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Just four short stories I wrote while on the bus. They vary in length, but in total they're less than 1500 words. Hope you enjoy them! Only one of them involves shipping, so if you don't like shipping, then you can still read most of them!

Emotions Short:

Baj wasn't normally one to show his emotions, especially to the other guys in the group, so he was not about to start now.

"Baj, truth or dare?" Beef asked his mustachioed friend. All of Team Nancy Drew had come together for a night of drinking and games, and they were ending the night like they always did, with a game of truth or dare.

Pause had already dared Beef to kiss him twice, Guude admitted to stealing towels, silverware, plates and even a painting from a 5 Star Hotel he stayed at a few years back, and Baj had managed to stay relatively safe so far.

"Truth" Baj said in a monotone voice, slowly spinning his drink in his hand, staring at how the liquid moved.

"Oh c'mon Baj, that's so fucking lame, that's like the billionth time you've chosen truth tonight" Pause said, slurring his words.

"Yes, because I'm going to accept a dare from a gay man who's already drunk off their ass" Baj responded, the alcohol in his system not affecting his snarky attitude.

"Yeah Pause, it's fine." Beef said. "Besides, I've got a good idea for a truth anyways" Beef said with a slight smirk, Baj rolled his eyes.

"Why do you hang out with us? I want the real reason, not some snarky comment" Beef asked, the question catching Baj by surprise. He was just expecting some joke about farming, not something that would make him be genuine.

"Well, hanging out around you idiots makes me feel even smarter by comparison" Baj said, deciding to avoid being genuine.

"Laaaaame" A drunk Guude said from across the room.

"Yeah Baj, I asked for a genuine answer." Beef said, before lowering his voice. "And between you and me, these two are way too drunk to remember this in the morning anyways"

Baj sighed, admitting defeat.

"Well, if you must know, you 3 imbeciles are some of the most real and honest men I've ever met, and although I may not act like it, I do enjoy your company." Baj said, allowing his monotone voice to show some emotion for once.

"Aw, he really does have a heart" said Guude rather loud.

"In addition to the fact that I'm smarter than all of you by comparison" Baj added, a small smile threatening to work its way onto his lips.

"Kinda" Beef finished for Guude, a smile on the only sober man's face, more than content with the answer Baj provided.

"Now then, I believe that means it's my turn!" Baj said, a tone of confidence in his voice, showing that he had an idea.

"Actually Baj, I think that was a good note to leave off on for th-" Beef began, before being cut off by Baj.

"No, no Beef, you can't just cut me short like that. I need someone to do something idiotic enough to overshadow this conversation come morning" Baj said, back to his snarky and monotone self "So, Pause, truth or dare?"

Pause, unable to decline a dare, responded "Dare!"

"Shocker!" Baj said in a sarcastic voice, causing Guude to giggle a bit. "I dare you to jump off the roof into the pool"

The next morning was met with hangovers and a very angry Pause, who not only had a broken leg, but also several choice words for Baj.

The event may have out shined Baj's conversation with the group, but they all grew a bit closer that night.

Obsession Short:

Arkas sighed, staring at the man of his dreams from across the café. Alex Unpause, or more commonly known by his nickname, Pause.

Arkas wasn't sure when his crush on Pause became something a bit more serious, he wasn't sure when he started coming to the Café every evening just to see if Pause was there, and he wasn't sure when he had started checking under the counter after Pause had left to see if Pause dropped something, so he could be the hero who returned this imaginary item to him.

Of course, he did know that none of that mattered. Pause was in a relationship with another, and more than content with it as well. So for now, Arkas would stay on his side of the Café, continually obsessing.

Halloween Short:

Blame wasn't much for holidays, and Halloween was no exception. The idea of small children walking up to his home and asking him for candy was just strange to him, and most of the kids didn't even have good costumes. If he saw one more fairy princess or power ranger, he might just puke.

Just as he was about to go to sleep for the night, he heard another knock on his door. Blame sighed, and slipped his skull mask back on, picking up the bowl of candy on the counter and heading to the door.

He was greeted by a familiar face.

"Trick or treat!" Pyro said in a silly voice. Blame noticed that Pyro was wearing his normal dinosaur costume.

"Pyro? What the hell are you doing here" Blame said, tired and annoyed.

"It's Halloween, I'm obviously trick or treating" Pyro said, as if this was the most obvious thing in the world. He held out a bag that was already half way full with candy before repeating himself.

"Trick or treat!"

"Pyro, you're a grown man-" Blame stopped himself, reevaluating his word choice. "Pyro, you're in your 20's, you shouldn't be trick or treating, and I'm not gonna give you candy"

"Aw, c'mon Blame, you're never too old to go trick or treatin'" Pyro said, wearing his trademark smile, which Blame just thought made him look like an idiot.

"No, You're most certainly too old. I'm gonna close my door now, and pretend this conversation

didn't happen" Blame said sternly. Pyro was about to say something, but was cut out by Blame slamming the door in his face.

Blame turned around to turn off the lights, so he wouldn't be greeted with anymore children, then he heard the doorbell again. Blame opened the door, and once again saw Pyro standing there. He sighed.

"If I give you candy will you leave me alone?" Blame asked, too tired to deal with the theorist's shenanigans.

"Uh... Yes"

"That didn't sound convincing" Blame glared at him.

"Well, you know what they say. You can lead a horse to water, but he's not always convincing"

"Pyro that doesn't even make any sense" Blame said with a sigh, wanting to face palm, but not having the energy to do so.

"Blame, look, what's that behind you!" Pyro said, pointing into Blame's living room.

"Pyro I'm not going to turn around, you're just gonna do something stupid if I do"

"No, seriously Blame, there's something there!" Pyro said, obviously a lie. Blame rolled his eyes, and decided to humor Pyro, placing his candy bowl on the ground and turning around.

"There's nothing there-" he said, turning back around, cutting off when he realized Pyro was running the other direction and his candy bowl was missing. "You little shit! Get back here with that!" Blame growled at the small Irish man in the distance.

"Game theory!" Was the only thing Blame could hear Pyro say while he was running away.

Pranked Short:

MC awoke to the sound of his phone buzzing on his nightstand, He had received a text. MC picked up his phone and tried to read it, however his vision was too blurry. So he rubbed his eyes gently and blinked a few times before reading it. It was from Guude.

"Hey McGruber, I decided to stop by for a visit, but when I came over you were sleeping. I decided to just leave you a little gift and then be on my way."

MC sighed, knowing this couldn't be good.

"Maybe I'm just being too skeptical, maybe the gift Guude left for me in the middle of the night was a bunch of lapis, or some ice cream! I hope Guude left me ice cream" MC spoke to himself, as he slipped on his Legend of Zelda slippers and walked outside the front door.

The gift wasn't anywhere in sight, so he walked out and checked his mailbox, still nothing. He decided to give up and ask Guude about it later, turning around to head back inside.

Then he saw it.

The giant set of golden arcs on the roof of his building, clearly there to resemble those of McDonalds.

"Friggen fricker face! My name is MC! EM, SEE! Not Mc!" MC yelled out as he saw the golden arcs.

Off behind a tree in the distance was a very giddy Guude, trying his best not to die of giggles.

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