coe thought to himself. I’m gonna be here for a long time…

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