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Quiet moment and tender kisses.

Kurt and Adlington walked towards the small shop Zisteau owned. "I have to work late tonight bud."

"Okay... Can I still go to Dez's?"

"Yeah, of course."

Over the few weeks Kurt and Zisteau had been dating, Adlington and Dezeray had become best friends, which Kurt was happy about. Not just because Adlington didn't have any friends, but because they might eventually be brother and sister. But that wouldn't be decided for a long, long while. They also hadn't told the kids yet, they were hesitant to, because they didn't want to upset them.

"I'll see you tonight Ads." Kurt says as they reach the small shop.

"Alright. Bye Papa!" Adlington says excitedly as him and Dezeray walk down the road.

He went into the shop, a smile on his face as he saw his boyfriend sitting on the counter.

"Morning Z." He says, hopping up onto the counter.

"Heyo." Zisteau greeted, putting an arm around Kurt's slim shoulders.

Kurt leaned against his boyfriend, just enjoying the closeness.

"I can't wait for tonight." Zisteau comments.

"I can't either." Kurt replies, his blue eyes finding Zisteau's blue-green. "We don't get to go on enough dates."

"No, no we don't." Zisteau says with a gentle smile.

Kurt couldn't help but lean in and kiss Zisteau. The kiss was brief, as they were technically at work, but still non the less amazing.

Zisteau hummed, seemingly satisfied. "I wish I could kiss you forever." He commented with a small smile.

"I wish you would." Kurt says, almost inaudible as he stared into Zisteau's amazing blue-green eyes, which he swore were the brightest and most beautiful thing in this world and every other one out there.

Zisteau nuzzled his nose against Kurt's, which earned a breathy laugh. "Don't get all sappy on me already." He teased gently, which earned another breathy laugh.

"I'm not getting sappy." Kurt replied with a smile. "You are." His smile only grew at the slight teasing.

"Hmmm I don't think I am."

"But I think you are." He countered, his smile not faltering in the slightest, though a dark blush colored his cheeks and the tips of his ears.

"Ah, who am I kidding? Its hard to be anything but sappy with you." Zisteau says, his blue-green eyes glued to Kurt, a soft, loving gaze.

Kurt couldn't help but giggle. "See! You are being sappy!"

Zisteau rolled his eyes, pressing his lips to Kurt's, savoring the kiss, which didn't last long at all.

"As much as I'd love to kiss you more, I actually have to work." Zisteau says with a teasing smile as he hops off the counter and heads towards the storage room.

Kurt just stares after him, his lips tingling. He wanted Zisteau to kiss him again. He wanted to feel those- impossibly soft- lips against his own again. God did he love this man. The love he felt for Zisteau burned deeply, an everlasting flame, one that replaced the flame that had once glowed so brightly for MK. The thought of MK didn't quite make him that sad anymore. The memories were still bittersweet, but didn't make tears sting his eyes or make his heart ache. He had finally truly moved on, which he was thankful for. But one thing stayed in his mind, a single thought; I'll never forget you Mk.

He pulled himself out of his thoughts as he hopped off the counter and made his way to the storage room to help his boyfriend. He took a box from Zisteau and carried it out to the counter and sat it down. The box was labeled Mezzan.

"Hey Zisteau.....?" Kurt questioned.

"Hmm?" Zisteau responded, standing beside Kurt.

"Why are there so many boxes labeled Mezzan?" Kurt questioned, giving Zisteau a curious look.

"There just are." Was Zisteau's reply, his lips set in a thin line, and a look Kurt couldn't quite figure out in his blue-green eyes.

"Are you okay?"

Zisteau merely shrugged. "Its a touchy subject."


Zisteau sighed. "It's where I grew up." He hated talking about his past, but since Kurt was his boyfriend, he was willing to tell him.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't feel comfortable talking about it." Kurt says, placing a hand on Zisteau's arm.

Zisteau shook his head. "If we're gonna be together, you deserve to know.... You did tell me about MK."

Kurt just nodded, giving Zisteau a look of reassurance.

"I grew up in Mezzan with my mom, dad, and my little brother. It was once a beautiful country. It was constantly hot and an orange sand covered the ground." Zisteau sighed. "That was until the war started. For some reason Kintalten declared war on Mezzan, despite my country not doing a thing to Kintalten. My mom and dad wanted the best for my brother and I, so they stowed us away on a boat that was heading to Ocanan, a small fishing settlement that's on the coast of the Herten Sea. As the boat was leaving a bomb was dropped...." He shook his head sadly, willing his voice to quit shaking. "My brother got very sick on the long trip; most of the passengers did. And, most died from the mysterious disease, just like my brother... I was one of the only survivors."

Kurt simply hugged his boyfriend. "I'm so sorry Zisteau... I had no idea..."

Zisteau hugged back, finding reassurance in his boyfriend's contact. "It's okay Kurt, its all in the past."

"We don't ever have to talk about it again if you don't want to." Kurt reassured lightly.

"Thank you, Kurt. I love you."

"I love you too."

"Um, excuse me." Came a voice, along with a jingle of a bell.

Kurt glanced towards the door, seeing a man standing there.

"Can you take of this one?" Zisteau asked quietly.

"Of course." Kurt replies, giving his boyfriend a gentle smile as he retreated to the storage room. "How can I help you sir?" He asked, addressing the man.

"Um yes. I'm looking for a book on astronomy."

"They're right this way." He lead the way to a small section of bookcases. "What specifically are you looking for?"

"Anything about constellations really."

He plucks two books from the shelf and hands them to the man. "The first one is about the origins and the second is general information about locations and where and when to find them."

"Thank you, I'll take both."

He headed to the counter and rang up the two books. The man paid and left not long after. He went into the storage room, seeing Zisteau sitting on a box. He approached Zisteau and wrapped him in a hug.

"You gonna be okay?" He asked gently.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." Zisteau responded, hugging back tightly and resting his face in the crook of his boyfriends neck, finding the smell overwhelming.

"Alright, I just wanted to make sure." He spoke quietly, his voice calm and reassuring as he ran his figures through his boyfriend's soft blond hair.

"You know, I've never told anyone about my past before." Zisteau comments offhandedly, not moving away from Kurt in the slightest.

"Why was I an acception?"

"I love you, that's why you're the acception."

"Oh.... I love you too." Was his reply as butterflies fluttered in his stomach, because those words were ones that got to him in the best way possible.

Zisteau finally leaves Kurt's warm embrace, and smiles at Kurt before heading towards the main part of the shop. Kurt followed and started arranging the books they'd brought out earlier and left abandoned on the counter. He grabbed the books and put them on the shelves, hoping to keep himself distracted until work finally ended and they could finally go out together.
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