Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

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Holy crap this is late. I originally had an ending for this one, but it was a crappy shippy ending, and I totally scrapped it. Then I couldn't think of an ending for the life of me. Only today I finally got an idea for an ending. Another thing is that while writing this, the prompt started to seem like it was a totally different prompt. Oh well. -_-
I also wanted to post a treat with this one, but it was never finished surprise. Idk, I may post it in the future or something.
ANY WHO, I got ruddiestbubbles' prompt: Person A and person B are in a music store and they reach for same album/CD and one is taller than the other and the taller one teases the shorter one.
I hope this doesn't count against me for the next prompt swap, this being so freaking late

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The Wardrobe

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 11:52 am
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Sorry for the dumbass title, but anyways I saw this beautiful AU on tumblr and I had to do it for SMS. Bonus Vechs as an accidental "wingman".

EDIT: Oh yeah, and this is a "real world" AU, except Kurt still looks like his minecraft skin, and Zisteau looks like irl Zisteau and I don't know about Vechs, you the reader can decide.

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This is so late! I'm so sorry! I'm not even gonna try to come up with an excuse, I was lazy. But any way here you go tackytacs!!! Sorry it's kinda short
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