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We haven't had one in a while, have we? For the newbies, and the somewhat-newbies, sunday chat us a (supposedly) weekly chat that's posted every Sunday. Apparently we haven't had a Sunday in a while. Discuss anything in the comments, Mindcrack, salad, fics, whatever. 

Mindcrack news! Sponsored but not sponsored by the weekly recap on Mindcrack network hosted by OMGChad! He does a much better job so check that out!

Anderz gets the derz, well derp, part of his name fulfilled while building in space. Ge almost lived, too. 

Aureylian gives moar thanks :P. Lots of it going around :D

Orange wool does a tournament. 

Avidya does more building. 

BTC declares hate on living things. Makes sense, considering his skin :P. He also gets a new base. 

Chad does building, cleaning, and enchanting work, as well as posts the podcast I'm getting this from :D

Beef starts with three dogs, ends with one. He also starts on the entrance of his new base. 

The cupcake mafia cleans Genny's slimy mess. Genny obviously never was taught to clean up after himself. He also finds a slightly misplaced RV. 

JSano jinxed himself while caving in search of riches. 

BDubs builds. Really, what else do you expect? He also does redstone. Not as expected. 

Adlington tackles projects. 

Etho starts speed-mining and building. 

MC finds a stronghold!

Vechs asks for texture packs. 

Bah works in the inside of the courthouse. 

Series are ended and started, and games are tested. 

Podcast episode 93! Seven left 'till... Uh.... 93+7.... 100! Seven left until the great hundred!

Questions for this week!

Who thinks these should come back?
How does one react to such OOG feels? If you read the fic before this post, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Do you feel like fic quality has declined since the olden days of salad? Do you think it should be highly recommended to get a beta?

Remember, you can chat about anything. Just don't spam my inbox (looking at you, Goose. No caps-locking a name from Rangers Apprentice and posting it, though Tug is awesome :P)

Merry thanksgiving! Or happy thanksgiving? Either way, to the people who celebrate it, enjoy one of the few days the colonists helped the world! They don't happen often!

Turned Chapter 2

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 11:18 pm
[personal profile] cassadanya
First Chapter: http://mindcracklove.dreamwidth.org/878232.html#cutid1

I am so sorry for taking so long to write this. Also I am sorry about taking forever on the fourth chapter of "If I Play", I honestly have no excuse except for writers block.

Kinda short, sorry, again.

Also if anyone is interested in beta-ing or has information about getting on the salad sever that would be super helpful.

Thanks. Enjoy

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Not pirates! Heyo. Am I on the return? Is it happening? Maybe! Skyrim is addicting! I am the random! Sorry for the short chapter! Hope you enjoy, and as per usual, feedback all the things!

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Prompt Swap #7

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 01:09 pm
[personal profile] cassadanya
For prompt swap 7 I got writeitinsharpie
My Prompt: Vechsteau on the rocks.

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Pirates! Yay! Fun! I got time to write, so here is more. Have a chocolate chip cookie. Or a cupcake. Maybe a doughnut…?

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And it's done! I got Cassadanya's prompts, and I picked "Open up a book to a page beginning with the word the, pick your favorite line, and write!"

Resulting prompt: "Blocking out the pain became difficult"

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[personal profile] drippingneon
Hi! My name's DrippingNeon! I'm new here! I might need some help! I might be using too many exclamation marks! I don't care! My cut might not work! Feesh!

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Propmt Swap again! Last one for the year :'(

I got Salt's set of prompts and chose: Spoooky ghost/omgchad stories are now Mindcrack related!

The most open ended prompt I have ever seen! But here goes!

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I've been very hesitant to post this, but I now feel the need to introduce myself.

Hello, salad members! I've been hanging around here anonymously, and only recently made an account. My name is Nica, I am genderfluid, but I strongly prefer male pronouns (he, him, et cetera). I, unlike most, and, I'm nervous to admit, dislike Nebtho with a passion, and have an interest in Setho. I'm surprisingly well known on Wattpad, for writing stories such as Everything Has Changed, Enemy, and the like. I enjoy writing AU's, oneshots, and angst. I've had few friends join this website, but I find most everyone's entries interesting. I will be attempting to branch out, and write ships such as Nebtho, Vechsteau, things that I've never particularly liked. I'm hoping that my writing is enjoyed, and I hope you pardon any mistakes; typos, grammar, spelling— as I have no editor, or pre reader. I will be asking for help, constantly, seeing as I am a major noob with all of this.

Finally, I just want to mention, my favorite Mindcrackers are Seth, Coe, and Millbee, I'm not too interested (I still enjoy their content, but I don't fancy them as much as most people do) in Vechs, Etho, and Sevadus. My tumblr (and Wattpad) is setho-versus, my Twitter is setho_versus, deviantART is NicaNinja. I'm very ecstatic for this, and I hope you'll all enjoy my content. :)
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On another note, have this much better thing for prompt swap :D
Prompt giver person thing: Tjmachado
Said Prompt: 2. A big Thanksgiving feast with the whole group.

Hope this lived up to your expectations!
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*Facepalms* I make a new day, then promptly am late. *Sighs* Enjoy.
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Pirates! So yeah, I reeeally missed writing this. So its back.
Anywho, Feedbacks all the things!

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[personal profile] fireredlily
And we're back! Here's hoping future chapters don't give me as much trouble. Thanks for being so patient while I tried to fix plot holes and draft rewrites due to the recent changes in Lords of Minecraft.

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Also available on AO3
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Hey there! I just realized that there is a tag for introductions and that's a thing that people do here.

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Finally Joining

Saturday, November 8th, 2014 11:47 am
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Hi guys Eclipse here! Yes I finally got an account. Not sure what to say but thanks Shawn and Sharpie for the final push to join. I'm a huge Vechs fan and I like the Vechsteau, Nebtho, and docyro parings but the most I'll be posting will be a prompt or two.
Anyways that's all for know until next time take it easy!
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Hey artists!

You guys are a little under appericated, in my opinion, so if you're looking for something to draw, gimme a call! I have some scenes for a series that I'm working on that I could use art for, to help me describe them better.

My skype is awesomeazrael if you're interested.


Thursday, November 6th, 2014 09:41 pm
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Thankful- 1.Pleased and relieved, 2. Expressing gratitude and relief

As Shawn and Sharpie before me, I shall take part of the party of gratefulness.

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