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Hey! It's back. For now. Might make this even more of a back burner project, cause it... well... I had plans, but i'm now thinking of other series i'd rather do. So, if this series vanishes again, you know what's happening.

Anyways, I'm trying to move away from Stargate canon a bit more. Doesn't seem like i'm doing any work if I don't move away some.

Location: Unknown planet in the Milky-Way Galaxy
Date: May 26, 2013
Time: 14:10

Miller was the first one to step out of the event horizon. Shouldering his weapon, he moved forward to the first available cover.

Next out was Etho, who did much the same, but with cover further into the pitch black room they were in.

Paul and Be'Dubs came out at much the same time, simply walking down the stone stairs the Gate was set into. Behind them, the Gate shut down, casting the room into total darkness. "Lights on!" Said the Colonel. Etho and Miller pulled out flashlights, which they used to start examining the chamber they were in.

"Interesting." Said Paul. "This room looks like Egyptian architecture. So do these hieroglyphs."

Be'Dubs turned to face Paul. "Fascinating, truly, Paul." He said sarcastically. "Does any of this tell us how to get home?"

Over in the corner of the room, Miller was examining a gem inset in the wall. He reached out to touch it...

The room started to rumble. A piece of stone fell out of the ceiling, hitting Miller on the head. "Miller!" Called Etho. When Etho checked his pulse, he was quite obviously dead.

"Great." Said Be'Dubs, again sarcastically. "Now we only have three people here. Any idea what that was?"

Etho moved to examine the gem Miller had touched. "Looks to me," he started "like this ruby is mounted on some kind of button, or pressure sensor. Might be a bad idea to touch more."

"Right." Said Paul. "I've seen a few things like that in my time, mostly in tombs."

Be'Dubs sighed heavily. "Alright. Let's keep looking around. No touching gems now, okay?"

What they didn't know is that that button being pressed was going to cause a very bad day for them, quite soon.

Location: Unknown planet in the Milky-Way Galaxy
Date: May 26, 2013
Time: 14:15

As they explored the... temple? Pyramid? that they were in, they found many empty rooms, a few rooms with pots and pans and vases...

And, of course, the exit. As they stepped out into the sunlight, they noted that they were indeed in a pyramid, and that it was very much like pyramids found in Egypt.

"Alright." Called Be'Dubs. "Etho, you stay here and set up a base camp. Don't do something stupid, it's just us three now." He turned to face Paul. "You and I are going to go look around, see if we can find whoever built that pyramid." Paul and Etho nodded. "Alright. Let's move."

Location: Unknown
Date: May 26, 2013, Earth Calendar
Time: 21:52, shipboard time

"My lord." Said the man who had just walked into the Pel'tak, bowing before his master. "We've just received a signal from Abydos. The Chappa'ai was activated."

Vechs, self proclaimed "god," looked up. "Set course for Abydos." His expression hardened. "Let us teach these imbeciles not to intrude upon my territory again."

Poor Miller. But I didn't need him, and wanted him out of the way.

Sorry it's short. :/

Date: Friday, August 15th, 2014 03:53 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] creepergirlmeg
It's when I read this fic series that i'm glad you convinced me to watch Stargate.

Date: Thursday, August 21st, 2014 02:36 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
To be realistic I thought they would freak out a bit more, but the story is well written either way - vet anon

Date: Sunday, September 7th, 2014 03:22 am (UTC)
r7: (Default)
From: [personal profile] r7
Interesting.... Especially because you're moving away from the canon. And, yeah. SE is a big thing.

(Sorry for the really late reply, doing my great big salad catch up)
Edited Date: Sunday, September 7th, 2014 03:23 am (UTC)


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