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Rob and Nisovin are leaving the PlayMindcrack server. DvZ and LoM will be moved to a different server(s) in the coming months. All things bought will be transferred over to new server(s).

But really, just watch the video. I know I kinda seem apathetic in this post but trust me when I say that if I wasn't, I'd probably break down crying.


Fire Away

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 10:55 am
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Very hella supah late prompt swap fill~
Pause and Beef are in a gang.

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Guude wakes up to find that his entire world has changed, and many parts of it for the worse.

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Okay, I did this thing. And I'm posting it. Implied Vechsteau.

Horus and Clash gave me prompts that I fit together. And wrote.
Horus: Vechs finds a cave full of bats
Clash: Aurey and Z get captured and Vechs has to choose one to save
Combined: Vechs hears many squeaks and, thinking they’re bats, goes to “investigate.” (Or coo over them like a 3 year old) When he enters the room, he see’s bats taking poison damage along with Aurey and Pigderp tied up and a note saying he can only save one.
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Alert me to spelling and grammar errors, please!
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 My prompter was hidgerknight! The prompt I chose was 'Vechsteau, Lava Bucket Gone Wrong'.
(I took it in kind of a weird direction, forgive me. I wasn't quite sure how to interpret this)

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You can find said sketches and full explanation here!

Felt like crossposting something for the first time in a while.

art is fun

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Not an original idea, tons of people have written this before. But I was sad and I needed to write something (hopefully) sad.

And then I learnt that Guude and Rob fell out and now I'm really upset.

Pause got into an accident and lost everything: his motor skills, his language skills, and most importantly, his memories. Beef doesn't want to accept it.

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OOoohhh look, PauseUnBeef stuff! :D
It ended up being shorter than I thought it was going to be... That seems to happen a lot.
I haven't written any Pause/Beef stuff before, so I don't really know if this turned out or not.

Anywhoosies, I hope you enjoy.

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I am so sorry for this. It’s just a stupid little thing.

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Okay, so a quick word about the prologue. I know, it was short and rushed, and I apologize for that, but I didn’t want to put it on a “Mental shelf”, if you will. That’s what I had been doing since like chapter two of The Boulderfist, and I was very tired when I wrote it. I didn’t want to put it of any longer, so yeah, I am sorry. Anyway, explanation/apology over. Time for some serious magic.

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YEAH, IT'S LATE! Sorry, had concerts and stuff...
Prompt from: riverer, 4) The Mindcrackers are in prison for a crime they didn't know existed.
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Shamefully small...
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Okay, we're getting into some longer chapters now that the introductions are over with. :)

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Also available on AO3
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Hello fellow Salad eaters. I'm here to talk to you today about a very important subject for all your fic writers out there.

I've been considering setting up a BETA READER & PLANNING FORUM for Salad. What this means is that people would be able to go there and ask for someone to give their fic a quick check over for anything from spelling errors, to inconsistencies, or offer their services to do the same. They would also be able to post planning threads there for upcoming fics if they need a little extra help, get some feed back and such.

The general boards offered would probably look like this:


Beta Reader Wanted
Beta Readers Available
Closed Beta Reader Threads

SFW Fic Planning
NSFW Fic Planning
Orphaned Ideas
Prompt Swap? Fic Games?

This would be a huge thing for Salad and I genuinely believe it could help so many people here, there's no shame in asking for help. I always ask someone to check over my work before I post it, even just to check that the piece flows right and comes out as I intended it to, and not some jumbled up mess. Beta Readers are the editors of the fic world, and no published author would ever skip the stage of using an editor. It's always a good idea to use one.

Anyway you get the idea. What do you guys think? It's really important that you leave your view below, please do so. Would you use it? Any ideas to add? Etc etc.
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So I have been working on four Mini-Fics. The first is fluff. The second is....I don't even know. The third is an attack on feels. And the fourth is Salad! Also. In the fourth, Two thirds of the ships wouldn't exist if things didn't line up. Like maybe a certain someone repeatedly trapping another certain someone. The other is just because SOMEONE wouldn't stop stealing my lines. Also. The fourth is borderline regular fic limits. So without further ado!

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Quick note: Maps like Super Hostile and stuff like that in this universe are like video games, but you get teleported inside.

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A/n: Yay, I’m actually posting something for once (rather than help other people and work on projects)! I’m cutting it close, but I’m not actually late for prompt swap… so that’s good.

The green-goggled man was rushing towards the hill. His partner ran beside him, her golden armour glinting in the sunlight. They had finally managed to track down the Great Villain, the one who had managed to start the largest war the continent had known, by assassinating some of the royal family of the two largest nations. They blamed each other, and war ensued. The green-googled man was going to make sure that he was punished for his crimes. He looked into the emerald eyes of his partner, and they nodded together, increasing their speed.

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If my vocabulary was wider, this chapter in particular would have been way better :( I will do something about my vocabulary, don't you worry.

Also this chapter has been pointed out to not really flow with the story. I apologise. Please critic on ways to improve.



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