Orphan Ch. 1

Friday, October 31st, 2014 07:28 am
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Well, this took a long time to do.

This will be a one off/ story which will be updated VERY infrequently. See if you can figure out why.

I would love to say I'm back, but I'm not. I've been plodded with work, and will probably continue to be. Power Down is coming, I promise. I'm determined to finish a story here.

Without further ado, enjoy!

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Hey there friends, I am going to be participating in NaNoWriMo (writing a novel in a month). Because of this, there will be no updates to Divided By Hostilities for the month of November. Enjoy the story and have a happy halloween :D

Chapter 10

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Hello Salad! This is my first fan fiction, hope this goes alright. 

Vechs wakes up from a strange nightmare and some very unusual things occur.

Words: 2283

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Hey guys!
Saw a prompt on PromptSalad, and just had to give it a shot.

Warning! There is mention of gore and a character death!

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[Notice: If you are reading this more than a week out past the original posting date of this entry, be aware that this is an older iteration of the story.  It's highly recommended that you read the googledoc as that is the most recent and most updated version of the series.]

Okay.  We're a couple days late.  Sorry about the wait.  We had run into a serious snag while this chaptersode was in production and we needed a day or so to really polish it up for you guys.

Just FYI, we do try to post every Tuesday, so tune in then for the next episode.

Now the housekeeping: as a refresher for long-time followers of the series and a reference for those who are new, "UHC: Foundation" is a long-running series set in the expansive 'Severance' alternate universe and follows the fates of that universe's incarnations of the Minecrafters we've come to love and respect. As per protocol, for further information and reading, refer to the World Dossier (here) and the compiled story/serial document (here; alternatively, one can follow the story through here.)

"Look before you leap.  Leap before you look. ... same difference."

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Author's Box (FAQ):
"What is the Severance Universe?" -- The Severance Universe is the setting for the 'UHC: Foundation' serial. Read all the previous chaptersodes here or here, or if you want more info and lore, click here.

Severance Universe One Shots:
SUOS 001 - Hat
SUOS 002 - Descent and Denial
SUOS 003 - Into This World
SUOS 004 - Hostility

Behind Worn Bones

We do more than just the SevU. Here are other stories for you happy lot to check out!
Saladcrack :: Kiddycrack Ficsnips

Burning the Phoenix (Ch 1)
Burning the Phoenix (Compiled Fic Google Doc)

[We can has a tumblr nao. Follows us, Precious!]
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So here is part one. A huge thanks goes out to captain_crackers for betaing this part. If you having anything to say about this what you liked what you hated I'd love to hear it criticism is always welcome.
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Please, if you submitted prompts for ANY prompt swap and have received a PM of whose prompts you got, PLEASE fill them!  I know for at least this prompt swap, at least 4 people haven't published their fic in response and it's been a couple of days.

Yes, I know writing is hard, but that's the challenge of prompt swap: to write something of good quality for someone else within a week! So please, if you've participated in one of the 6 prompt swaps we've have, go back to the post you commented on (they're all still there), and write! If you've lost the PM and it wasn't for the most recent one, just pick any prompt was wasn't written and WRITE IT!
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So I found this on Imgur I can't remember where exactly and I thought I would make it into a story so here is the thing I found with a few modifications I hope to get more out soon tell me what you like what you hate that type it really helps
EDIT: I found the original thing here is a link: http://imgur.com/gallery/IDpy1

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Might be a bit short. But I DID write it in sharpie... er, time. I wrote it in time. Whatever. Happy birthday, ma'am.

I will admit, Vechsteau... not really my thing. But I gave it a good shot.

Oh, and since it has been so long since I posted, I may have messed up the cuts... I'll fix it if I did.

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Well, I'm alive! I promise GH isn't dead, just had total writer's block and lack of motivation to write. I should be getting back on it soon. But for now, take this!

Oh, and also, today (10/19) is my birthday! Woop!

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Hm, I actually fired these off in about 1 hr 10 mins. Not bad.
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Recent controversial events in Mindcrack & PlayMindcrack prompted me to write this. This might be a beginning of a story, or I might disappear on you guys again. I don't know.

But here's goes:

Before August 1st
A story of what could have been…

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But yeah. I totally forgot to post it and it's my fault and I'm not even going to make up some dumb excuse, because I have no excuse. Forgive me please <3

Anyway, my prompt was given to my by cookicutta! The prompt was:

Trick-or-Treating! (It's close enough to Halloween, right?) Or they all go to a haunted house.

I decided to put a twist on it. It includes all of the Mindcrackers but only some of them are mentioned. No shipping is done in this fic.

Mentions alcohol but it's nothing bad. Takes place in Season 4 map. Also there is a bit of swearing.

Cooki, I hope I've done your prompt justice.
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The Mindcrack subreddit is having a creative writing contest based on your favorite moment in Mindcrack! It can be based on any video moment, tweet, or fanart as long as you link to it in your entry. it ends Saturday Oct 19th 11:59PM EST, so you still have time to enter!

Full rules/the original thread can be found here!

And if you are entering, I would keep it non-shppy ;)


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