Saving Grace (Part 1)

Saturday, August 6th, 2016 11:13 am
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All he needed was a saving grace

I know this is short, but it's like that for a reason!

He took a shaky breath as he stood on the coastline. Water teased his toes, gently brushing against them then slowly retreating. His gaze was cast out over the water; his eyes watched the colors of the sun setting glisten off of the waves, which lazily rolled through the vast body of water. His hands were in tight fists, knuckles white, as he tried to make the endless shaking cease. A light breeze blew across the land, making his long hair fall in his face.

He brought a shaky hand to his face, wiping at his eyes, where tears slowly started slipping down his pale cheeks. He sank to his knees, which had suddenly felt so weak. A small sob escaped his chapped lips as tears dripped from his chin, landing on his wrists; which is exactly where his gaze fell. He saw the scars; the scarlet lines that ran across the delicate pale skin. He was ashamed. He was contrite; for he'd made a promise he couldn't keep, and seeing those scarlet lines only made the guilt that ate away at him that much more prevalent.

He felt the squeeze in his heart. He felt the weight of the broken promise on his shoulders. He felt the burden of it all weighing down his shoulders; making it feel like he carried fifty pound weights on his feet, which always seemed to be dragging. His head pounded from a headache that seemed like it would never cease. His stomach growled; for he hadn't eaten in weeks, months, he'd lost track a while ago; for he couldn't care. His hands continued to shake from the lac of energy. His whole body seemed to tremble, but that didn't bother him, not anymore at least; it hadn't for a long time, not since his world had seemed to crash around him.

He fell onto his side, hugging his knees close to himself as his body continued trembling and his mind continued to race. Images flashed through his mind; ones that made the tears stream faster and his shaking increase; his heart beat rapidly, and his breaths come in ragged swallows of air; which seemed to barely fill his lungs. His eye lids felt heavy, like weights were pulling them closed.

Waves slowly rolled up the shore, licking at his trembling body before slowly retreating back into the ocean, which seemed to go on forever. He saw the sunset on the waves as his eyes closed. His world was dark behind his eye lids, which felt like they'd be forever shut. He could hear his rapid heart beat and his rugged breathing. He could feel each sharp intake of air, which never felt like enough. He felt the water brush against his skin time and time again.

Each breath became harder and harder to take in; almost as if the air were full of sand; gritty and hard to swallow. He felt as each and every heart beat became needles stabbing him in the chest. He felt his consciousness slipping. He felt the unknown darkness pulling at his soul; whispering for him to give in, to come to the unknown, to give up. Those words swirled through his mind; give up. He'd given up a long time ago. He'd given up on everybody and everything so long ago. He had stopped fighting then, and he did now too; for he just didn't have any fight left in him. He let the dark unknown capture him, pull him under, he let it all go as he felt his consciousness slip away.
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