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Welcome to April 2017.
We're past Aprils Fools now, so no trolling here. All honest discussions. ^-^

First up the most important thing: I sure hope you're not tired of UHC yet after the conclusion of season 28, because there's an other one just on the horizon. Mark your calenders and put some content of your wallets asside for the following date:
April 15th. As you may have quessed this in fact is the next Charity UHC that will be livestreamed by the participants.

Now, question time: What do you get when the following three stars align:
1 - Guude is on vacation
2 - Coestar has reinstalled GTA 5
3 - Avidya loves the car racing part of GTA 5

If your guess was that Avidya would join Coe for a few Stream-A-Day's then you are correct.
But better yet: he is also streaming himself. Yes, you read that correctly.
A few days ago now he held a test stream in which he stated that he had fully inteneded to never stream again, but the things above happened and well... there he was. He thanked the handfull crazy people who have stayed subbscribed to a streamer who hadn't streamed in about a year and although this will likely not continue for an extended period of time, it is raher nice while it lasts. His YouTube channel may be gone, but the man himself is not and we can look forward to the perhaps ocasional stream here and there in the future. =D
In fact, for the last few nights he has been playing not only with some of his viewers, but also with Coe and Breon - and lately even Kurt.

So take that bit of positivity with you for this month and have a good time with whatever you are up to. =D

That's it from my side for now. Should further topics arise during the month or if you think I missed something, let me know and I'll include it.

Happy April Everyone! We don't need to be fools to enjoy it. =)

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March 23-25 the ExtraLife United anual gaming tournament will take place.

Doc, Guude, Nebris, Pakratt, SethBling, Sevadus and Zisteau will be there.
Nebris had to cancle due to injuring his back. Stupd back injury of injustice. :(

I hope you all finished watching season 27 because
UHC 28 just released the first episodes!!

Guys. It's March.
I totally relized that at the start of march and not only just now when I was thinking about things I'd have to include in the next Discussion Post.

So yeah! Welcome to March, everyone!

We're still in the beginning phase of the year, and it seems to be a phase of change.
Did I forget any major things? Let me know if I did.
Also, with lots of people focusing on school right now: what are some major changes in your life currently?
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Welcome to February, eveyone. =)
January has been a quiet month for the community, due to the fact that most of us are either hibbernating or very, very busy with other things. Or even with working behind the scenes. ^^
So I'll keep this months topics short.

For one, Valentines Day is coming up soon. Do you have any stories planned for it? =) Or how about something of a completelyl diffrent genre to counteract all those chocolates, flowers and random cure gifts they try to sell you in stores these days? (Then again, I don't think I actually saw anything like that lately. It's all easter stuff here. <.<')

And for those among us who are very busy right now: do you still find time to watch any of the Mindcrackers? If so, who do you watch and what have they been up to? Share with us, so we know what we're missing out on. =D

UHC season 27 is underway.
Go here to find everyones perspective.
No spoilers, but I think the twist this time will make for some interesting situations! =D

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Hello everyone!

We have officially made it to 2017! ...a few days ago. XD'
How is everyone? Did you have a good start so far? Any New Year's resolutions you made that you want to share with us?
We haven't had a on-site chat since November. December was busy.
The Prompt Swap came and is actually still running. We've had some good entries so far and we can look forward to a coupple more. =)
And the Mindcrackers are busy with many things as well.
Did you hear about...


  • the Prank done to Pause on the server, by Beef, Kurt and Etho?
  • CriminalForHire, who showed up in response to this? So far their identity is still a mystery, but we know it's neither Pause nor Pak.
  • how Guude joined Team Canada in their Don't Starve Together series?
  • that the Golf With Your Friends IRL videos are now uploaded and just as fun as we hoped?
  • the fact that FLoB reached it's season goal?
  • all things Zeldathon?
  • and everything else that has been going on? =)
What was your favourite part of 2016? Mindcrack related, Salad related or otherwise? And what are you looking forward to for this year?

I hope to hear from lots of you throughout 2017. =D

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November is here.
And so is season 6 of the Mindcrack server.
I don't know about all of you, but I quite enjoy seeingmy YouTube subbox and my Twitch alerts filled with various content from the guys from their new server and the random bits of banter that are a result of this. =)

For those who missed it, Mindcrack season 6 was launched during the Mindcrack Marathon for charity last month.
A lot of money was raised by the community as a whole for a good cause. It's always great to see that people can be generous and are willing to help out. ♥

What was your favourite segment - or moment - from the marathon? And have you been watching the content from the new server? ^-^

Now, something a bit more centered around our own community. December is only a month away now and with it the festival of giving gifts. One certain type of gift that we've loved to exchange among each other in the past would be the prompt swap stroies.
I know a lot of us are busy, so before we get to organizing it completely, let me see a show of hands. Who would be interested in participating? (Note that this isn't the official "I'm signing up for this!" right now, more a rough estimate to see if it's something that we want to do this year or not.) In case we do have one of these, prompts would be given and assigned during this month, so that stories may be posted throughout december.

That's about it from my side for now. Feel free to let me know if there's something I should add to this months post.
Happy discussing! 

UPDATE: Prompt Swap #15 has officially started. Follow this link to read the rules and sign up: http://mindcracklove.dreamwidth.org/1165660.html

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Well, there we have it. October is here. So it's time for our monthly chatty topic. =D

How's everyone doing? Did you enjoy Minecon? Did you enjoy the derpage from the Mindcrackers that attended; be it their videos, pictures, pannels or streams? Lots of things happened and a coupple more have yet to be released on video.
What was your personal favourite?

Also - SPOILERS! - UHC 26 began yesterday. I reccomend using the reddit post to find everyones perspective, as this UHC is exclusively on Twitch. (No, you didn't miss the live streams, calm down. The videos are released there as normal; every other day. Except it's not on YouTube)
There are multible reasons for this, but before you get annoyed because the viewing experience might not be as simple as you're used to (You might have technical difficulties, like me) considder all the multible issues that everyone's been having with YouTube lately. Competition is good.
With that said... hope everyone will enjoy this particular PVP competiion between friends! - Remmeber, you can talk about it in the comments, but remember to avoid spoilers. That includes perspectives, set up, combinations and especially events that happen.

And don't forget to look out for October 21st and the days around it. For that is when the next Mindcrack Marathon for Extra Life will take place!
What are you looking forward to the most?
UPDATE: Rumor (as stated by Guude in one of his streams) has it that a certain new season will start during the Marathon.
UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: The rumor has been confirmed. Mindcrack Season 6 will launch during the Marathon.
Here is the schedule as it's currently planned.

And for those amgong us who celebrate Halloween... Have you made any plans yet?
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September is here! How was your A.U.G.U.S.T. everyone? Good, I hope?

With our theme month having come to an end, let's take a quick look at all the stories that showed up during it.

First up, we have
Flight 404 by tdscott8. This story may have not been intended for A.U.G.U.S.T. originally, but it fit right in. I hope you all have read your fair shair of survival guides, as this vacation goes horribly wrong and leaves 12 people to fend for themself in this tropical disaster.

Next, we have
Same Song, Different Key by silvercheers. The first part of an unknown number of various mini sotires featuring various Mindcrackers in various settings. And variation is the key factor here, as the range over the two so far published chapters goes from established Universe AUs such as Harry Potter or Star Wars for example to new and unexplored terrain including magical creatures and high class technology.

Remember the survival guides I talked about earlier? If earth isn't dangerous enough for you, then perhps you will considder space an adequate challenge. Follow the crew of the U.S.S. Mindcrack in
This Dead Space for Rent by koijuly to an unknown planet where Life isn't what you'd expect it to be.

And if that still isn't daring enough for you, then perhaps you will find yourself enjoying this crossing of dimensions, as Arkas in
To Hell With It by sunsetmondays proves that you don't need to intend for things to happen and yet they still happen.

Thank you everyone for participating In A.U.G.U.S.T. this year! And to everyone who didn't make it in time totally not me I say, good luck with your projects regardless!

And to the community as a whole: Please leave your thoughs or suggestions for this in the comment section below. And whether or not you would like to see a return of A.U.G.U.S.T. next year. (Perhaps with a little more time in advance, to prepare for it.)

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  Other News  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

  • In case you missed it... 19 Mindcrackers will be attending Minecon this year. The funding for this was raised by the Community during a 24 hour stream on the Mindcrack Twitch Channel on August 21st. There will be videos! There will be challenges! There will be derpage! There will be Golf! And lots and lots of fun, I am sure. - The stream footage is well woth watching too. =)
  • Earlier today, Doc and Mark from Mojang were playing and streaming some Minecraft Realms Minigames over on the Minecraft Twitch Channel.

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Our news system isn't very regular, is it.

Anyway. Currently relevant information incoming!
  • Twitch SUPERFIGHT Tournament  (http://www.superfight.tv - Guude, Doc and Pakratt will be participating. Check out the site for a schedule and torunament plan as well as any other relevant information.) Oh, and don't foget: the Mindcrack Deck for Superfight has been released in physical form now. And of course there's the DLC version too, for the steam game.
  • UHC 25 - Being releases as we type! - Two episodes up so far. (Remember, no spoilers kids. But have fun watching everyone!)
  • Crackpack - It's back! - Has been for about a month, actually. A lot of the guys are playing reguarly on it; some are streaming...some are recording...some are just having fun. There are guests, too. Have you been having fun watching? I know I have! =D
  • Balance has been restored to the Agrarian Skies.
  • Stuff.
  • And things!
  • ... or ...something like that.
So, how's everyone doing? I know I'm very busy at the moment. Are you?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Announcing: A.U.G.U.S.T.
(Allround Universal GEN Utilizing Story Time)

August is here and with it we shall celebrate an idea that has been discussed since about November-ish last year: A month emphasizing on strories that are completely without shippings in the usual interpretation of the word: romance.
We want to take some time to look at other aspects. Other relationships. Other types of love.

Want to write a story that focuses on that one unique friendship that makes you smile? Want to write that character study about an interesing quirk or hobby of someone? Want to write that AU that takes in the time of pirates and exploration? Or something so unsetteling that it was even to scary for Halloween?
Wheter you explore a completly new or a familliar setting is your choice! All stories are welcome, as long as the romantic aspect is kept to zero.

Of course that doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't post any stories during this month that don't fall under this theme. By all means, write, post and read what you enjoy! This is meant as a community theme, a challenge, a source of inspiration if you will; hilighting the endless possibilities that exist.

All authors that contributed to this theme with a story (or more) are free to post a link to their project in the comments until the end of the month, so that we can look back at this event in future. You can also add a story you've written prior to this, as long as the criteria are met. Just add a small note about this somewhere, so we can differenciate between "old and new".

Furthermore, if you have an idea for something that you would like to see someone else pick up or would generally like to help out, feel free to leave prompts in the comment section below as well. Please title your comment with "Prompt Suggestion" if you do, for easier visability. =)

That's it. Don't forget to tag your works accordingly everyone and happy writing!

UPDATE: We now have a fancy, new tag for everyone to use: salad event: a.u.g.u.s.t. 2016
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 Vechs's face guys. Like, he posted it. And wow.
The general consensus seems to be, in the words of Anderz, "I want to sex that". And really, who are we kidding if we deny it? The guy is like, really cute. Like he can cook and he makes really cute noises and like a southern accent and now- now, he has a face?! Angels are singing.
If you haven't seen it, he put a very Vexian video up on youtube, and it's also on his twitter: https://twitter.com/Vechs/status/739600576166563840

almost age restricted this for pure adorable but then not everyone'd be able to get in on the cute so, have it!
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It's friday, that counts for a sunday discussion chat...right?

Anyway! So, things happend since last time.

  • Congratulation to Diredwarf for winning SMI and becoming an honorary Mindcracker! And we didn't even have to add a tag for him on the left side; just update it. So let's make good use of it. =D
  • Team Canada is back once again! This time, they are taking on the SkyFactory 2.5 Modpack; making it the second currently running skyblock modpack challenge group content among this group of people next to Agrarian Skies 2. But fear not, they are not competing with each other; both packs are very diffrent but more so are the people playing. So enjoy the twice the sky!
  • The second "monthly" Mindcrack 24 hour livestream came and went and with it came a lot of funny and a lot of serious moments and an allround good time. The VODs are still on twitch if you missed it! And speaking of livestreams...
  • Reminder that the Live Charity UHC will be tomorrow as of the date this is posted. - May 21, 2016 3:00 PM EDT - Head on over to twitch.tv/mindcrack to watch. Don't miss it if you can!
That's it from me as far as news go. If you feel I forgot something, feel free to talk about it or anything else in the comment section below.
Have a nice weekend!


EDIT 5th June 2016

I can't think of many news between the original posting date and now, so I won't make a new post.

There is one piece of information that should at least be covored for the sake of coverage: UHC 24 started last monday and is currently running.
Since it's been a few days, let's go with the follwing: feel free to discuss the changes to this season or let us know which team you're rooting for! - But don't talk about the fallen ones or give up information on what teams currently have; for those who follow only some perspectives and those that have yet to catch up.

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It's probably about time we have a new chat post. Lots of things have happened since the last one!
...And I have to catch up on almost all of them, so I am probably not the best person to initiate the new discussion, but what the heck Xb Let's see if I can list the most importand things...
  • Surviving Mindcrack Island, Guudes secret two year project, is finally out and running!
  • The 7 Days to Die server had to be reset because of an update to the game, but things are looking good that this was the last time this had to happen for a while.
  • Every Monday we can enjoy the "Mindcrack Weekly Livestream" over on twitch.tv/mindcracknetwork where various Mindcrackers come together to play random games for fun.
And in more recend news: Jsano proposed to his girlfriend! So feel free to send the newly enloped ones a nice message or two. =D

That's it from my side. Feel free to discus this or other things in the comment section. ^^
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It's that time again!
You know, that time? The one where we attempt to have a discussion post up on Sundays but don't quite manage that and so we have one a few days into the week? Yeah, that one.
This week I'm the one filling in. Hi! .o/

So. What has been going on lately? Let's take a look!

➭ Minecraft 1.9 has been released not to long ago. Have any of you messed arround with it so far?

➭ Minecon 2016 has been announced! It will be in Anaheim, California on Sept. 24-25.

➭ Guudes secret project has been revealed and is coming to a YouTube page near you this Friday! "Mindcrack Island" will air episodically once a week. Find the trailer here!
BTC's involvement and the tale of how he joined the server have finally been told as well. Watch here as he and Guude sit down and talk about it.

➭ The Mindcrack Podcast 141 has made it's way onto YouTube and features almost all the Mindcrackers that attended the ExtraLifeUnited event. And who could forget the Mindcrack Mini-Golf that followed up on the Volleyball game? (See last week's post.)

➭ There is a lot of Multiplayer Content happening at the moment. The 7 Days to Die server, the Mariocart sessions, Agrarian Skies 2, Etho's & Docs joined plans for the Hermitcraft server, Team Canada's newest Minecraft adventure... to name just a few.
What's currently everyones favourite Singleplayer- and Multiplayer series that's still running? Can be any game, can be old or new. And what about favourite one-of videos? Are there any of those that you've particularly enjoyed as of late?

That's it from me. Hope you're all having a good week =D

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 Hello! This is the Sunday Chat, brought to you on an actual Sunday! Sorry for stealing your thunder, Sunset.
I know, this seems foreign to most of you.
And for those who don't recognize me, yeah, I haven't been here in a while. Sorry, life happened. My names Sharpie, what's yours?
Anyways )

Mid-Week Sunday Chat

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 06:25 pm
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 Because I basically never remember to actually do this on sunday, and when I do I usually forget about what there is to actually chat about.Read more... )


Sunday, January 3rd, 2016 08:34 pm
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It's been a while, but with upcoming events and the turn of the new year, I think it's time for a chat.

Read more... )
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Since no-one else has made this post, I thought I may as well.
So, it may be a little late but Guude's doing his anniversary stream right now so nnn, but happy five years of Mindcrack, everyone!

We've seen the rise and fall of oog, nebtho,  pauseunbeef, and many other ships in our time, and many more still live on today. Members have come and gone, and people have left some amazing marks in this community. This may only be my third year of watching mindcrack, but it's been fun, guys, and I'm glad it happened. So here's to another 5 years of friendship and fun.

With that, I guess now is as good a time as many  to remind people that we have a group skype chat for the salad. It's not as active as it used to be and a lot of the older members aren't active in their any more, but this is an open invitation for anyone who wants to join. My skype name can be found under the connect part of my profile page for anyone who wants to add me and request to join. (Don't forget to say you're from salad in the request so I know you're not a spambot.)

-throws streamers about-

Happy anniversary!
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hint hint nudge nudge

For those of you following agrarian skies and / or some of nebris and arkas' vanilla eps since new spawn, you should know what's up.
So is anyone gonna tell me where all that fic's at?

Also, I guess it's about time someone brings up the Skype Chat again.

So hello ladies, gentleman, and others of salad. We have a group skype chat (technically 2 - 1 for sfw, 1 for nsfw -  that could use some new life. So give me a buzz if you're interested.

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Read if interested. And mods if this is against salad rules or something I'll remove this post.

Read more... )
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I just joined the community about five minutes ago, and I'm kind of scared, but I'm also really excited to be here and I hope that I'll have fun. My friend jiminee/sharkvechs insisted that I post my fanfic that I've been working on (called Monstrous) here and after some waffling I finally agreed and signed up.
I hope that I'll get used to the format and I'm scared posting this but I think it'll be okay! If there's anything I should know (I have read the rules unless there's extra ones hidden somewhere) please let me know ^^
I also have zero idea how to tag this so... I'm guessing. :(


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