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Sometimes you worry about something that really shouldn't worry you.

"You ready to go?" Zisteau asks, standing in the doorway of her room.

"Uh... I think so."

"Are you really sure this is the best idea?"

"Yes dad, I think it is."

"Okay, I just don't want anything to happen, you know...."

"I know, but its okay. I'll be okay."

"Alright, well we've got to go."

"Okay, I'll meet you out in the living room."

Zisteau nodded and headed away from her room. Dezeray looked through her suitcase again, making sure she had everything she needed. She zipped it up and lugged it out to the living room, where Zisteau and Kurt were waiting with their suitcases as well.

"Are you absolutely positive you want to go through with this? It's not too late to back out." Zisteau asks, again.

"Why do you keep asking?"

"I'm just afraid of what could happen. We can't go through another scare like we did before..."

"Guys, I'm okay now, I really am. I can handle this. Besides, I need to do this."

"Alright." Zisteau says with a loud sigh.

They head out to the car and start the relatively long drive to the airport. It was quiet, which she wasn't quite okay with. Usually she would be, but she knew it was only quiet because Zisteau and Kurt were really worried about her. She knew they thought this was a terrible idea, and the she shouldn't go, but she felt like she needed to. So of course they were going to support her and take her anyway, no matter how bad an idea they thought it was. They made their way into the airport after they had parked, and greeted MC who was waiting for them.

"Morning guys." He greeted.

"Morning MC." Dezeray greeted, giving MC a kiss. "You ready to go?"


"Well we've got some time till our flight, so get comfortable." Kurt says, glancing at his watch.

She sits down on a chair and MC sits beside her. She knew he was also worried, even though he didn't show it. They were all worried; they had every reason to be too. This was something she knew she had to do eventually, so why not now? She could handle this, though the more she pondered it, the more worried she herself became. She kept reminding herself, I need to do this. Everyone kept saying she didn't, but they didn't know the truth behind it. She needed to do this more than she really wanted to admit.

"You're awfully quiet, is everything okay?" MC asks, glancing sidelong at the girl.

"Yeah, just thinking."

MC sends her a smile and wraps his arm around her. "Just remember I'll be there for you no matter what."

"I know you will. I love you."

"I love you too."

They share a kiss, it was sweet, magical even. Each kiss always reminded her of the first and how truly magical that had seemed. It really reminded her how much she truly loved MC and how she never wanted to be away from him. Their time together always seemed too short, and their time apart, too long. She couldn't imagine being any happier than she was with MC, he was everything she could ever possibly want.

"Flight 111 will be departing shortly."

Dezeray pulled back and gave him a smile before standing up and taking MC's hand in her own. The group made their way to the plane, after checking in their luggage. They boarded the plane and found their seats. MC and Dezeray were together and Zisteau and Kurt were together, but a few rows back. It was quiet for a long while, both just sitting and trying to relax as the plane took off.

She took a picture out of her pocket and looked at it sadly. Her parents. Her beautiful mother, who everyone always said she looked so much like. Her amazing father who gave her everything she ever needed and wanted. Of course she missed them, but she knew they were gone. She knew she'd never see them again; that she'd never know a truly normal life because of them. She would never know what is was like to grow up happy. She would never know the life of one without scars. But this was the life she was given, and she was thankful for what she had, despite the very rough and dark journey so far.

"Is that your parents?" MC asks, catching Dezeray's attention.

"Yeah, it is."

"You look a lot like your mom."

That made her smile slightly. "That's what everyone used to say."

MC chuckled. "You really do though. She was beautiful, just like you." MC brushes hair from her face and caresses her cheek.

She leaned into his touch, blue-green eyes meeting blue before both eyes fluttered closed and a kiss was shared. Once they pulled away, which seemed like a lot longer amount of time than it actually was, she put the picture back in her pocket and curled up against MC, or as much as she could with the arm rest between them. She laid her head on MC shoulder and yawned, suddenly feeling really tired.

"Hey MC, can you come here?" Dezeray called from the couch.

"Whatcha need?"

Dezeray opened her arms, signaling she wanted a hug. MC sat on the couch beside her and she cuddled into his side as he wrapped his arms around her. She looked up into his blue eyes, a loving smile on her face.

"Can you believe that we'll be parents soon?" She asks, twisting a piece of MC's long-ish brown hair around her finger.

"It's very hard to believe." MC replied, rubbing her belly soothingly.

"Its so hard to believe, honestly. Five years ago if you would have asked me if I would've wanted kids, I probably would've said no, honestly."

"Ah, but five years ago you were in a dark place my dear."

"I know, but still."

There was a moment of quiet, though it wasn't at all awkward or tense.

"Aren't your dads coming to visit tomorrow?"

"Yeah. I'm glad they are, its been a while since I've really gotten to spend time with them."

"Its been a while since I've seen my parents too."

"Well soon enough all of em' will be around."

"Very true. Soon enough we'll have a baby to take care of too."

"That's a scary thought."

"It is, but I can't wait."

"I can't either."

Dezeray blinked a few times, yawning as she awoke. She saw MC was fast asleep beside her, looking quiet adorable, as always. That dream really had here thinking. Would that really happen in the future? Of course she wanted to be with MC forever, but did she really want kids? But, then again, remembering Sammy and how much joy it was to have the young girl around, made her think that yes, maybe she did.

"Lost in thought?" MC asks around a yawn.


"Whatcha thinking about?"

"A dream I had."


"It was us in the future. We were married and I was pregnant. It really got me thinking though."

"About the whole having kids thing?"

"Yeah, I'm not really sure what I want yet."

"Well, that's okay Dez, you don't need to know yet. We still have so many years till something like that needs to be decided. And whatever you decide, I'll be okay with."

Dezeray sent him a loving smile. "Thanks MC, really."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

The rest of the flight was spent talking about much lighter topics. Once they landed they got their luggage and headed to the main area. Though they didn't make it far as Dezeray was tackled in a hug.



"I heard you were gonna be in town and I got so excited!"

"Yeah, I've got some stuff to do tomorrow."

"What.... Oh..."


"I know this is sudden, and maybe not the best time to ask, but there's a dance tonight and I was hoping you and MC would accompany me and Vechs."

Dezeray glanced at MC who nodded, along with Kurt and Zisteau, who seemed to approve.

"We'd love too."

"Great! You can come over to my house and you can borrow a dress and I'll do your hair and makeup and it'll be so much fun!!"

"Woah woah, calm down Aurey."

"I'm just so excited!"

"Me too."

"And Vechs probably has something MC can borrow if he needs it."


"You guys wanna head with Aurey?" Zisteau asks.


"We'll head to the hotel. I guess we'll see you later tonight then."

"Alright, bye dads." Dezeray says as she follows Aurey and MC from the airport.

They head to a car with a person sitting in the driver seat.

"Hey Dez." Vechs says, glancing at her with icy-blue eyes.

"Hey Vechs, long time no see." Dezeray replies as she buckles in.

"You guys coming to the dance?"



The drive was filled with laughter and jokes, especially between Dezeray and Aurey, who had lots to catch up on. Eventually they made it to Aurey's house. MC went with Vechs and Dezeray went with Aurey.

"So, what should I have you wear." Aurey pondered out loud as she dug through her closet.

"Do you want long sleeve....?" Aurey questioned awkwardly.

"I'd prefer no sleeves; I'm okay with showing off my scars."

"Right.... Well I didn't know, just wanted to make sure."

Dezeray chuckled, as she watched Aurey.

"Here, try this one." Aurey says, handing Dezeray a short, strapless purple dress.

Dezeray takes it and heads into the bathroom, where she changes into the dress, which fit perfectly. When Dezeray went back into the bedroom, Aurey was in a dress too and she had a pair of heels in hand.

"Come sit down, let me do your hair and makeup."

Dezeray did as instructed and sat down. Aurey pulled her hair back into a fancy-looking braid and applied makeup, making her look amazing.

"Thanks Aurey." Dezeray says.

"Your absolutely welcome!"

Dezeray met a bunch of people she used to know at the dance, though she didn't really want to talk to them. Instead she stuck with MC, Vechs, and Aurey. They danced to a bunch of fast songs, laughing all the while. Though, as the final song of the night played, they split off into couples to dance. MC wrapped his arms around Dezeray's waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck. They swayed back and forth to the music, enjoying each others presence. After the dance, which had been very enjoyable, they went back to the hotel. They found Zisteau and Kurt cuddling watching a movie.

"How was the dance?" Zisteau questioned.

"It was fun." Dezeray replied. "But we're tired, so were gonna head to bed."

"Alright, night guys."

"Night." Dezeray and MC say as they make their way to their own room.

After they had gotten ready for bed and laid down, Dezeray was having trouble sleeping. She was really nervous about tomorrow, rather worried in a sense. It was going to be the first time in probably eight years since she'd been to her parents graves.

"Don't worry about tomorrow Dezzy, it'll be fine." MC says groggily, pulling her closer in the process.

She snuggles into MC, loving the feel of having him close. "I won't." She rests her head on his chest and lets his heartbeat sooth her to sleep.

Dezeray glances out the window of the car as they approach the cemetary. MC gave her hand a gentle squeeze. He knew just how much this was getting to her. Though he also knew just how much she needed to do this. She took a deep breath as they parked. She got out of the car and took MC's hand in her own again. She walked along the path, each step shaky. It wasn't long until they reached the two grave stones that seemed to stand out amongst the rest.

She dropped MC's hand and approached the grave stones by herself. She laid a bouquet of flowers in between the two and took a deep breath. It had been too long since she'd been here, and she felt terrible about it, but she knew over all those years that she couldn't handle it. But now, now she could.

"I never really said goodbye to you guys, I was too broken to." Dezeray started shakily, tears spilling onto her cheeks. "I also never really told you how much I loved you. I used to blame you for all my problems, but I don't anymore, not since I grew up enough to see what it truly was." Another deep, shaky breath. "I guess I really just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for raising me like you did, it made me strong enough to face all the challenges I've had to overcome."

She glances at Zisteau, Kurt, and MC, before glancing back at the grave. "Thank you." She whispered. "I love you." And she walked back over to MC and took his hand in her own.

"Ready to head home?" Kurt asks gently.

"Yeah, I'm ready to go home."

A gentle breeze ruffled the leaves and caused the grass to sway slightly. The sun shines down brightly, not a cloud to block it's beautiful light. A smile graced Dezeray's face as she walked off with her amazing parents and the love of her life, happier than ever, for she had finally let go of the past.

Wasn't the ending you were expecting, was it? The whole time you guys were saying that she was in a dream I was just shaking my head laughing while encouraging the theory. I'm really sad to see this story finally come to an end, but everything must end eventually. As for what's to come, A Blind World will continue and a bunch of new stuff is to come. I would like to thank you all for sticking with me through this emotional roller coaster of a story!

Date: Sunday, March 13th, 2016 10:58 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Yay, it was happy! Have cookies. (::) (::) (::)
-Observing Anon

Date: Sunday, March 13th, 2016 11:34 pm (UTC)
scara: Steampunk hat (Default)
From: [personal profile] scara
So glad that all of our unhappy theories were false and this story has had a very happy ending where Dez has become whole again and can see a future for herself with those around her. Also in my head Sammy goes into remission with her Leukeamia and doesn't relapse at all and also lives happily ever after. :)

Date: Monday, March 14th, 2016 02:58 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I am also sad to see this end. It's been going for a long time now. It was a great story, and it seemed relatively realistic. Dezeray's struggles are true things for some people, and it's good to see someone overcoming them, even if they are fictional. I just hope the real people who have those problems manage to get through it as well.

I admit, about seven chapters back I decided it was going to have a happy ending. I wasn't really expecting it to fall apart, and I'm glad to see I was right. I kind of kept "wondering" for the sake of drama (because drama) but I didn't really think it would.

Great story, Bubbles. I'm excited for the rest of A Blind World as well as whatever else you write in the coming months and years.

-the lurkiest lurker


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