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I see other new members doing little "Hi, I'm new" stuff, so I figured, why the heck not?
I'm Pseudo. My favorite 'Crackers are Beef and Kurt. I found Kurt through the New Yorker article about him and then I started watching his FloB videos. From there I watched Beef after I saw his and Kurt's F1 series. Then I gradually started watching the other guys after watching them do collabs with Beef or Kurt. I really got addicted to Mindcrack then, and fast forward a bit and I'm here!

I probably will never do any NSFW stuff, but I am so not against it. If you want to send me a prompt, go ahead, but I may or may not do it because I have two other ongoing non-Mindcrack related fics over on I also currently have the fic When Flame Meets Flesh on here. So I've probably gone on long enough. I could talk your ear off, honestly. Cya!
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This is the start to my first fanfiction. Hope you like it!
Thanks Tom for fixing my tagging problem!

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Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 06:17 am
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So, last night I had a dream. A dream where Etho did a live stream and had a face cam. I had never tried to imagine what Etho looked like in real life, so I saw what my subconscious thought he looked like.

Thinking about it, I'm realising how weird it was, because he was in a mirror, talking as though he was live streaming. And... Other stuff.

My mind apparently thinks that all Canadians look the same. Because in my dream he looked similar to Pause and Beef. So yeah.

This is just me rambling, but I thought I should share


Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 03:19 pm
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My name is Ivy, and I finally got my email so yay! My fav mindcrackers are etho, Paul , Guude, and Bdubs. I mostly write fanfics, since my art skills are really terrible..... I don't do NSFW or smut.
I think that's about it, so yeah! See you around later!
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Hello again! It's me, Tj! Yeah, I've been lurking and commenting on here for the past bit, and I haven't written any actual fic yet AT ALL. I think I posted one chapter of a FTB-inspired fic a while back (that will be revisited eventually, I hope), but that was it. Anyway, this was me sort of "derusting" the gears, and also working with voices. There is no real plot or conflict, but there's definite framework for one to come. When I started writing, I expected this to be a one-off, but as I go through it, more chapters are becoming more and more likely.

Also, *text* is my way of writing italics.

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Um, Hello!

Monday, April 21st, 2014 07:03 pm
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Hello! I decided today was a good day to join the Salad, since I see so much about it on tumblr.
I do fan mixes/fan songs, a bit of fanfiction (i'm kinda bad), really basic fan art and fan edits and Cosplay.
I've got some good ideas for fics and prompts.
Let me know if you want to know anything else!
That's really it.

Prompt Swap #1

Monday, April 21st, 2014 06:51 pm
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(Labeling it #1 so if it's popular I don't have to retroactively add numbers ANYWAY)

I figured with all the prompts people have been coming up with lately, this could be a fun idea. Sign up by posting a comment to this journal with a prompt - it can be one, or two or more, something unique or something that someone's written before. Next Tuesday (4/29) I will pm everyone with your assignment; and you write one of their prompts (so please have your pms turned on)!

There's no regulations to the prompts other than if you choose to include one NSFW, please also include one SFW so that those who are uncomfortable writing NSFW have an alternative.

After the assignments have been sent you, you then have another week (until Wednesday 5/7) to write it. Please post them by if not before 5/7!

EDIT: And, similarly, some people do not write shipping, so if you post a prompt with shipping, an alternative would also be nice, or including a variant that isn't shipping. Thank you.


Monday, April 21st, 2014 02:23 am
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So, I decided to join you crazy people here.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I am known as AJ, and I like rainbows.
I make pixel-art, to some degree.
I'm very creative, and I'm trying to get better at writing.
But until then I'm a walking talking prompt/plot generator.
Feel free to ask some questions if you want to know me better,
I wanna keep this short.

Anyway, I'm here now.
I may end up regretting this.
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Soooo this was written at 1am when I was stalking the promptsalad tumblr and decided to write this really quickly.
It's probably not much good, again, it's 2am and I'm a bit loopy rn because of all the chocolate that I've eaten.
also hello people I haven't spoken to in a while!!! Also I'm posting from mobile so idk if this cut is gonna work.
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Well, look what I didn't forget today!

Anyways, things have been a bit quieter on salad this week it seems, though earlier today and coming up tomorrow is the Salad / Tumblrcrack UHC. Congrats to [personal profile] theropod and [personal profile] lurkey_dfw for winning today's match for salad! There's another match later today / early tomorrow so be prepared for that.
And whilst that is happening, Mindcrack UHC is still going with some interesting results and some elongated episodes as people spend whole episodes caving. If you want to talk about that be sure to hide your spolers using the following html:

<span title="I am a spoiler! Highlight to read me!" style="color:gray;background-color:gray">SNAPE KILLS TRINITY WITH ROSEBUD.<span>

The live mindcrack podcast from PAX East is also a must see. Any thoughts on that such as how cute they are and the kinda things Seth's willing to do to make up on that broken pact, and what that first successful pact may have been. Crackhouse is great and who else would you like to see in there?

I'd also like to know about your thoughts on the Salad Files Project. How many of you guys use it and how often do you use it? What would you like to see added to it?

Another thing to talk about: how do you guys feel about the idea of a fic competition on salad?

And a Happy Easter for all who celebrate it!
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Many times, you’d might stumble across a great fic and absolutely love it. Maybe it’s a chapter fic and you’ve got no idea when or where to find the rest of the chapters in the series, maybe you remember the title but scrolling through hundreds of pages of fics is incredibly painful, maybe you just feel like reading fics from a particular author, genre, character, or maybe even you’re just looking for some nice smut to begin the day with.

Finding old fics has always been rather frustrating and annoying, but with the Salad Files Project, doing so is about to get a whole lot easier. The Salad Files Project is the ongoing cataloguing, archiving, and categorisation of all literary works ever posted to the Salad with the purpose of making finding fics a quick and easy task.

(Please note that this release is a bare-bones beta release and while it is still very much functional and helpful, there is definitely more to come in terms of categorisation and other little secret extras that are currently being planned.)

Master File Mar 2014
Grouping Tag Key Mar 2014
Characters, Pairings, Genres Key Mar 2014

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There is now a tumblr account where you can send in prompts for fics for other writers to adopt and write as they please!


Anything from NSFW to SFW to alternate universes to lyrical prompts, if you can think of it and don't want to write it yourself (or you do, but also want to see what other people will come up with) you can submit it here and someone else will likely read it and go "Oooh I'll give that a try,". You can also submit anonymously if you don't want your tumblr account associated with the prompt or you don't have an account.

Submission rules are here [link]

All prompts are accepted and tagged (and if needed will be warned for triggers), so feel free to browse and see what we have. We've only been operating since yesterday so there's not that many yet.

So go forth and prompt!

Fanfic - Changes

Friday, April 18th, 2014 07:09 am
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Because Avidya said he liked vampire stuff in Coestar's stream. I dunno if I'll continue it.

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My very first Mindcrack fic. Mind you, I am not stranger to fanfics. This is a Vechsteau, but not like that! Unless if being a Vechsteau means they have to be romantically paired.

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Light Alive.  I am so sorry, cats, kittens, and Saladiers.  The intention was for this chapter to be posted about  ... *looks at watch* about 10 days ago.  IRL RNG bit me in the posterior pretty danged hard and I was out for a solid two weeks with pneumonia.  (Imagine, getting pneumonia in early spring. Ew.)  Getting better now, thanks, but that's beside the point.

The point is that we've left you happy lot hanging two weeks too long.

Perhaps getting hit with a nasty fever-flu was a blessing in disguise, as this chapter went through a whopping five and a half drafts before we were happy with it.  The downtime was certainly needed to give this little season finale some proper spit and polish.

And yes, this is a season finale.  Story is far from over folks. :3

Let us know what you think of the season as a whole and how the story is moving so far.  We really enjoy the feedback we get from you guys and it makes us look forward to writing the next episodes.

Now the housekeeping: as a refresher for long-time followers of the series and a reference for those who are new, "UHC: Foundation" is a long-running series set in the expansive 'Severance' alternate universe and follows the fates of that universe's incarnations of the Minecrafters we've come to love and respect. As per protocol, for further information and reading, refer to the World Dossier (here) and the compiled story/serial document (here; alternatively, one can follow the story through here.)

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men do nothing."

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Author's Box (FAQ):
"What is the Severance Universe?" -- The Severance Universe is the setting for the 'UHC: Foundation' serial. Read all the previous chaptersodes here or here and read more info and lore click here.

Severance Universe One Shots:
SUOS 001 - Hat
SUOS 002 - Descent and Denial
SUOS 003 - Into This World
SUOS 004 - Hostility

We do more than just the SevU. Here are other stories for you happy lot to check out!
Saladcrack :: Kiddycrack Ficsnips

Burning the Phoenix (Ch 1)


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