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Sometimes, words don't need to spoken to know how someone truly feels

sequel to Without A Word

All Kurt could do was stare at Tyler after that moment. He knew then and there what it had been when he'd first laid eyes on Tyler yesterday in the hallway. Love at first sight. He'd fallen in love the second his blue eyes had met Tyler's blue-green. He had never believed in it, not until now, at least. He just stared into those beautiful blue-green eyes, lost, forever lost in those eyes.

He blinked a few times, surprised, as Tyler moved away from him. He let out a small whimper, not liking of the fact that he couldn't be close to Tyler anymore. He gave the adorable boy he loved a confused look.

"The bell rang, sadly." Tyler explained, longing in those beautiful eyes.

'Oh.' Was all he could seem to sign as his mind slowly came back to reality, which just wasn't as great as the little world Tyler and himself seemed to be in where it was just them.

"I'll walk you to class." Tyler says, holding out his hand for Kurt to take, which he did.

They left the- basically empty- lunchroom and headed towards Kurt's final class of the day.

"Hey." Tyler said as they came to a stop by the door to the classroom. "I love you."

Those words made Kurt's heart flutter and made a shiver run down his spine. 'I love you too.' He signed, his smile growing wider.

"I'm guessing that means I love you too?"

Kurt nodded, bitting his lip. He looked at Tyler expectantly and treasured the moment soft lips met his own. Though, the moment didn't last long, despite them both wanting it to last forever and a day.

"I'll see you after school, okay?"

'Yeah. After school.' Kurt signed and watched as Tyler disappeared down the hallway.

He went into the classroom and collapsed on his chair, his lips tingling, his heart racing. He couldn't focus on the teacher at all; especially not when Tyler was on his mind. Or, more realistically, the only thing on his mind. He was head over heels in love with this guy who just happened to have waltzed into his life a day ago.

He couldn't get the thought of kissing Tyler out of his mind. He'd only ever kissed one other person before, and it was nothing like kissing Tyler; not even close to it. He felt like he literally melted when Tyler kissed him. The whole world seemed to fall from existence and they'd be by themselves in their own little world, which felt like heaven. A tap on his shoulder caught his attention, bringing him from his thoughts.

"Schools over." The boy told Kurt, who nodded his thanks.

Kurt grabbed his bag and left the classroom and heading to his locker. He put in the combination and opened it, shoving his textbooks into the- only slightly- messy locker. Hands were suddenly covering his eyes, which scarred the crap out of him. He spun quickly, his heart racing, his breathing raged as he was met with blue-green eyes full of mischief and concern.

"I'm so sorry for scaring you!" Tyler says quickly.

Kurt shakes his head lightly, smiling softly, for he couldn't be mad at Tyler; never. 'It's fine.'

Tyler gave him a questioning look. "Does that mean it's okay?"

'Close enough.'

An even more confused look settled on Tyler's face. "You confuse me so much sometimes."

Kurt laughed, the silent laugh he'd always had. 'I'm sorry.'

"No need to be sorry. It's perfectly okay."

'You understood that?'

"I have no clue what you're trying to say."

Kurt waved his hand dismissively, giving up on trying.

"No no, I want to know what you were trying to say." Tyler protests.

'I was just curious if you understood me.' Kurt signed slowly, his eyes trained on Tyler, who poured cutely in thought.

"Something about understanding?" Tyler said unsurely after a few moments of silence.

Kurt nodded excitedly.

"Were you trying to ask if I understood?"

Kurt nodded excitedly again. 'Yes!'

"I'm slowly learning!" Tyler said with the most honest and excited smile he'd ever seen and it warmed his heart.

He smiled back. 'This makes me so happy! No ones ever done this for me!' He felt like he could cry tears of joy that would never stop, for he felt like he'd never stop being happy with Tyler by his side.

"Are you okay?" Tyler asked, his smile faltering slightly as he saw tears glistening in Kurt's blue eyes.

'I'm just so happy! No one has ever taken enough time to get to know me or actually try to because it's so difficult to communicate. I'm just so thankful Tyler. I love you so much!' He knew Tyler wouldn't understand anything he was trying to tell him. But, he knew deep down that somehow he would understand.

Tyler gave him a smile. "I have no idea what you are trying to say, but I love you too!"

That only made Kurt's smile grow wider as he kissed Tyler. Kurt's back hit the locker beside his and he gasped quietly. His fingers found Tyler's- impossibly soft- hair and tangled in it, tugging lightly. Tyler's hands slipped under Kurt's shirt, causing him to gasp again, which was a sound Tyler liked; a lot. Tyler lightly sucked on Kurt's lip, causing the silent boy to whimper. Even if he couldn't hear Kurt's voice, he was sure this was enough; these little sounds of pleasure and happiness. It sent jolts of electricity through his body.

He pulled away and rested his forehead against Kurt's. "I love you. So much."

Kurt just stared into Tyler's blue-green eyes, feeling lost. 'I love you too. More than anything.' He signed, which meant removing his hands from Tyler.

"No PDA in the school!" Someone yelled. "Go home and make out."

Kurt only caught part of what the man; the principal, had said, but he understood and the two quickly left the school. Once they were out, they both erupted into laughter. Tyler laughing loudly while Kurt chuckled silently. They looked at each other and laughed even harder, making them both breathless and the farthest thing from composed. They leaned on each other as they tried to regain their composure, which seemed nearly impossible.

"What do you think he'd say if he caught us having sex?" Tyler asked with a mischievous smile.

'Tyler!' Kurt signed quickly, hitting his arm lightly.

"Hey! I'm just kidding! We'd do it somewhere that only I could hear your moans."

'Tyler! Bad!' Kurt signed, hitting his arm a little harder than last time.

"You're too much fun to tease."

'You're so mean.' He signed, crossing his arms.

"You know you love me."

'Somehow, yes, I do love you.' Kurt chuckled and succumbed to Tyler's warm embrace. He rested his head on Tyler's chest and held his adorable boyfriend close. They just stood their in silence for the longest time; both perfectly happy and comfortable, and not a single word had to be spoken to portray how they felt. Kurt felt happy. Truly happy; so much more so than he'd ever felt before.

"Wanna head to your place?" Tyler asks, only slightly moving away from his silent boyfriend.

Kurt nodded. 'Yeah.'

Tyler gave him a smile and they started walking, hand in hand; fingers twined together loosely. Kurt couldn't keep the smile off of his face as they walked. The sun shined down brightly, a gentle breeze blew across the land, making the grass away and the leaves ruffle. He honestly didn't think he could be any happier in that moment; especially with Tyler beside him.

They reached his house after a while of walking together in silence, which had been the furthest thing from awkward or uncomfortable. He dropped Tyler's hand and opened the door, leading the other inside.

'Welcome home honey! How was your day?' His mother instantly started signing, though he gaze fell to Tyler, a question look settling in her eyes.

"Hi, I'm Tyler." Tyler said politely, holding out his hand for her to shake, which she did.

"It's a pleasure to meet you."

Tyler nodded. "It's a pleasure to meet you too."

'Is this your boyfriend?' She signed, her gaze returning to her son.

He nodded. 'Yeah, it is.' He bit his lip. 'Don't embarrass him, please?'

She simply gave him a smile. 'Wouldn't dream of it.'

He gave her a pointed look. 'Don't. Please. I'm begging you. This is the first boyfriend I've ever had. Please don't scare him off.'

She rolled her eyes and ruffled his hair. 'I won't honey. You two have a good time.'

He gives her a smile before turning to Tyler. 'Let's go up to my room.'

"What?" Tyler asks with an adorable confused look.

He pointed at the stairs.

"Oh, okay."

He gave Tyler a smile as they headed up the stairs. He lead Tyler into his room, which was still not fully unpacked, making it a mess. 'Sorry about the mess.'

"Whatever you're saying sorry about, it's fine."

He sat on his bed, which was covered with a blue and yellow star blanket, which seemed extremely childish. Tyler sat beside him, looking at him expectantly.

"What were you and your mom talking about?"

'I was begging her not to embarrass you.'

Tyler gave him a confused look. "Huh?"

He smiled slightly and grabbed his notebook. I was begging her not to embarrass you.

"Oh." Tyler chuckled. "She's one of those parents, huh?"

I've never had a boyfriend before, so I'm not a hundred percent sure.

"Never had a boyfriend? I find that hard to believe."

He shook his head. It's kinda hard finding anyone when you can't talk or hear.

"Never even liked anyone?"

I mean, of course there have been guys I've found cute, but they have all either been not interested or straight. I found that out the hard way.

"Oh?" Tyler asked, looking thoroughly intrigued.

I may or may not have had this huge crush on my interpreter from my last school and I may or may not have kissed him. He didn't really approve and quit the next day.

"Oh man, I'm sorry."

He shook his head slightly. It's okay. It's not like he was really all that great. He was actually kinda a jerk. I don't even know why I liked him.

"You seem upset. Are you okay?"

He nodded. Yeah, of course I'm okay. Just remembering some stuff.

"Stuff?" Tyler questioned, his eyebrows furrowed together.

Back at my old school, people used to make fun of me for being deaf and gay. I was always a big target for bullies.

"Oh Kurt.... I'm so sorry." Tyler said, hugging his boyfriend tightly.

He hugged back just as tightly, finding comfort in Tyler's arms. The old memories brought him sadness, but any sadness was quickly replaced by happiness as he hugged his loving boyfriend close. He took a deep breath, loving the cologne Tyler wore. He smiled as Tyler started rubbing his back. He was in love. Truly in love. He pulled back slightly, his blue eyes meeting Tyler's blue-green.

"You okay?"

He nodded quickly, smiling brightly. 'I've never been happier.'

He pressed his lips to Tyler's, kissing him gently. He loved how it felt to kiss Tyler; how it felt like the whole world faded away, leaving just them in their own little bubble of stillness; making all the movement cease; making every single little matter in the world slip away into the unknown. He ran his fingers along Tyler's arms, letting his hands rest on his hips, gently tugging him closer. Tyler's hands slipped under Kurt's shirt, causing Kurt to gasp quietly as skin met skin; sending jolts of electricity through both.

Tyler pushed Kurt gently down onto the bed, deepening the kiss as he ran his fingers along Kurt's stomach, finding slightly toned muscles and soft skin. He heard the little gasps and soft sounds coming from Kurt, which made his heart squeeze, an utmost unreal feeling of pleasure coursing through him. He ran his tongue along Kurt's bottom lip, waiting for the others lips to part, which they did and he explored the others mouth, making Kurt moan quietly. He swore his heart stopped when he heard that sound. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up on end and his stomach did a somersault. Their lips parted as blue met blue-green; both breathing heavily. Each breath fanned across his lips, making him want to kiss Kurt again; making him want to cause Kurt to moan again.

All Kurt could do was stare at Tyler, his breathing uneven and rugged; his heart racing. As Tyler laid on him, running his fingers along his stomach, it seemed like it was just them; like it would always be just them. Just him and the boy he loved, together forever, and that's what he'd always want. He ran his fingers through Tyler's silky blond hair, his gaze never leaving Tyler's unearthly beautiful blue-green eyes. Tyler kissed his neck, each breath causing chills to run through him and a quiet moan to escape his lips as his fingers tightened in his hair.

He didn't understand how a touch so light could be so maddening, but it was, and he felt like it was bliss yet torture. Tyler sucked a small bruise into the soft pale skin just below his collarbone, causing him to gasp. Tyler rested his forehead against his, their noses bumping each other's; their breaths fanning across each other's lips. He couldn't say a single word, even he could talk, that would have described that moment, or how much he loved Tyler. He hoped the pure love that was undoubtedly in his eyes would portray the words he wished he could speak; that he wished he could tell Tyler.

He saw the love in Tyler blue-green eyes; it was pure. He knew Tyler loved him; yet he couldn't believe he actually had someone so amazing and perfect. He just couldn't rap his mind around the fact that he had a boyfriend; one who was so easy going and sweet, someone who's so willing to learn and was so patient with him. He wished he could tell Tyler that he loved him without signing it or writing it, but, Tyler knew that he loved him to no end, even if he could actually say those three simple words that were anything but simple.

Tyler pulled back slightly. "I love you."

'I love you too.' He signed as he continued to stare at his boyfriend.

They just stared at each for a long time, laying in silence; a very comfortable silence that you'd expect between couples who had been together for years. Tyler suddenly shot away from him, confusing him. Though, his confusion subsided as he saw his dad standing in the doorway, a small smile on his face.

He blushed deeply, bitting his lip. 'Oh. Hey dad.' Was all he could seem to be able to sign.

'So this is the boy you were talking about?'

He nodded. 'Yeah. This is Tyler, my boyfriend.'

"It's nice to meet you Tyler." His dad said, casting his gaze on Tyler, who was blushing just as much as Kurt.

"I-It's nice to meet you too." Tyler said nervously.

"You wanna stay for dinner?" He asked and signed.

"Yeah, sure, that would be nice."

"Well dinner is ready if you guys are done." He says with a wink as he leaves.

"Your parents are so accepting."

Yeah, they are, and I'm quite thankful for it. I have no clue what I'd do if they didn't.

"I'm glad my parents do too. I couldn't imagine not being able to be with you."

I couldn't imagine not being with you either.

"You wanna head to dinner?" Tyler asks after a few moments of quiet.

He nods, grabbing his small notebook as they head down the stairs. They both sit at the table, where two plates of food was already waiting for them.

"Thank you for dinner, I really appreciate it." Tyler says as they dig in.

"It's no problem at all!" His mother says with a huge smile. "We're glad you're here."

Tyler couldn't help but smile.

'Do you like him?' Kurt signed, looking at his parents expectantly.

'We do. He's polite and seems to make you really happy.'

'He really does guys. I love him.'

They both give him a big smile. "So Tyler, tell us about yourself."

Dinner went really smoothly with Kurt interjecting as much as he could in their conversation, joining in on the laughing and joking. After dinner though, Tyler had to leave, which made him sad, but he knew he'd see him again soon.

"Thanks for today Kurt." Tyler says, brushing some of Kurt's hair out of his face.

Kurt smiled brightly. 'I'm glad you came over. I had a really amazing time.'

"I love you."

'I love you too.'

They shared a brief kiss before Tyler headed down the road, glancing back at Kurt, who watched him walk off into the quickly setting sun.


Kurt stood by the front door in a nice shirt and jeans as he waited for Tyler to arrive. Friday had finally come and he couldn't be happier, or more nervous. He bit his lip as he started pacing.

'Nervous?' His mom signed, a knowing look on her face.

He nods quickly. 'What if he doesn't show? What if he just forgets about me? What if he doesn't actually care? What if...' He signed frantically, but was cut off by the doorbell ringing.

'What if he's standing outside the door waiting for you?'

'Oh hush.' He signed as he turned his back to her and opened the door, unable to keep the bright smile off of his face as he saw Tyler; dressed in a nice black shirt and jeans.

'You look good.'

He raised a questioning eyebrow.

"He said you look good." She interjected.

"Why thank you, you look great too."

"You two have a good time. Have him home by ten at the latest."

"Will do." Tyler says as he holds out a hand for Kurt, who took it.

Tyler lead him out to a car and held open the passenger side door for him before getting in the driver side.

'I didn't know you drive?'

Tyler gave him a confused look before guessing at what he'd been trying to say. "I have my license but I don't have a car. My mom is letting me borrow hers for the night."

Kurt nods. 'I see. Where are we going?'

"Did you ask where we are going?"

Kurt nodded again. 'Yes.'

"Well, I made reservations at a a nice restaurant by the beach."

'That sounds lovely.'

Tyler just gives him a smile and focuses on the road. It take long for them to arrive at the restaurant, which looked really nice. Tyler linked his arm with Kurt's and lead him into the restaurant.

"Welcome to the Seaside Cafe, how can I help you?" The hostess asks kindly.

"I have a reservation under the name Hunter."

"Right this way sirs." She says with a warm smile as she lead them through the restaurant.

They say at their table, which happened to be right by the window, which had a perfect view of the ocean and the sun which was slowly making its way down the sky.

"What can I get you two to drink?" Their waiter asks.

"I'll take a water." Tyler says with a smile.

'I'll have a sweet tea please.' Kurt signs, though he knew they wouldn't understand.

The waiter looked to Tyler, looking thoroughly confused.

'Sweet tea.' Kurt signed slowly to Tyler, hoping he'd understand.

"Ah, he'll have a sweet tea."

"Alright, any appetizers for you today?"

Tyler looked down at the menu briefly. "Does fried clams sound good to you?" He questioned, giving Kurt a glance.

Kurt nodded. 'Yeah, that sounds fine.'

The waiter nodded before wandering off, leaving the two by themselves.

"I'm sorry if you feel uncomfortable with the waiter not understanding you." Tyler says with a gentle smile.

It's fine Tyler, really, I'm used to it by now.

"If you don't mind me asking, how did you become deaf?"

Kurt smiled lightly. My mom had rubella while she was pregnant with me, which caused me to loose all of my hearing.

Tyler just sat awkwardly for a moment, not really sure what to say.

Tyler, it's okay, really. I don't mind talking about, so ask away. And I'm serious.

That made Tyler laugh. "I guess I'm just really curious what it's like not being able to hear anything. And, how do people get your attention?"

Kurt smiled as he started writing. I guess since I've always been this way, it's not really difficult, but I've always wondered what people sound like when they talk and what music sounds like. I've always wondered what nature sounds like or just what everything sounds like. I mostly want to know what you sound like. Your voice, your laugh, everything. He stopped writing for a moment, pondering how to answer the next question. People mostly get my attention by tapping my shoulder or a table near me. It's generally so I can feel the vibration to know someone is there. Though, there are the people, particularly you, who like to scare the crap out of me. He laughed silently as he finished writing.

"Hey, it's not like I try to scare you." Tyler said teasingly as he finished reading.

Before the waiter arrives and it gets awkward again, I want the seafood alfredo.

"I agree, that was awkward."

Tyler, I was just curious, why do you try to understand me? Like I really appreciate it, but I'm just curious.

"Oh Kurt, you silly boy." Tyler says with a chuckle. "I try to understand you because I love you." He twines his fingers with Kurt's. "You're everything I could ever dream of in a guy. You're all that I've ever wanted, honestly."

Kurt smiled brightly at that. But doesn't it bug you that I can't talk?

"If I'm to be honest, not really. Though, I am curious what your voice sound like."

I'm curious too.

"Here are your drinks and your appetizer." The waiter says, placing the cups and the plate on the table. "Are you ready to order or do you need a minute?"

"I think we're ready." Tyler says. "I'll have the lemon pepper shrimp scampi and he'll have the seafood alfredo."

"Alright, I'll be back soon with your food."

Tyler nods as the waiter walks off. "Anyway, have you ever actually tried talking?"

Kurt bites his lip and shrugs. Not that I can remember. Though my mom said I tried once and it sounded like a little squeak.

"I could imagine that." Tyler laughs, his eyes crinkling slightly.

Kurt gives him a half hearted glare while eating a piece of the clam, which he found really good. It's not like I could help it. I was probably like five.

"That only makes it funnier." Tyler laughs loudly.

Kurt throws a piece of clam at Tyler; who caught it in his mouth. Show off.

Tyler smirks. "You know you love me."

Somehow I do. Kurt writes with his own smirk.

Tyler rolls his eyes, taking a drink of his water, though he quickly spit it out as Kurt made a goofy face. "Your-you're terrible." He laughed out after he had gained his composer again.

All Kurt could do was laugh as he last it.

Tyler froze. A sound rang through the restaurant. A laugh, a sound so amazing it shouldn't have even been possible.

What's wrong? Kurt wrote quickly,  a concerned look settling on his face.

"Nothing's wrong." Tyler said slowly. "Y-you laughed..."

Oh. Kurt blushed.

"That was the best sound I've ever heard."

That caused Kurt to blush even more. I don't get how it could be?

"It just is." Tyler said in an almost dreamlike daze. "Do you just not laugh?"

I do laugh, it's just that I've always felt self-conscious about it since I can't hear it.

"Well it's the best thing I've ever heard and you shouldn't be self-conscious about it. I want to hear you laugh again."

Kurt smiled despite the blush on his face. I guess I could try actually laughing more, if you really want me to.

"But only if you're comfortable with it. I wouldn't want to push you at all."

"Alright, here's your shrimp scampi and your seafood alfredo. Enjoy." The waiter said as he sat the plates in front of them.

It fell quiet between the two as they ate, but it wasn't awkward or uncomfortable in the slightest. They were overly comfortable around each other, which they were both thankful for. Once they finished their meals, Tyler paid and they headed out onto the beach hand in hand. Kurt pulled off his shoes and socks and dropped them in sand. He loved the feel of the sand between his toes and how it felt when he walked, the sand constantly moving and shifting below him.

He walked towards the water, standing close enough so the calm waves reached his toes. He loved the feel of the water lapping against his feet. The water was warm and made the warm sand feel all the more better.

I love the beach. He wrote in his little notebook and showed Tyler as he joined Kurt, his shoes discarded by Kurt's.

"Me too; especially when the sun is setting." Tyler said as he pointed out across the water.

Kurt looked out in awe, seeing the sun setting below the horizon; casting beautiful colors across the small waves and the vastly darkening sky. All the oranges, reds, yellows, pinks, purples, all combined to create such a beautiful sunset; picture perfect even.

He turned to Tyler, a bright smile on his face. Let's go swimming.

"Swimming? But we don't have swim suits it anything."

Kurt just shrugged as he pulled off his shirt. We don't need swim suits. He took off his jeans and left his discarded clothes by his shoes and walked towards the water in just his boxers.

"You're crazy!" Tyler laughed as he joined the- half naked- Kurt at the waters edge.

'I know.' He signed before pulling Tyler with him as he walked into the water.

They wadded out a ways before just floating beside each other, watching the sun set. Eventually they looked at each other and both leaned in, letting soft lips meet soft lips. Kurt's fingers instantly tangled in Tyler's hair, gently pulling at the wet strands. Tyler's arms wrapped around Kurt's lower back, supporting him as he wrapped his legs around him. Their stomachs were pressed together as they kissed each other deeply, both letting out soft groans as the water seemed to rise in temperature and their breathing became heavier. They both gasped for air between heated kisses and small sounds that escaped both of them.

Tyler's hands moved to Kurt's butt, which caused Kurt to moan, only slightly loudly, which sent jolts of electricity through Tyler's body, which already hummed with energy. He pulled his lips from Kurt's and kissed down his jaw and kissed and nipped at the skin on his neck, which was damp with sea water and tasted slightly salty from the ocean they floated in.

He couldn't control himself with the small means and gasps that left Kurt's lips, or with the way he clung to him, his legs wrapped tightly around him, and his fingers tangled in his hair, tugging gently. And the look on his face, pure bliss with his head thrown back. He couldn't help the way his heart squeezed or his body hummed with electricity. He hadn't even known this boy for more than a week, yet here is was head over heals in love with the most amazing boy in this whole entire world. Yet, here he was ready to give himself to this boy that he hadn't known long. Yet, here he was, in love with a shy, gay, deaf boy. And, here he was, a boy who had fallen in love at first sight.

Kurt couldn't help but throw his head back as another moan left his lips. He couldn't help but tug slightly harder on Tyler's hair. He couldn't help but tighten his legs around Tyler as he felt like he had to steady himself; for he felt like he was loosing is mind at the touch that was so light it was maddening. He knew in that moment that he was well and truly in love with this boy, so kind and so sweet. He knew in that moment that nothing around them mattered but them. That nothing would ever truly matter as much as the boy that was kissing him and teasing him. That nothing would truly be as great as the feeling that Tyler gave him; especially in moments like this when he knew just how to get him going.

They both knew in that moment that they'd only ever need each other; that they were both willing to go all the way and they'd both so willingly give everything up for the other. For they were both fully and truly in love to no end. Tyler kissed his neck one more time before pulling back and smiling softly at him. He was breath taken by Tyler, he always would be. But, in this moment, his beauty was otherworldly. His silky blond hair stuck to his face, his blue-green eyes shined like gems and love burned deep inside of them, and his smile, which seemed so bright, even in the pale light from the last rays of light from the sun, which had almost fully disappeared below the horizon.

"I love you Kurt. So, so much." Tyler says, stoking Kurt's cheek with his thumb.

'I love you too Tyler. More than you'll ever truly know.'

It didn't matter, in that moment, or any other, that Kurt couldn't talk or tell him that he loved him too; for his silence spoke louder than words.
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