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Sometimes you just happen to find someone who captivates you, and you don't even have to say a thing to let them know.

I suck at these little teaser things. But, anyway, I'm very very happy with how this turned out, it's probably one of the best things I've ever written! Enjoy part 1!

A boy tapped on the front desk of the office in a school, his blue eyes looking keenly at the older lady who sat behind the desk, looking distracted by whatever was on her computer screen.

She glanced up, giving the boy a questioning, yet tired, look. "Can I help you?" She asked.

The boy looked to her lips, watching each syllable she pronounced carefully. He nodded, but didn't say a thing.

"What do you need?" She tried again, and the boy merely watched her lips, seeing each syllable forming words.

He let the strap of his bag go, as he'd been playing with it nervously, and brought his hands up, moving them in distinct ways.

The lady blinked a few times.

He silently sighed and pulled out a small blue leather bound notebook, which he always kept with him and a pencil. I'm new, I need my schedule. He wrote down in his tiny neat handwriting.

"Oh!" She said suddenly, a knowing look quickly appearing on her face. "I was told you were coming."

The boy simply watched her carefully as she spoke, catching most of what she was saying. A paper was sat in front of him and he looked at it curiously, seeing his name and a list of classes.

"That's you, right?" She questioned.

The boy watched her lips closely, yet again. He nodded and grabbed the paper, bringing his right hand up to his lips and thanking her. She simply gave him a questioning look as he shoved his little notebook back into his pocket and left, shaking his head slightly. No one understood him. He made his way into the huge hallway, which was bustling with students, all focused on talking to friends, their phones, or trying to get to class. He looked at his schedule and looked to see that his first hour was in room one forty five. He looked around himself as he walked, trying to navigate, though it was difficult. He eventually gave up with a silent sigh and stood out of the way of everyone, trying not to get trampled as he looked at his schedule again.

He tapped his foot on the ground, hoping someone would notice him; but no one did. He let out a silent breath and walked up to a group of students. They all gave him a strange look. He held out his paper, pointing at the room number with one hand and moving the other precisely. They just stared at him like he was crazy. He tried again, this time giving them a questioning look.

"What is your problem?" One of them asked, giving him a strange look.

He shook his head, moving his hand dismissively. There was nothing wrong with him. He pointed at the room number again, hoping they'd understand.

"Do you need to know how to get there?" One asked, a girl who looked at him curiously.

He watched her lips closely, noticing not only the words she spoke, but how her lips looked soft.  He nodded, blinking slightly, waiting for an answer.

"Go down this hall." She pointed, and he looked in that direction before looking back at her. "Then go left and it's the second door on the right."

He brought his right hand to his mouth and moved it away from himself.  He just got weird looks from the group. He waved his dismissively, walking away from the group. He didn't feel like explaining, it just wasn't worth his time. He followed the directions he was given and found the classroom. He looked at his schedule and found his locker number, which he set off to find. It took a while, but he eventually found the locker, which had a few crude objects etched into it, which didn't surprise him in the slightest. He shook his head and messed with the lock; only taking a few tries to get it open. Once he did, he put his school supplies away before making his way back to the classroom he was supposed to be at.

He walked up to the teacher, greeting her with a small wave.

"Ah, you must be Kurt." She greeted, a delicate smile on her face.

He nodded and moved his hands in an oddly intriguing way. But, she understood none of it.

"Well I'm Mrs. Lacorn, it's a pleasure to meet you."

He simply nodded again, his lips set in a thin line.

"I heard you had 'special' conditions; what are they exactly?" She asked, sounding hesitant.

He let out a silent sigh before grabbing his small notebook and pencil. I'm deaf. He wrote simply, his handwriting small and neat.

"Oh." She spoke, though he couldn't hear. "You can't hear at all?"

He shook his head. No, but I can read lips and sign. He scribbled onto the paper and showed her.

"I don't think we have an interpreter here, or anyone who knows any ASL."

He frowned slightly, but waved off the comment. That's fine, I can communicate through writing.

"The bell just rang." She commented, and he nodded.

Please don't say anything about my deafness to the class. He wrote down quickly, knowing that them knowing would only make them ask him question after question.

She nodded. "I won't then."

Kurt nodded and signed 'Thank you.' Though he only got a confused look from her. He just shook his head and went to an empty desk. He watched Mrs. Lacorn carefully as she spoke.

"We have a new student today class!" She started cheerfully. "His name is Kurt, and I expect you all to treat him with kindness and respect."

He waved slightly as people looked in his direction. He didn't like everyone's attention on him, at all, but he simply smiled and watched the teacher closely. She went about explaining how to do a paper, but he got lost trying to understand and put his head in his hands. This is gonna be a long year, he thought to himself. He glanced up to see the teacher had finished talking and had started passing out a worksheet.

She sat one in front of him. "Do you understand how to do this?" She questioned, talking slow.

He looked down at the paper, which had really difficult looking math equations on it, then back up to her and shook his head, moving his hands. 'No, I don't understand, you were talking too fast.'

She just looked at him before turning to a desk near him. He couldn't see her lips, so he didn't know if she was talking to someone or just ignoring him, which would be quite annoying. "This is Daniel, he will be helping you with your work."

He nodded, giving her a small smile as she left. He glanced to Daniel, seeing that he had been talking and he missed it. He let out a silent sigh, and grabbed his notebook, knowing that would be the only way to truly communicate. What did you say?

"I asked what you didn't understand." Daniel said, his blue eyes studying Kurt closely.

All of it. They never taught us this at my old school. He wrote quickly, showing Daniel the notebook.

Daniel looked down at the paper and pointed at a problem with his pencil and started talking, though he couldn't read Daniel's lips from the angle he was at. He tapped Daniel's shoulder, which earned a curious look.

Can you please look at me when you talk?

"Why?" Daniel asked, looking slightly annoyed.

He let out another silent sigh. I'm deaf. He wrote simply.

"Oh." Daniel said, looking torn on what to do. "You can understand me though?"

I've become a master of reading lips. He wrote, smiling slightly.

"I see." Daniel said with a light chuckle.

Now can you show me how to do these problems? He wrote with a gentle smile.

Daniel nodded and looked at him, explaining how to do the first few. "The rest are just like those, it's pretty simple."

He put his right hand to his mouth. 'Thank you'

"What does that mean?" Daniel asked, looking confused.

It means thank you.

"Your welcome"

He just nodded and turned his attention back to his paper, finding the problems a lot less intimidating. He continued working till he felt a tap on his shoulder. He glanced up, seeing Daniel.

"Class is over."

'Oh, okay, thanks.'

Daniel just nodded and headed out of the classroom. He went up to the Mrs. Lacorn and held out his schedule, pointing to where he was supposed to be going next.

"That's just down the hall from here." She says, indicating a direction he'd need to go to get there.

He nodded his thanks and headed from the room, joining the mass of students. He got shoved, his books falling to the ground. He grumbled silently and stomped his foot. Some people were so inconsiderate. He grabbed his books and started for the classroom again, feeling frustrated. 

Every class before lunch had gone the same. None of the teachers so far had been prepared for having a deaf student in the slightest. It frustrated him. At his last school they accommodated him well; having a person to assist him who could sign and hear. But here, here that wasn't the case. He was lucky he had become so good at lip reading, or he'd surely be screwed. He shook his head and started down the- mostly deserted- hallway. Most of the students were already in the cafeteria, unlike himself, as he'd taken a wrong turn somewhere.

He turned the corner, his mind lost in though. Suddenly he was on the ground, his bag had fallen open, leaving his books scattered on the ground. A kid with jet black hair sprinted down the hallway, looking over his shoulder, his icy blue eyes landing on him as he sat on the floor, his arms crossed. The boy just giggled mischievously and kept on running.

'Rude' he signed, looking at the mess on the floor around him.

Another person came around the corner, but stopped dead in their tracks as they say him. "Oh my god!" The boy exclaimed. "I'm so sorry!" He started grabbing books and papers.

Kurt did the same, his eyes glued to the ground. The boy held out a hand to Kurt, who looked up and was met with beautiful blue-green eyes, which he felt himself quickly getting lost in. Oh my god. He's absolutely gorgeous. He thought to himself as he saw the boy's long blond hair, perfectly sculpted chin, and those lips, they looked so soft. He couldn't take his eyes from the boy, his breath caught in his throat.

"I-I'm.... Tyler." The boy spoke, his eyes glued to Kurt.

Kurt's mouth hung open. 'I'm Kurt.' He somehow managed to sign, though he couldn't take his eyes from Tyler.

"PIGDERP!" Tyler's head snapped to the side as the boy with jet black hair rounded the corner; walking this time.

Kurt blinked a few times, a light pink coloring his cheeks as he looked over to the black haired boy.

"Oh, I'm sorry dude." The black haired boy said, his icy blue eyes on Kurt, who was watching him closely.

Kurt just nodded. 'It's okay, I guess.' He signed, his hands moving deliberately.

"Can I have my phone back please Vechs?" Tyler asks.

Kurt shoved his books and papers back into his bag, which brought the attention back to himself.

"Again, sorry." Vechs says, holding out his hand to help him up.

Kurt accepted and pulled himself up, dusting himself off and straightening his shirt. 'It's okay. Just watch where you are going next time please.' He signed with a silent sigh.

"What are you doing with your hands?" Vechs asked, confusion in his icy blue eyes.

'Sign language, duh.' He rolled his eyes.

Vechs just blinks, looking confused, just like Tyler, who stood beside him.

Kurt sighed silently and pulled out his little notebook and scribbled down a few words. It's sign language. I'm deaf. He was seriously getting tired of writing to communicate.

"Ohhhhh." Vechs says, realization coloring his face.

"Can't you talk?" Tyler questioned curiously.

Kurt shook his head. 'No, I can't at all.' He shook his head again, writing in his notebook. No, I can't talk at all.

Vechs suddenly giggles, holding up a phone and dashing down the hallway.

Tyler sighs, turning to Kurt briefly. "I'll catch ya later." He said before sprinting down the hallway after Vechs.

Kurt just stared after Tyler, his mind a blur as he stared after the cute boy. He shook his head and went towards the cafeteria. He got some food and went into the main area and looked around. He saw Daniel and walked over to the table, giving Daniel a small wave. 'Can I sit here?' He signed, though quickly realized it was no use.

"You can sit here if you want." Daniel offered.

Kurt nodded his thanks and sat down across from Daniel. He pulled out his notebook and started writing. Do you sit here alone?

"No." Daniel chuckled. "Jason and John and Etho sit here too." He flashed Kurt a smile. "Vechs and Tyler too, though Vechs took Tyler's phone and ran."

You mean the Tyler with blond hair and blue-green eyes?

"Yeah, that one. Have a run in with them?"

I literally had a run in with Vechs. Made my books go everywhere.

"Can't say I'm surprised." Daniel chuckled.

"Hey Dan." Someone said, which Kurt barely caught.

"Hey Jason." Daniel greeted.

"You're that guy from this morning." Jason says, his gaze landing on Kurt. "What was with that anyway?"

Kurt sighs silently, gesturing to Daniel, hoping he'd know what he was trying to get at.

Daniel nodded. "Kurt's deaf and can't talk."

"Oh." Jason said, realization coloring his face.

Kurt just rolled his eyes, having seen the same reaction all day.

"Hey Boo." Jason said, which confused Kurt until he realized someone else had come to the table.

"Who's the new guy?" Boo, or who Kurt assumed was Boo, asked.

"This is Kurt, John." Daniel answered.

"What? Can't let him talk for himself?"

"He can't talk."

"Lost your voice?"

Kurt shook his head.

"He's deaf John, he can't talk at all."


Kurt, yet again, rolled his eyes, laughing silently.

"What's so funny?" Daniel asked, his gaze on Kurt.

I've gotten the same reaction all day.

Daniel chuckled. "I can image so."

Another person approached the table, giving Kurt an odd look.

Just wait for it. He wrote, chuckling silently.

"Who's the new guy?"

"Kurt." Daniel answered simply.

Kurt waved silently, his blue eyes full of joy.

"Why so quiet?" He asked, sitting down.

Kurt nodded towards Daniel.

"He's deaf, he can't talk Etho."


The whole group burst into laughter, leaving Etho looking befuddled.

I've literally gotten that exact same reaction all day, it's simply become funny. Kurt wrote, laughing silently.

"I see." Etho says, a smile quickly spreading on his face.

"Hey Tyler." Jason greeted.

Kurt looked up and was met, yet again, with blue-green eyes, which captivated him.

"Hey guys." Tyler replied, though his eyes were on Kurt.

Kurt finally tore his gaze from Tyler and looked at his hands instead, a rosy pink coloring his cheeks.

Tyler sat down and pulled out his phone, scrolling through Twitter, though he glanced up at Kurt every once in a while, which Kurt definitely noticed.

"Has anyone seen Vechs?" A boy asks, approaching the table.

"He was in the math hall last I saw him." Tyler answered.

"Why's he in the math hall?"

"That just happens to be where I tackled your mischievous boyfriend MC."

"You didn't hurt him, did you??" MC asks, looking very worried.

Tyler chuckled. "No, I didn't hurt your precious boyfriend. I was simply getting my phone back."

"Good!" MC says cheerfully. "I'm gonna go find him."

"The hall was empty." Tyler says, wiggling his eyebrows.

MC's face turns a deep red. "Tyler!"

"Hey, you can't deny that you haven't done 'it' yet."


Tyler laughed. "Exactly, now run along, go to your lover."

MC's face turned an even darker shade of red as he hurried away from the table.

"It's too easy to pick on him." Tyler says with a laugh.

Kurt just looked at the group, feeling slightly confused. 'Why do you pick on him?' He signed, though realized the error in his way. The group just looked at him confused.

Why do you pick on him?

"He doesn't mind it." John laughed. "And he picks on us too, so there's no hard feelings."

Oh, okay.

"That was quick." Jason says with a smirk.

Kurt glanced up and saw Vechs and MC walking hand in hand towards the table, Vechs' black hair slightly messy.

"Shush." Vechs hissed.

Jason erupted into giggles, which were overly contagious. "I always knew you were a bottom Vechs." He somehow managed to say around giggles.

Kurt laughed silently with them, rather enjoying this group of people, which he felt oddly comfortable around.

"Oh man, lunch is over already?" Jason pouted.

It is? Kurt wrote.

"Yeah, bell just rang."

Oh, okay. I'll see you guys around.

"Yeah, see ya!"

Kurt made his way to his next, and final class. It went much the same as the rest of the classes had gone. He was thankful when the day was finally over. He made his way out of the school and started walking down the road. He found a little coffee shop and went in, liking the idea of some coffee. He walked up to the counter.

"Welcome to the Coffee Shack, how can I help you?" The barista says, sounding very annoyed.

'Hi, I'd like a caramel latte please.'

The man looked at him confused and Kurt just sighed, rolling his eyes. He waved his hand dismissively and walked away, not feeling like trying again, for it wasn't worth it. As he went to leave, a familiar person walked into the coffee shop.

"Oh hey Kurt." Tyler greeted, giving him a smile.

Kurt waved, biting his lip slightly as he looked into Tyler's blue-green eyes.

"Not gonna get anything?"

Kurt shrugged. 'I wanted to, but no one knows sign language so it's impossible.'

"Barista not understand you?" Tyler guessed, a thoughtful expression on his face.

Kurt shook his head. 'Not at all.'

"Want me to order for you?"

Kurt nodded. 'If you would.'

"What do you want?"

'Caramel latte.'


He carefully showed Tyler each letter with his hands, trying to be as deliberate as possible.

"Caramel latte?"

Kurt nodded with a big smile. 'Yes! Finally someone understands me.'

Tyler walked up to the counter with Kurt close behind.

"Welcome to the Coffee Shack, how can I help you?" The barista asked, still looking annoyed.

"I'd like a caramel latte and a s'mores frappé please."

"Alright, that'll be eight fifty."

Tyler handed over some money. Kurt tugged at Tyler's sleeve lightly, which earned him a curious glance.

'I could have paid for it. You really didn't have to buy it for me.'

That just got him a thoughtful look. "I have no idea what you're saying."

Kurt let out a breath and waved his hands dismissively.

"Here you go." The barista says, handing over the two drinks.

Tyler hands Kurt his. "Do you maybe wanna sit and talk?" He asked, though realization quickly spread across his face. "I-I'm sorry."

Kurt chuckled silently, waving off the comment. 'I would love to.'

"Is that a yes?"

Kurt nodded, unable to stop smiling. The two sat down at a table, sitting across from each other.

'Thank you.'

Tyler raised a questioning eyebrow.

Kurt pointed to his drink. 'Thank you.'

"Oh, you're welcome." Tyler says, a smile tugging at his lips, which Kurt swore looked so soft and perfect.

Kurt glanced at his hands, feeling a light blush color his cheeks as he felt like he was staring. A tap on the table caught his attention.

"Did you just move here?" Tyler asked.

Kurt nodded. 'Yeah, I've only been here since Saturday.'

Tyler looked confused. Kurt bit his lip thoughtfully. He grabbed his notebook, just remembering that he had it, and started writing.

Yeah, I've only been here since Saturday.

"Why'd you move here?"

My dad got a job here.

"Makes sense." Tyler chuckles, but falls silent.

Go ahead, ask. Kurt wrote, giving Tyler a look.

"Your-you're sure?"

Kurt nodded.

"What is it like being deaf? Is it difficult?"

Kurt shrugged. Eh, I've been dealing with it my whole life, so I'm used to it. The most difficult part is being deaf and gay.

Tyler blinked a few times, looking surprised. "You're gay?"

Fear quickly plagued Kurt. Yeah....

"There's nothing wrong about that! I'm just really surprised."

Kurt let out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.

"If it's any consolation, I'm gay too."

Kurt blinked a few times, thoroughly surprised. Huh. You didn't strike me as the gay type.

"You didn't either." Tyler chuckled.

Kurt wished he could hear Tyler's laugh. He wished he could hear his voice. He didn't know why he felt this way, or why his heart swelled when Tyler smiles. He looked up at Tyler, meeting his blue-green eyes. He got lost in them, unable to look away, for he felt like he was drowning.

'Kiss me. Please kiss me.' Kurt signed, not even realizing it.

He was leaning in before he even realized it and was kissing Tyler, who kissed back. He ran his fingers along Tyler's cheek, letting his hand rest on Tyler's shoulder while the other was in his blond hair, which was soft and silky. Their lips moved together perfectly, and Tyler's lips were soft, just like Kurt imagined they be. He pulled back slightly, his eyes opening slowly.

He was speechless, which wasn't at all odd. He just stared at Tyler, his blue-green eyes making him feel like he was drowning. He couldn't think straight, not when his body hummed with electricity. He leaned in again and kissed him. Tyler sucked on his bottom lip, making Kurt make a quiet approving sound. They separated again, both unable to look away from each other.

"Kurt.... Will you be my boyfriend?" Tyler asked, his eyes glued to Kurt.

Kurt kissed him again, unable to think of how else to respond. Once they pulled away, Kurt started writing. Oh my god. That was literally the best kiss I've ever had. He was blushing profusely.


He had never believed he would find a guy that he liked, or that accepted him for who he was.

"Do you maybe want to go on a date Friday after school?"

Kurt nodded. I would love that.

Tyler's smile widened. "Just wait till the guys find out."


"Oh nothing, they'll just tease us."

Oh great. Kurt chuckled silently.

Tyler finished off his coffee and stood up. "Come on, I'll walk you home."

Kurt smiled, shoving his notebook in his pocket and walking with Tyler out the door. They walked side by side down the side walk quietly. Their hands brushed and Tyler took Kurt's hand in his own, causing Kurt to blush.

"Where do you live?"

'57845 East Namly street.' Kurt signed with one hand, his other still in Tyler's.

"Lead the way?"

Kurt just smiled and nodded. It wasn't long before they reached Kurt's house, which wasn't the biggest house, or the nicest, but it was what he called home.

Tyler took both of Kurt's hands in his own. "I'll see you tomorrow." He rubbed the back of Kurt's hands lovingly.

Kurt just smiled and nodded, unable to sign anything. He leaned in and kissed Tyler, loving the way it felt to have his lips against Tyler's. They eventually pulled away and Tyler took a step back.

"Goodbye Kurt."

'Goodbye Tyler.'

Kurt stood outside and watched until Tyler was out of sight, his heart feeling light and fluttery. He eventually went inside and was greeted by his mom.

'How was your day sweetie?' She signed.



'I met a boy.'

'Is he cute?'

'He looks like an angel.'

'You're really caught up over him, aren't you?'

Kurt nodded. 'You don't even know the half of it.'

'I'm glad you found a boy.' She smiled kindly. 'This'll be good for you.'

His dad walked into the kitchen. 'What are you guys talking about?' He signed, looking at them curiously.

'Kurt has a boyfriend!'

'Is he cute?'

Kurt blushes deeply, nodding quickly.

'Looks like an angel, is exactly what Kurt said.' His mom signed, laughing.

'That cute?'

All Kurt could do was nod. 'I have a date with him Friday after school.'

'Oh? Use protection, okay?'


'I'm just kidding!'

Kurt just smiled, feeling so happy. He'd never felt this happy in his whole entire life.

'Why don't you go fantasize about this boy somewhere else, your mom has to make dinner and I've got some work to do.' His dad signed with a chuckle.

'Alright, get me for dinner?'

'Of course.'


The next day Kurt was ecstatic about being able to see Tyler. He felt so giddy as he went into the school. He went to his locker, where he found Tyler waiting. 'Tyler!' He signed excitedly, which caught Tyler's attention.


They shared a tight hug and a kiss. 'I don't wanna be that person, but I missed you so much!' He signed, his hands moving quickly, making it that much harder for Tyler to try and understand him.

"Woah, calm down" Tyler chuckled.

'I can't help it!'

"I can't understand a thing you're trying to tell me."


"What does that mean?"

Kurt spelled out the word carefully, hoping Tyler would get it.


Kurt nods.

"There's no need to be sorry, I'm excited to see you too."

Kurt smiled brightly. 'I'm just so happy! I haven't felt this happy in so long!'

"I wish I could understand you."


"Does that mean me too?"

Kurt shook his head, his smile not faltering in the slightest.


Kurt nodded. 'Yes.'

"Hey! I'm learning slowly!"

Kurt beamed at that. No one had ever been willing enough to actually try and learn some sign language to actually try and understand him. 'No ones ever tried learning sign language to try to get close to me before. Thank you for making me feel wanted.'

Tyler had no idea what he said, but he smiled and hugged Kurt tightly. Kurt hugged back just as tightly, loving how Tyler smelled and how right it felt to be in his arms.

"I'll see you at lunch." Tyler says as he moves away from Kurt.

'Yeah, I'll see you at lunch.'

Tyler gave Kurt a quick peck on the cheek before wandering off. Kurt bit his lip as he stared after his boyfriend, who literally looked like an angel. He grabbed his books and headed into his first hour.

"Hey Kurt!" Daniel greeted.

Kurt waved at Daniel, taking his seat.

"So you and Tyler?"

A dark blush colored Kurt's cheeks and the tips of his ears. Yeah.

"Did you kiss him?"


"You totally did! You probably had a make out session!"

Kurt's cheeks turned an even darker shade of read. Did not!

"This is great! Just wait till the guys find out."

Oh god.

"They'll just find it cute, so don't worry."


"What is it about him?"

'He's cute, he's sweet, he's an amazing kisser.' He signed, knowing Daniel wouldn't understand a thing.

He treats me as an equal and actually tries to understand me and is willing to learn sign language, or try at least, for me. He's so sweet Dan, I don't know how I deserve someone like him.

"You're really falling for him, aren't you?"

Kurt nodded. I'm falling so hard and it's scary. He bit his lip, a thoughtful expression on his face. I just feel bad because I can't actually talk to him.

"Hey, that shouldn't matter. It obviously doesn't to Tyler."

This is also my first boyfriend. So I want to make sure this relationship is perfect.

"Well Kurt, no relationship will be perfect. So don't stress about this. Just go with it and be happy."

You know a lot about relationships?

"Yeah, I've been in a relationship for two years."

Wow! Who are you dating?



"Yeah. He's a great guy." Daniel says with a fond smile. "I love him Kurt. He's so perfect."

Kurt simply smiled at Daniel, a knowing look on his face. Daniel didn't respond, but was looking at the teacher, who had started talking.

Lunch time finally rolled around and Kurt was ecstatic, to say the least. He got lunch quickly and went to the table, where Daniel was sitting next to Etho. He sat down across from Daniel and offered a smile and a small wave.

"Hey Kurt." Etho greeted.

Kurt nodded. 'Hello'

Etho just looked to Daniel. "How has your day been?"

"It's been good."

Kurt felt slightly left out, but, that was okay, it was usually like this. He felt a hand on his shoulder and jumped, startled. He looked back to see Tyler with a big smile, showing off his perfect white teeth.

'You scared the crap out of me!' He signed quickly with a light chuckle.

"Sorry for scaring you." Tyler smiled kindly.

'That's fine. Just remember I can't hear you approaching.'

Tyler kissed Kurt's cheek before sitting down beside him.

"You and Tyler, huh?" Etho questioned, a curious look on his face.

"Yes." Tyler says with a smile as Kurt nods.

Tyler wraps an arm around Kurt, pulling him close. Kurt can't help but smile and snuggle into Tyler's side; almost instantly becoming overwhelmed by his intoxicating cologne.

"Cute." Daniel teases.

Kurt gave him a half hearted glare, but couldn't keep the smile from his lips.

"I wonder who's the bottom." John pondered aloud as he sat at the table.

Kurt's face was instantly a dark red. 'I don't know. Probably Tyler. But that's not important.'

"I bet it's Kurt." Jason says with a giggle, also sitting down at the table.

Kurt shot him a look. 'You're probably right, but you have no idea what I'm saying so that's perfectly fine.'

"You know, he could be insulting us and we'd never know."

Kurt laughed silently. 'That's exactly what I'm doing ya bunch of jerks!'

"He totally is!"

Kurt gives them a sly smile.

"Hmm I like this side of you." Tyler comments, placing a kiss on Kurt's cheek.

"I see you've finally found yourself a boyfriend Pigderp!" Vechs giggles, falling onto a chair and pulling MC into his lap.

"Yes, yes I have."

"Now I can stop hitting on you." Vechs teased.

MC gave him a pout and lightly hit his arm. "Nerd."

"Love you too bae." Vechs responded, kissing MC.

'They are so cute.' Kurt signed, his eyes glued to Tyler's blue-green, which he felt himself getting lost in. 'But not as cute as you.'

Tyler was staring into Kurt's blue eyes, feeling as if he were drowning. "I have no idea what you're saying...." He said, his voice soft. "But all I want is to kiss you."

Kurt leaned in, closing the distance between them, letting soft pink lips meet his own. He sucked on Tyler's bottom lip lightly, his fingers tangling in his blond hair, which felt so soft and silky and perfect. Tyler's hands ran down Kurt's arms, ending up just under Kurt's shirt. Kurt pulled away slightly, his lips not far from Tyler's at all. He could feel each and every breath, which made a shiver run down his spine. His blue eyes were trained on Tyler's beautiful blue-green eyes as he bit his lip, his heart racing.

"Kurt." Tyler said, almost nervously, catching Kurt's attention, who's gaze fell to his lips. "I love you."

Kurt swore his heart stopped, his gaze returning to Tyler's beautiful eyes. He wanted to talk. To actually Tyler what he felt, but he couldn't. 'I love you too.' He signed slowly, a huge smile on his face.

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