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The little angel is revealed!

I've had a whole lot of inspiration lately, so sorry for spam X'D

"Come on mom! We're gonna be late!!!" The little boy whined, pulling at his mothers hand.

"Alright alright, I'm coming silly." Melisa says with a laugh. "Come on Drew! We gotta go." She called up the stairs.

Drew slides down the banister and grabs the keys, flashing Melisa a smile.

"You're gonna hurt yourself one of these days." She giggles.

"Until that day comes, I'm gonna continue doing it." He grins at her.

"Mom! Dad!" The little boy whines. "We are going to be late!"

"Alright, alright." She laughs, ruffling his brown hair. "Do you have everything?"


"Are you sure?"

"Ummm..." The boy ponders. "Oh! My helmet!" He shouts, running up the stairs, his cleats hitting each step loudly. He was quick to come back down the stairs, helmet tucked under his arm. "Now I'm ready!"

"Lets get going then." Drew says with a smile, holding open the front door for the two.

The boy runs out to the car, pulling at the handle, despite it being locked. He heard the lock click and pulled open the door, quickly hopping in and buckling his seat belt. He couldn't help but be excited, it was his first game after all. He was so giddy. It was finally his chance to show off his skills, that he'd recently learned he had. The car had barely stopped when he hopped out and ran towards the field, waving to his parents as he ran.

"Kurt Mac!" The coach yelled. "Where's Kurt?"

"Here! I'm right here!" He yelled, running up to the field, his helmet tucked under his arm.

"You're late."

"Sorry! My parents were being slow."

"Alright, huddle up boys, its strategy time."

Kurt was still giddy as he joined the huddle, listening closely to the coaches words.

"Kurt, you're our quarterback, so do us proud."

Kurt beamed at that. He was the quarterback, the star of the show. The huddle broke and Kurt walked to the field, his teammates by his side. He was so excited for the first game. They'd been practicing all summer long and he was practically shaking with giddiness.

After the first three quarters were over, his gaze scanned the stands, his eyes landing on his mom and dad, who sat next to each other, arms around the other. He couldn't help but smile and wave at them; smiling even brighter when they waved back. He was ecstatic with himself; he'd gotten three touchdowns throughout the game. It was close to the end of the fourth quarter and his team was up by fourteen points, which made him swell with joy.

As the ball was snapped to him, he took off, running as fast as his small legs could carry him, the end zone growing closer and closer; until suddenly he was on the ground, a heavy weight on top of him. The weight moved and a hand was extended. He grabbed it and was pulled up by the person who'd tackled him, a boy from the opposing team.

"That was a good run!" The boy clapped him on the shoulder.

"Thanks!" He beamed, unable to stop smiling.

"The names, Vechs." The boy greeted, icy blue eyes nearing blue.

"Kurt." He replied, his blue gaze holding Vechs' steadily.

"Boys! Let's go!" They heard from the ref.

They both laughed and ran over to their respective a teams for the next play, which judging by the time on the scoreboard, would probably be the last. He got set and waited for the ball to be snapped to him. His heart seemed to race as, impossibly long, seconds passed. Then, the ball was snapped and he took off like a shot. He was determined to reach the end zone in the last moments of the game. He felt himself falling, as he'd been tripped, and tumbled into the end zone which was painted gold.

He glanced up just in time to see the referee calling the touchdown good. He rolled over onto his back huffing as he smiled brightly behind his helmet. His heart pounded as he stared up at the goal posts which raised far into the vast bright sky. He grabbed the hand that was held out and was pulled up, his eyes finding all of his teammates as they all huddled in a group, cheering loudly.

Coach approached the group, a grin on his face. "Good game guys!" He cheered. "And especially to our star quarterback Kurt!"

He beamed at that, an overwhelming amount of joy bubbling up inside of him. After a while more of celebrating, he made his way over to his smiling parents, his helmet tucked under his arm, sweat dripping from his forehead.

"You did amazing sweetheart!" Melisa beamed, accepting the hug from her son.

"I'm so proud of you bud." Drew adds, joining in on the hug.

"I can't wait for the next game!" He beamed as they parted from the hug.

"We can't either! It's so amazing seeing you out there bud."

"Wanna go get some celebratory ice cream?" Melisa asked with a big smile, that just didn't seem to leave her face.

"Yeah!!!" He cheered, turning and running towards the car. "Come on slow pokes!" He yelled behind him as he giggled happily.

Melisa rolled her eyes as her and Drew walked towards the car, where Kurt was waiting, that big smile of accomplishment and happiness spread across his lips. She was so, so, so proud of her little angel. He'd grown up to be such an amazing person; be it he was only ten, but she could just tell he'd continue to be amazing, more amazing than she'd ever even imagined.

"What was your favorite part bud?" Drew asked Kurt as they all got situated.

"The final touchdown! It's a feeling I'll never, ever forget."

Drew chuckled lightheartedly. "I'm glad."

It wasn't a long drive to the little ice cream parlor they always visited as a family, but the time it took was spent laughing and singing along with the songs on the radio. He left his helmet on the back seat of the car, but left his pads on. He took one of his Melisa's hands and one of Drew's as he skipped down the little stone pathway, practically dragging them along.
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