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Not written for the purpose of A.U.G.U.S.T. exactly, however it does fit the theme, and it gives me the perfect opportunity to intro this story. Some interactions can be perceived as a ship, however that is the reader's interpretation.

The Mindcrackers' plan for a fun vacation takes a turn for the worst as they become stranded and must learn to work and live together to survive.

Last year, The Mindcrackers had decided to start going on yearly vacations with one another. They all lived in the same town together, and spent a lot of time with one another, so they decided it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to go on a trip with the entire group. For the first trip, they had decided to all save up money to go on a cruiseship.

The trip was as chaotic as they all imagined it would be: Generik and BdoubleO spent their entire time on the gambling floor, Team Canada had stolen everyone’s roomkeys on the final night, so they all had to sleep on the deck, and Vechs took bingo to the extreme as he threatened Chad who ‘stole’ his bingo win. Despite the shenanigans that ensued, all of the guys and Aurey had decided it was a great time, and that they should do it again.

The following year, The Mindcrackers had come to a consensus that they would take small planes to visit pacific islands. Although Pause and MC were highly against the idea of taking any kind of plane, let alone small planes, they had been reassured that everything would be alright; which led to now.

Guude stepped up the stairs of 1 of the small planes they would be riding in. Looking around at it from the inside, it was much smaller than he had expected, but taking 2 smaller flights was cheaper than everyone taking a much larger, and comfortable, plane together. Stepping towards the back of the plane, he secured his luggage in the compartment above his head, and then took his seat.

Guude was followed by Kurt, and immediately after Kurt was Zisteau, who Guude noticed was holding 2 suitcases. Upon closer inspection he saw Kurt wasn’t holding anything, and realized Zisteau must have been carrying both of theirs. They sat next to each other, in the row right of Guude’s.

Pause, Coe and Avidya were the next to board the plane, and Guude saw Pause was already looking nervous.

“Oh no! No, no, no, I am not getting on this thing” Pause exclaimed, beginning to back out of the plane, only to back right into Avidya.

“Come on man, it’ll be fine, I mean, planes are like the 9th safest form of transportation, and small ones like these only have like a 1 in 10 chance of crashing” Coe joked around, only to cause Pause to slap him hard on the shoulder.

“That’s not funny Coe!” Pause yelled at him, yet Coe was still smiling to himself.

“Come on Coe, let’s stop messing with Pause and get our seats.” Avidya added, calming the situation down a bit, before turning to Pause. “Everything’ll be fine, I’ve been in planes like these all the time, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Pause exhaled, he still looked pretty worried to Guude, but what Avidya said seemed to help. Coe and Avidya went and sat in the seats in front of Guude, only for Pause to sit down next to him. Avidya turned around in his seat to look at them.

“Besides Pause, I thought you liked vacations?” he said as he smirked, dodging Pause’s weak attempt at a slap. Pause slumped down his seat, nervous and upset. Guude decided to stay quiet.

The next to board the plane was Vechs, who seemed to have valiantly leaped up the stairs, standing in the front of the aisle with his hands to his sides, the pose reminding Guude of a superhero. Vechs’ heroic stance didn’t last very long, as he was followed by Nebris who gave him a small shove into the seat he was standing by. Nebris proceeded to take the seat next to Vechs’.

The final three to climb the stairs to the plane were MC, Millbee, and Pak. MC seemed to be inhaling and exhaling deeply, not liking the plane situation anymore than Pause. Pak was patting MC’s shoulder, trying to help, while Millbee simply walked down the aisle and flopped into a chair, landing in a seat right in front of Kurt. Pakratt and MC took the last row of seats, adjacent to Nebris and Vechs’.

The pilot closed the door to the plane, and Guude noticed Pause visibly tense up, clutching the arms of the seat he was in. Guude was about to try and calm Pause down when the voice of the pilot came on over the radio.

"Gentlemen, this is your captain Frank Sudipal speaking, I’d like to welcome you onboard your flight to Bora Bora. Flight duration will be around 7 hours, and we are expecting a small bit of turbulence today. Once again we thank you for choosing to fly with us today and we hope you enjoy your flight.” The radio cut off and before Guude knew it, they were taking off into the sky.

Without any warning, Pause grabbed Guude’s right hand with his left, and began squeezing it tightly during take off. Guude turned to yell at him about it, but seeing how frightened he looked, Guude concluded it’d be best to just let it happen. When they finally elevated high enough to where they were going at a steady height and speed, Pause loosened his grip on Guude’s hand and turned to him sheepishly.

“Sorry ‘bout that, you know how I am with planes and all” he laughed a bit nervously, face reddening from embarrassment.

“It’s fine guy, just, a little warning might be in order next time.” Guude chuckled, as he stretched out his hand to get the blood flowing in it again.

Kurt stared out the window, looking down at all the clouds below them and the blue sky that they were flying in. It was impossible to even see the ground from how high they were. Going on this trip was really good for himself, he decided. It had been a rough year for him, so a week long break in the Pacific islands was welcomed with open arms. Kurt felt a finger tapping on his shoulder, and jumped in his seat slightly, before turning to see Zisteau.

“Woops, I didn’t scare ya, did I?” Zisteau said, leaning away from Kurt, after causing him to jump.

“Yeah, a bit. But I guess that’s my fault, I mean, why should I be scared of someone trying to get my attention on a plane full of people i know?” Kurt spoke quietly, as he usually did when in a group.

“Nah, you’re fine! I was just gonna see if you wanted anything to eat? I brought some chips and water, and some other stuff, if you want any?”

“Oh, uh… No, I think I’m fine. Maybe later?” Kurt answered with a small smile, Zisteau shrugged. They didn’t talk for a couple of minutes, making Kurt feel really awkward. Sure he and Zisteau saw each other all the time, and they could definitely keep a conversation going, but being next to him for an entire 7 hour flight, and already running out of things to say just felt so uncomfortable. Luckily for Kurt, Zisteau tried to save the conversation.

“So… Bora Bora, that’s exciting, right?” Zisteau spoke inconsistently, and Kurt could tell Zisteau felt their situation was awkward as well, which he inwardly cursed himself for.

“Uh, yeah, it should be really fun. I’m looking forward to being able to just relax by the beach, maybe get through this book I brought with me” Kurt spoke, before Zisteau started laughing to himself. “Huh? Wh- did i say something?” Kurt felt his anxiety kick in.

“No, no, you’re fine! It’s just… you’re such a nerd” Zisteau laughed. “I mean, we’re going on vacation, and you want to spend your time reading a book? That’s just, so something you would do.” Zisteau was smiling a large smile, which calmed Kurt down a bit.

“Hey! It’s rare I find a book I like at home, and when I do I rarely have time to read it, what with all I have going on, I’m looking forward to some peace and quiet! And for your information, reading does not make me a nerd.” Kurt could feel the smile that had worked it’s way onto his face as he was speaking with Zisteau.

“Oh right, my apologies, you’re a nerd because you sit around and play with video games and computers all day.” Zisteau joked.

“You do that too!”

“Alright, alright, point taken,” Zisteau and Kurt laughed, and Kurt didn’t feel uncomfortable anymore.

Suddenly, the plane began to shake slightly, Pause and MC yelped in surprise, giving Kurt a jolt more than the actual plane did. The pilot’s voice came on over the radio again.

“We’re experiencing some turbulence, I’m going to need everyone to buckle up” he spoke calmly, though Kurt knew that all pilots were already trained to do this, so there was no telling how serious the situation was, if at all. When Kurt looked out the window however, he saw that the white clouds he looked at before were now a violent dark gray, and their plane was heading towards them, at an alarming rate.

The others seemed to notice this too, as strings of swears began leaving his friends’ mouths, and Pause’s screaming had practically deafened him.

The plane broke through the top of the dark gray clouds, entering the storm, and almost immediately a violent lightning strike had struck the plane’s engine, and they were going down quickly. Kurt grabbed Zisteau’s hand, and shut his eyes tightly, unable to watch any further. All he could hear were his friends’ screams as they plummeted out of the sky.

He felt an impact in his body, which bolted his eyes open. They had hit the ocean and were now gliding across it at an absurd speed. Kurt felt his body jolt once more as the plane immediately began to slow down until it eventually came to a complete stop, his head whipping forward as if he were just in a car crash. His heart was beating rapidly, faster than it ever had before. A final thought went through Kurt’s mind, ‘God, I just survived a plane crash and I’m about to die of a heart attack.’

Kurt blacked out.

He awoke suddenly, feeling rays of sun hitting some of his skin. He blinked his eyes, realizing he was outside now, and felt that he appeared to be lying on sand. He squinted his eyes and also realized that he was lying under a tree with thin palm leaves.

“Thank god!” a voice boomed, which slightly hurt his ears. Kurt slowly pushed himself up to sit. Now that his eyes were adjusted, he could tell it was Zisteau who had just yelled.

“Oh god, we really did crash didn’t we…” Kurt stated, more to himself than anyone else. “Is everyone okay?”

“Yes, yes, everyone’s fine.” Zisteau said, Kurt noticed he looked tense, and he also wore an expression of confusion. He couldn’t really blame him, a plane crash can have that effect on people he assumed.

Kurt’s head was practically spinning. He could tell that the whole situation hadn’t quite sunk in yet, but he was beginning to feel terrified of what reality would be like when the situation did set in for him.

He noticed Nebris walking his way, and waved slightly to him.

“Kurt, you’re awake! That’s great, the pilot wants everyone to gather near the plane.” Nebris spoke, walking back towards where Kurt assumed the plane to be. A strange thought went through Kurt’s head.

“Hey, uh, Z, why was I moved away from the plane if i was unconscious?” Kurt asked. Zisteau smiled and rolled his eyes.

“Seriously Kurt? You were just in a plane crash, been unconscious for 15 minutes, and now you’re asking that?” Zisteau laughed just like he had on the plane, and Kurt felt a wave of safety go over him.

‘He’s right, What I should be asking is why he’s acting so happy when we were just in a plane crash!’

“Anyways, we wanted you in the shade so you wouldn’t overheat, we couldn’t find anywhere too shady since these trees don’t provide much cover, but they’re better than nothing” Zisteau spoke, “Millbee and I moved you over here”

“Oh” Kurt didn’t really know what else to say, he was becoming mentally exhausted from the past conversation. “I guess…. we should go over to them?” Zisteau nodded, and after he helped Kurt up to his feet, they walked over to the plane where everyone else was gathered in a group, seemingly unharmed. Kurt stopped and took a deep breath, realizing how lucky they were to all be alive, let alone unharmed. It really was a miracle.

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