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The Instructor - Prompt Swap 15 for jiminee

It’s not knowledge that makes a good teacher.

Set: Mindcrack Season 6; somewhere around what the server is like as of this day.
Word Count: 1030


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Prompt Used:  Person A teaching person B something they are good at.
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[personal profile] jiminee2016-12-31 03:20 am

Prompt Swap: De Automaat

 For this prompt swap I was given [personal profile] tackytacs !! I chose the prompt:

"(College AU) The vending machine close to an 8:30 am class just broke down, and Person A knows they won't be able to focus in class without eating something. How desperate will Person A act to get their sugary treat/breakfast? What do they do? (optional: Do their friend(s) jump in and help them?)"

And took it in uh... directions. This turned into a sort of humour thing I guess? With shipping thrown in. Guess who. Enjoy, tac!

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This was, at one point like 40 minutes ago a solid fic idea and then it went down hill so fast and this happened???? I don't even know... like I actually really don't XD
Enjoy whatever this is
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The Telltale Reign of the Raining Rainbow Kang - Part 1?: The Tamale

It has come to my attention that, with great horror, it has been a while since my last crap post.

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Without A Word (Part 1/3)

Sometimes you just happen to find someone who captivates you, and you don't even have to say a thing to let them know.

I suck at these little teaser things. But, anyway, I'm very very happy with how this turned out, it's probably one of the best things I've ever written! Enjoy part 1!
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Mama Mia - April Fools

Mama mia, I haven't posted in a while.

But this masterpiece happened when Jimmy Jams told me to write a story about Vechs and an enchilada.


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[personal profile] jiminee2016-03-13 11:46 am

Drabble: Moustache emoji

 basically we played a drabble game on skype and i had to write something based on our theme (fire) andthe skype mustache emoji (movember) 
its just a memey shitpost i dont know

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Vechs Hunters Chapter 2 (Future/time travel AU)

Summary: Goofy Professor Pause and Ninja Assistant Etho attempt to create a superhuman Vechs, but when things go wrong, they travel through time and seek the help of others in order to hunt Vechs down.

Wrote a little longer today, enjoy!
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Vechs Hunters Chapter 1 (Future/time travel AU)

This is my first fic so forgive me if it turns out bad. 

Summary: Goofy Professor Pause and Ninja Assistant Etho attempt to create a superhuman Vechs, but when things go wrong, they travel through time and seek the help of others in order to hunt Vechs down.

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On the Wings of the Past Ch.3 - War


On The Wings Of The Past

Over the pounding of hooves and rhythmic march of the advancing armies’ boots, the roars of dragons could be heard.

The army of Notlak was currently engaged on the field with the meager forces the peaceful nation they were attacking could muster. The few men that still remained were falling back toward the unwalled village that they had been trying to defend - which now stood unprotected. Uncaring, the Notlak cavalry pushed forward, running through and cutting down anyone in their reach, and swarming and slaying any who tried to stand and fight.

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On the Wings of the Past Ch. 2 - Greetings and Ramblings {Full Chapter}


On The Wings Of The Past

Vechs could only be described as smitten. While Zisteau didn’t mind listening to him, the continuous - and incredibly repetitive - description of the same event, that Zisteau had seen for himself, was starting to get on his nerves.

“Okay, okay, ENOUGH!” Zisteau finally shouted after Vechs started his fifth explanation on the color of the dragoness’ scales. Admittedly, Zisteau hadn’t actually been there for all of it, the new wing-member following the tradition to do a continued introduction with their own kind after introducing themselves to the whole group, but after how long Vechs had been talking, any possibility of him providing new information was all but naught.

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Mindcrack Short Stories

Just four short stories I wrote while on the bus. They vary in length, but in total they're less than 1500 words. Hope you enjoy them! Only one of them involves shipping, so if you don't like shipping, then you can still read most of them!

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Davion Keep: Chapter #1

This is my first attempt at writing a story, Its gonna be long, Its gonna suck, And Im gonna get better as I go on, Please Don't judge :D

Also, I'm rating this as Teen. For Now :D
(Ships happen after chapter 7-10)

Year 0103, April 3rd, Kingdom of Dragonhold. Isle Of Minecraftia

His Name Was Vechs, Vechs Davion.
And he Never knew his life was going to change today.

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Sick Beats - Prompt Swap (for ruddiestbubbles)

Holy crap this is late. I originally had an ending for this one, but it was a crappy shippy ending, and I totally scrapped it. Then I couldn't think of an ending for the life of me. Only today I finally got an idea for an ending. Another thing is that while writing this, the prompt started to seem like it was a totally different prompt. Oh well. -_-
I also wanted to post a treat with this one, but it was never finished surprise. Idk, I may post it in the future or something.
ANY WHO, I got ruddiestbubbles' prompt: Person A and person B are in a music store and they reach for same album/CD and one is taller than the other and the taller one teases the shorter one.
I hope this doesn't count against me for the next prompt swap, this being so freaking late

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Fic Wars: Ouija Board

I had the idea for this story since the most recent UHC that had Team Potty Mouth in it. It's rather short, but I don't think its too bad.

Warning: Alcohol&Swearing (duh, it's Team Potty Mouth)

This is also my entry for Fic Wars, in which Shawn challenged me.

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I'm deciding to classify this as comedy/humor, so the person I challenge will not be allowed to use that genre. I choose to tag Sharpie! If this isn't okay, lemme know in the comments. C:

The Domino Effect, Part Three, In Spawn

The Domino Effect Part Three
Adorabolical f/f

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UHC: Season 18 Intro (Joke)

Hola! This is just a really short fic that was inspired by some comment on one of the UHC 17 Youtube videos (don’t remember which.) Also spoiler warning. Just sayin’ (in case you don’t know what happened in Season 17)

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Fic: A Zeldathon Adventure in SPACE!

You know, I think I said at some point that I always write seriously. Apparently that was a lie. Sorry. This is just, I don't even know what I was aiming for. This is not my usual quality. Zeldathon does weird things to the brain. May the SS Zeldathon fly on! *Firefly opening theme plays*
I should note, knowledge of Zeldathon is kind of required for understanding even a few paragraphs of this. >.>

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fanfiction :: a little something for the camera :: robunpause

 this needed to be done. kissing in a pool i mean really?! it probably didn't go this way irl but w/e, fanfiction is fanfiction, right?

kinda sfw...depends on your definition.


From this close, Rob smelt of way too much alcohol. On his skin and, of course, on his breath.

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