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Sunday, September 7th, 2014 05:45 pm
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I feel like we need to have this discussuion.

What's your honest opinion on Saladcrack? Don't lie, that won't help anything. Just post your opinion and do so in a respectful manner.

EDIT: There is now a Saladcrack Dreamwidth:

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Well, looks like this is going to be a series now... (Because 4 already going in various Internet places isn’t enough...) XP Meh, I had fun writing this anyways, so yay~ *Extremely sleepy person throws titan-shaped cookies to saladers* How’s that for role reversal? 'Cause the titans eat people...And they’re, y’know...Titan cookies...Ah, never mind *hides sheepishly in corner*


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So this is the second installment of my Saladcrack celebration! A bit short, yeah, but I have to make this last! So, without further ado,
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Chapter Unos
Remember, constructive criticism is highly recommended. Please.

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Sunday, September 7th, 2014 10:28 pm
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i did the thing i made a community for salad crack stuff since it has started quite a few tensions within salad so... any thing salad gen or just plain no mindcracker all salad fics should be posted to
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If your friend, one of many left you, what can you do?

A Tribute to Elektron124, I'm doing a favor for him, Sev X Aurey. This is not meant to keep him into MindcrackLove, but rather as a goodbye gift for him, since only a glint of the users on MCLove shows their concern about him. Especially me, who is terribly sorry because I forgot to finish all of my WIP stories first before planning another. Please listen to this song while reading the story for added effect.

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I'm here to post official confirmation that the two saladcracks I work on will be transferred to saladlove for the time being. (Those are Sem Equites and Power Mad, obviously)

In case you can't see the sticky, or it got removed, is where saladlove is.


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