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Sorry I haven't posted lately. It wasn't even that I was busy. I just wasn't sure how to end this series. So... I decided not to end it. I hope the salad becomes more active again in 2015.

Also still haven't had a response for a beta or getting on the salad server. If anyone can help me with this I'd be super grateful.

For Anyone Who Has Been Following The Series and needs a refresher, or if you are new to this here are the links to the previous parts:

Link to prologue: http://mindcracklove.dreamwidth.org/826954.html
Link to chapter one: http://mindcracklove.dreamwidth.org/834677.html
Link to chapter two: http://mindcracklove.dreamwidth.org/846559.html#cutid1
Link to chapter three: http://mindcracklove.dreamwidth.org/862355.html#cutid1
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Avidya and Phedran are playing Skyblock but have trouble gathering enough string for two beds.

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I don't think I've ever done a song fic, but I got in that mood a while ago.

Song by Owl City- link to M/V- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIz2K3ArrWk
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Hi! Welcome to our Sunday discussion/ written recap of what's happening on Mindcrack!

Mindcrack News!

Beef talks about moving, reads the last two pages of Aurey's book. He also converts a second villager zombie and decorates an Oxeye house

Chad adds rooms and starts potion brewing

Orange Wool goes in search of cows, find cows and fail to bring them home and promise to return with leads.

Aurey comes back and works on her Blingtower Apartment

Chad talks about the drama from last week's reacp

Jsano talks about when he finally matured

Chad works in Shop Town and gets geared up at the Ender Ender

Beef and Chad do some ABBA Beef wins by 29 points

Ads builds a functional saw mill

Beef works more on Oxeye, including a town centerpiece

Chad finishes up enchanting

Also: Happy Birthday to BTC and Nebs!


1. I imagine that we are about halfway through UHC19. What are your favorite moments from past UHC's?

2. How do you celebrate the holidays?

Hi :3

Saturday, December 13th, 2014 09:59 pm
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 hi people of the salad :)

I just today made my account despite being around here anon for quite a while and thought I would introduce myself,
my name is dragongirl810 but you can call me dragon or dg if you wish.
I look forward to talking to you and reading all your fanfic :3 
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 hey so this is my first time posting on here and I'm not even sure if I've done it right, (second attempt, did it wrong the first time) 

I don't even know what this is but here you go, have this thing I wrote

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This is something I have been working on for an entire year, maybe longer. It is my biggest project to date, and huge, huge thanks to my beta Kappa. This story would have never come to life without her help. I hope to write this story to the very best of my ability; criticism is very much welcome and appreciated.

They only had one wish in life.
Alex wanted his little brother to be safe.
Christopher wanted his mother to be happy.
Tyler wanted to live a meaningful life.
It's a pity wishes don't come true.

Warning for gore.

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Also, links shall come when I get my hands on the laptop.
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I have nothing to say exept that I'm an idiot. And hey, since I'm so late, have two chapters!
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<.< >.> Two chapters in two days!? Hahahaha, yes, but don't expect it all to be such repetitive posts. But, regardless of my pointless points just above this, here's chapter two! Now with significantly fewer sadnesses? Because who needs grammar or being sure.

Enyoy reading, and, Luke, I'm letting you enyoy reading. You can't enyoy it unless I say you can! Muahahahahaha! :3

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Monday, December 8th, 2014 07:08 pm
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UHC Season 19 is upon us! And by the looks of it, there's something new this time around!

Reddit Thread to all perspectives here

Remember when talking about spoilers use the spoiler tag:
<span title="I am a spoiler! Highlight to read me!" style="color:gray;background-color:gray">SNAPE KILLS TRINITY WITH ROSEBUD.</span>

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Hey! Look! It's a unicorn! No, wait, that's me... I'm not a unicorn. But my motivation to write has felt almost as rare as one. Anywho! I have a thing now! This part is kinda short, but it's a thing. Hope y'all enyoy it! (And no, Luke, you can not use my word. I put a restraining order out to keep you away from them :P)

Note: there are feels. Not the worst ever by a long shot. But they can induce a mild degree of sadness depending on how sensitive you are to sadness.

Note 2: this is a thing I was just trying out: dialogue driven writing! So, if this way of writing is hard to read or just sucks in general, tell me! I might acknowledge you, I might not, but I probably will because I like criticism that isn't my own (because if it were up to me, I'd probably never post anything because I hate looking at my own writing)

Rambling aside, now to the story! 742 words of... Stuff! Read it, hopefully enyoy it, comment if you have improvements for me or just want to say whatever. Boop!

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I hadn't seen this mentioned here, or anywhere outside of tumblr truth be told, so here I am bringing it up. For those of you who enjoy our lovely Buffalo Wizards, there is now another Salad section for them


By all means drop by and give the fics a read :D Post some of your own, discuss Lords and other series, just like here :3

Sunday Chat!

Sunday, December 7th, 2014 09:09 pm
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Week 3 -or 2- or something. Nobody did it last week, but I shall take the mantle this week!

News from the Mindcrack!

Chad rebuilds the barn in Farm Town, talking about his Thanksgiving

Adlington makes a redstone coal system

Orange Wool works on the Church of Melon and makes fun of politics

Adorabolical makes Anderz a rainbow Viking ship.

Etho enchants a bunch and adds a TnT killing device and makes Beef another Seinfeld trivia game with a chance to win diamonds.

Chad finished off the barn and cleans up from his introduction

Nebs shows off the library he added to his Spawn Town Compound

Avidya tries to figure out if the Glue Factory works, then joins Pak to breed some horses.

Chad goes caving, talking about his trip to Austin and does some maintenance talking about Big Hero 6

Avidya makes a proper entrance to his and Coe's tunnel of measuring

Beef works on Oxeye, does the trivia from Etho and explodes a bit of BlingTowers

Jsano updates us about the Union drama in DC

Chad, being the dedicated bloke he is, uploads another video with the beginning of construction in Shop Town

Pyro uploads explaining his recent feelings about making content on the server

Podcast 94 was uploaded, in full 1080p, 60 fps!


1. What would you say is to blame for the lack of posts here? Holiday rush, lack of inspiration, or something else?

2. As other games are played, do you find it difficult to write "pure" Mindcrack fics (as in Minecraft based)?

And welcome to the Rush of December!
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I got Gummy53 for the non official prompt swap, I chose the following prompt:

6. Ship of your choice wake up on Christmas morning together and open up their presents from each other.

Hope you enjoy it! Much love! Credit to Cap for betaing

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Pirates! Yay! Hope ya enyoy! As usual, feedbacks all the things!

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Cuts hate me.
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Y'know, there are some people who don't post chapters days late *facepalms*
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Links will come.
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My first try at PauseUnbeef!

It's a short one, but more hopefully coming soon!
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Just curious if anyone was up for a swap!

Comment below with some prompts if you are!

Need at least four if its going to happen!


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