Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

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Based on a prompt about finding an letter in an old notebook. I took some creative liberties with how college works and with the narrator (who I decline to name). How you enjoy, feedback is always appreciated ^w^

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Since Shawn did this, I thought 'Why not?' and did this. So yeah. Good job, Shawn. You started something. (No, I'm not thankful for this side note. Moving on.)
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So. Have a merry thanksgiving. Happy thanksgiving. Celebrate the one day colonists weren't idiots.
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The reason this got posted again is because I didn't realize that Blue had requested not to be in any fics. Instead of just editing her out, I decided to add a bunch of extra details and writing. I decided that it was different enough to justify a re-post. Some grammar and spelling errors have been fixed, and a lot more details have been added. Thank's to giggleworthy for pointing that out to me!

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Well, that's that. Not as long as I had originally anticipated. It's worth noting that this will be updated VERY sporadically. Hope you enjoyed!


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