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My submission for A.U.G.U.S.T
Many thanks to my beta SyrupWink for both checking it and coming up with a name when I struggled.

On a distant planet, where nights are long and days are filled with extreme dust storms, the craft U.S.S. Mindcrack crashed. Left to fend for themselves on the alien world where Zombies rose in the night and death was less permanent than they remembered.

Jsano, with Seth’s assistance, looked for a cure for Zombism. And the group survived well enough for the first year, staying in their broken shell of a craft, trying to fix their transmitter.

Once their Shell had finally broken beyond repair they began crafting forts to temper the night in. Many had their own place, a few shared, and they all helped out if someone was in danger.

But the forts now crumble, their resolve is weakening and a few days ago people started vanishing. No-one knows how much longer they can hold out, nor who will vanish next.

“Guys, guys, guys!” Guude called to silence the mutters. “It's going to be fine!”

“Going to be fine? Going to be fine?” Arkas yelled. “There's not even a trace! He's gone! What the hell happened?”

“I was just offering him a rifle,” Anderz repeated, “you know how forgetful he is. He reached for it, he was gone with a flash.”

“He didn't even finish saying thanks.” Doc embellished.

“This isn't helping.” Pak announced. “That makes five disappearances. Six if you count Nebris, he was due back an hour ago.”

“Shit, it's that late already?” Guude exclaimed as he grabbed his shotgun. “We can consider him lost; at least tonight; where's his spawn anyway? And Veches?”

Pak checked his pair of pistols were loaded as he answered. “I think Veches was in his fortress, Nebris kept it secret. Baj and I will be upstairs if anyone needs us.”

“Thank you for stepping up.”

Pak nodded again and left them to planning tonight's defence, it was weird to not be there. When he entered the upstairs makeshift aid room he took a moment to watch Baj moving about. He was sluggish, taking small shuffling steps around the room. Pak was sure they were not the only ones suffering. “Can I help?”

“There's nothing to do. Unless you can help with any of this?”

Pak took the offered book, and read the page it was opened to;

Batch 345-b

Virus decay: slow; half-life 8 hours.

Possibly poisonous to humans; may be harmful externally.

Batch 345-c

Virus decay: none.


Subject dead.

The writing switched, no longer Jsano’s untidy scrawl. Instead Seth’s too neat hand took over. Which dated the section to around two days ago; when Jsano was the first to not come back from a routine patrol.

Batch 346-a

Virus: inert.

Unsure of effect on living cells; more study needed.

Batch 346-a2

Virus: inert.

Living cells inert.

The rest was blank.

“Didn't they leave what was in the batches?” Pak questioned, Baj only shook his head slowly. Pak sighed. “Worse than back to square one.”

“I don't think we were supposed to survive this. They left us here to die.”

“They thought we were already dead. Our ship exploded and we had no comms. If we hadn't all been in the core…”

They looked at each other. Pak noted the bags, the redness of Baj’s eyes. They jumped when the first gun went off, almost directly below them, the rest joined in causing a near constant background noise of miniature explosions and screeches of brief pain. Baj gave Pak a sorrowful smile.

“You're not ready for this; no one can be.” Baj muttered.

Pak nodded his agreement, but could find no words. Instead he turned to check what his stations were like. What had that alien said? The one who had greeted them here years ago, ‘Save them or lose yourself. Either way doesn't matter; it's all a game.’

“Sometimes I think we should just shoot ourselves as the sun sets.” Baj drawled.

Pak shook his head. “They would decimate everything. We couldn't do that the next night.”

“I was joking; we should take up one of the fortresses.”

“They were fine in the early days. Before they worked out they could dig under to get in.”

“Pak.” Baj breathed quietly, Pak wasn't even sure he had said anything. He drew back one of the covers and re-folded it to the bottom of the bed before turning to Baj. The intense stare told him it hadn't been his mind or the wind.

“They’re survivors.” Baj said solemnly. “We’re survivors. We will get off this hell hole and back to our lives before the crash. All of us.”

The shotgun stopped firing; the lacking of its bangs made them both grab at the handle of a pistol and head towards the door. Arkas was the one who was taking the stairs, holding Guude by his armpits , and Adlingtont took the rear keeping Guudes feet up. Pak and Baj took over as soon as possible, leaving the pair to go back to their positions.

After they manhandled him to the closest bed, one that Baj had claimed, Pak noticed Baj looked grim. Pak found himself wanted to do something but with no clue what to do he merely watched.

“Tonight's … going to … be bad.” Guude choked out.

“Yes.” Baj agreed as soon as Guudes mouth stilled. “Did it bite you?”

“Scratch… Tore something.” Guude offered his arm, still cradled to his chest a moment before. “I can … feel … it …in” Guudes breathing shallowed and his eyes closed. Baj looked sorrowful for a moment. Pak nearly missed it. Then Baj levelled a Pistol, that once was Jsano’s, and shot Guude in the head. The body dispersed in a mist.

“One down.” Eighteen to go went unsaid. It hadn't even been ten minutes.

“I don't like not knowing what the plan is.” Pak stated.

“They came quickly. It was probably within the plan, maybe sooner than they wanted.” Baj sighed. “There's nothing we can do but make sure they don't rise. There’s no coming back from that, it takes the mind.”

Pak shuddered; the look on theJim’s face as he became the victim to show them what they would face. To show them they knew no vaccination. The pain, the falling tears then the unsettling calm. His eyes had become unfocused as he tried to bite or grab at anyone nearby. They had held him in restraints through that dreadful night. When they still stayed in the remnants of their ship, when they were safe and had proper equipment.

The morning after, theJims was gone without any sign of damage to the restraints. It wasn't until evening fell that they saw him again; he was with them, the zombies, and he was one of them. TheJims took Genny before they even knew that respawning would happen, that the only defence against the sickness was to kill the host before it took hold. It wasn't until they lost Blame that they found out the virus didn't persist after death; and quite by accident. Milbee got bit, and fell off the watchtower he was defending and drowned in his moat before the virus took hold.

A flash of white drew him out of his memories. Baj was gone, and Arkas was barging in. He was toting Beef with Adlingtont. Beef was bleeding but conscious.

“He's safe.” Arkas stated as Adlingtont returned to his post. “Part of the building collapsed. We will have to move again.”

“Thanks.” Pak stated. Arkas left, he didn't even look around for Baj.

It took a few minutes to clean up the blood and bandage the areas that Beef said were most painful. Then he moved onto the cuts while Beef sat up and took a drink. When Beef started to get up Pak pushed him back down lightly and took hold of his wrist, looking for a pulse as Baj had shown him earlier when they had determined that Seth was gone and Pak would be taking his place. Beef sighed.

“Your pulse isn't there.”

“It usually is weak. Jsano couldn't even find it sometimes. I'll live.”

“They don't need you collapsing on them.”

“I'm fine.” Beef argued. “Really, not even dizzy.”

“Still, I'd rather you not return. Anyway Baj vanished, I need a hand.”

“Fine.” Beef agreed rather gruffly. “But I don't know anything.”

‘None of us do.’ Pak thought, but he didn't voice it. “There's not much to know. Clean away the blood, antiseptic if it looks deep, and bandage. They faint, you shoot.”

They settled into silence. The continued bangs below a weird comfort; Pak considered asking what tonight's plan was. However it would have changed once the structure was damaged, at least the bits Beef was involved in. Regardless of what Beef had said he looked too pale and had probably lied about being dizzy from the slight swaying. But Pak understood the want to return downstairs, to be part of the action.

“Anyone else gone?” Pak asked.

“MC defended Millbee, Millbee wasn't happy with Arkas for shooting him, I guess he got bit. I think Anderz shot Doc from the Swedes mad mutterings. Then I shot Pause and caused the collapse. And Zisteau vanished helping me.”

“How did Doc get bitten so early?”

“He took Nebris’ place on the front. So we’re an extra sniper down rather than another first line defender. I'm not sure that was the right call, but Doc was adamant.”

“There's never is time to argue.”

Arkas opened the door again, taking Kurt with him. “Ads is down.” He said with sorrow before leaving. Kurt stood looking a bit unsteady, his eyes unfocused.

“What happened?” Pak asked as he directed him to a bed.

“Don’t know. I feel lightheaded. My body is reacting too slow.”

“Do you think you're ill?”

“Possibly.” Kurt said before grabbing One of Pak’s pistols and shooting himself in the head. The pistol vanished in the mist as Kurt went to wherever it was they floated before respawning.

“At least he didn't ask us?” Beef commented.

Normally i'd put a P.S. here of random things that i didn't mention that are going on, but i might continue this; might not; so there are many things i'm going to leave hanging. like what AU this is...

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