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Holy crap this is late. I originally had an ending for this one, but it was a crappy shippy ending, and I totally scrapped it. Then I couldn't think of an ending for the life of me. Only today I finally got an idea for an ending. Another thing is that while writing this, the prompt started to seem like it was a totally different prompt. Oh well. -_-
I also wanted to post a treat with this one, but it was never finished surprise. Idk, I may post it in the future or something.
ANY WHO, I got ruddiestbubbles' prompt: Person A and person B are in a music store and they reach for same album/CD and one is taller than the other and the taller one teases the shorter one.
I hope this doesn't count against me for the next prompt swap, this being so freaking late

The group of MindCrackers walked along the bustling streets of Gatlinburg. It was just a few hours before the start of Saladcon (because this is the future and Salad is really sweg like that) and they were heading towards the convention.

Pyro was at the front of the group, jamming to Weird Al Yankovic’s latest parody, “Welcome To The Hood” by Taylor Shizzle. “Welcome to the hood. We’ve been waiting for you!...”

Close behind him, BDubs and Generik were being really shady and gangster-like with their B-Team caps and YouTube hoodies.

Towards the back, Millbee was dragging MC away from the window of a shop that displayed styrofoam Master Swords and Triforce Shields.

In the middle, Chad, Guude, and BTC were talking about the weather and gas prices and what-not.

Behind him, Vechs and Aureylian walked together and talked about the convention to come. Vechs was really nervous, for this was his first convention, and people would know what his face looks like.

The convention site was now in sight. Guude looked at his watch. “We’ve got about an hour left.”

Millbee called to them. “Hey guys, I know that we’ve been burning some calories before Saladcon, but why not take a look at the shops?”

After groaning at the terrible pun, everybody nodded except for Pyro, who couldn’t hear them over the music. “It’s a new mix-tape, I could dance with these Beats. The graffiti’s so bright, but they’ll never caaaaaatch me!” BDubs yanked the earbuds out of Pyro’s ear. “We’re going shopping ya fool!”

Pyro rubbed his ears and took back his earbuds. “Lad, all you have to do is poke me.”

They walked into the nearest shop, “Sick Beats.” The floor was the color of a pool table, and the shelves were lined with CD’s, vinyls, and albums. Everybody dispersed and started browsing. Aureylian looked up and scanned all of the albums. The Song Of My People… A Collection Of Elevator Music… The Awakening Audiobook… Though an album with this really rude sandstorm on the cover caught her attention. It read Never Gonna Give You Up: 10 Hours.

Aureylian reached for it, but that’s when she realized the horrifying truth. She couldn’t reach it. She looked for a stool, stood on the first shelf, and jumped, but nothing she did worked.

All the sudden, she heard some laughing behind her. Vechs was giggling uncontrollably as he watched Aureylian helplessly reach for the album. He walked up to the shelf and practically seemed to pluck the album from the shelf. “You’re such a clueser!” He patted her on the head like one would pat a child. “Such a short, tiny clueser!”

Aureylian rolled her eyes and took the album. “Like you’ve never met anybody shorter than me.”
“Heuheuhe, nope,” giggled Vechs. "Nope!"

Pyro, who was standing nearby, walked over. "Whoa, lads, can't we settle this in a Pokemon battle or something instead of here?"

MC was second to crash in. "Let's settle this..." He spun around then pointed towards the ceiling. "IN SMASH!!"

"Pfft, I got a better idea!" Aureylian said with a determined look on her face. She then reached for a CD that read Dancey Dance Revolution. But that failed because she couldn't reach it. She looked towards Vechs with a straight face. "Could you reach that for me?"

The first day of Saladcon was over, and the MindCrackers were in the living room of their house. The furniture was all moved aside. In one corner sat Guude with a beat-box. Vechs and Aureylian were standing opposite ends of each other doing stretches. The rest of the MindCrackers were on the sidelines.

Generik whispered over to BDubs. “20 bucks on Aureylian.”

BDubs replied. “It’s on. It’ll never happen.”

Guude tapped his mic to make sure it worked (To note that the mic was completely unnecessary.) Then he tried to be all DJ-like. “Yo, waddup waddup MIIIIIIIIIINDCRACKERRRRRRS! It’s time for a Dancey Dance Revolutioooooon!” Though some got excited and started cheering, most were laughing hysterically.
With that, he popped the disc in the beat-box. The dance-off had begun.

It was around midnight now, and everybody was hyped up. The score was tied, 5-5, and Guude was about to play the last song. All though all of this happened because of Aureylian being short, they all learned some pretty valuable things. Vechs was actually a legendary moonwalker, and Aureylian turned out to be a master break-dancer.

Vechs thought some smacktalk was in order. “It’d be a shame if you electric-slided into the WALL!”
Some groaned, but others oooooooooo’ed.

Aureylian replied confidently. “It’d be a shame if this song remixed your FACE!” Nailed it!
Several more people groaned than the last time.

Though little did they know, Aureylian had a plan. The next song started playing, and everybody but her had a look of horror on their faces. The song was Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.

Immediately, everybody crumbled to the floor in cries of agony, their hands over their ears. Meanwhile, Aurey had taken the stage and was doing some sick moves. She mostly did disco dance moves, pointing up and down in a 70’s fashion.

Finally, the song was over, and everyone was trying to recover. Aureylian approached Vechs. “BOOOOM!”

Vechs was trying to regain his senses. “Alright, you win! You win!”

Aureylian giggled to herself. “Never call me short again.”

After everyone recovered, BDubs grudgingly handed a 20 dollar bill over to Generik. “Thanks scrub.”

Date: Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 07:45 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] peanut_emma
Loooooooved it!!
Also. That convenient pun though.
Was that put in before or after I quoted you in chat the other night?
Anyways, awesome job!!

Date: Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 09:41 pm (UTC)
ruddiestbubbles: (Default)
From: [personal profile] ruddiestbubbles
Absolutely loved this!!!! <3 and I know dem marching band feels. I have a week and a half till my band camp. :/

Date: Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 10:22 pm (UTC)
ruddiestbubbles: (Default)
From: [personal profile] ruddiestbubbles
It wouldn't be band camp without at least one person passing out or someone getting hurt


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